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  Computer Education

The computer education curriculum is a special area of instruction that helps students develop technology skills. One-semester elective courses are offered in the following areas: Microsoft Office, Excel, Multi-Media, Accounting and Personal Finance, Web Mastering, and Introduction to Computer Programming. Year-long computer programming courses include AP Computer Science and Data Structures & Algorithms. One half computer credit is awarded to all students after the sophomore year for participation in the laptop program.

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Computer Education Courses

Learn how to turn your research projects into multimedia experiences! In this one-semester course you will develop proficiencies in designing, importing and manipulating advanced text, graphics, audio and video used in multimedia presentations. The software used in this course will be PowerPoint 2013, Prezi, Google Apps and Adobe Photoshop. Open to grades 10-12.
Offered during regular school sessions. This class will be offered on-line during summer 2014.

This one semester class will give you an introduction to the world of accounting. Accounting is often called the “language of business.” A study of accounting will prove beneficial to you for the rest of your life. Whether you are going into business for yourself, keeping records for someone else, or simply managing your own financial affairs, the terminology and accounting procedures that you learn will greatly increase your proficiency and accuracy. In addition, you will be able to analyze financial situations and make wise and accurate money management decisions. The field of accounting is wide-open for women—whether you make it your career or use it as a stepping stone for other fields. Open to grades 11 and 12.

This one semester class will give students a broad introduction to the educational uses of Microsoft Office:  Word-basic formatting, tables, graphics; Excel-worksheets, formulas, functions, charts; Access-general database design, manipulating data, reports; PowerPoint-creating effective presentations with graphics and music; Publisher-beginning desktop publishing and integration of the office tools. Open to grades 9 and 10.

722 EXCEL (1/2 credit)
Excel is a necessary skill for math, science and business majors in college. Learn beginning, intermediate and advanced excel skills in this class. You will learn general worksheet skills, formulas, statistical functions, mathematical functions, logical functions, financial functions, database functions, naming ranges, lookup tables, conditional formatting, templates, pivot tables, chartings, linking data, printing and filtering data. You will be far ahead of the game in your college classes and your future job! Open to grades 11 and 12. No prerequisite.

Through a four-year study of computer applications, students will demonstrate the appropriate use of technology to problem solve, acquire and analyze information, and communicate the results in electronic format. Students will learn to use the Internet and other electronic formats for information retrieval. They will acquire knowledge in creating documents in a variety of formats, including spreadsheets, databases, presentation designs and word processing. Additionally, students will become familiar with technology-related terms and concepts and will be able to make informative decisions concerning hardware and software applications. Course credit goes toward the computer requirement for graduation.

730 WEB MASTERING (1/2 credit)
In this one-semester course, students will learn how to use web editing software (WYSIWYG) to create professional web sites using graphics, hyperlinks, colors and multimedia. Creating professional looking web pages also involves an understanding of web design layout and concepts as well as a basic grasp of HTML, the programming language used to create web pages. Students will learn to create graphics for use in their web sites, including backgrounds, animated images and rollover images.

This course develops computer programming and problem-solving skills, using Java programming language. It covers the A-level curriculum as defined by the College Board and is comparable to an introductory college level course for computer science majors. The student who enrolls in this course must be able to think abstractly and have strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Every student will be expected to take the AP Computer Science A Exam.
Prerequisite: an A in Geometry or a B or better in Honors Geometry. AP Course fee (includes AP exam): $92. Taken at Strake Jesuit.

This course is designed for students interested in learning how to write programs and will provide useful skills for college courses. A goal of the course is to provide a solid background in standard programming logic, which will enhance problem-solving skills. Designed to be a rewarding and fun learning experience, this course is for students with little or no prior programming experience.
Prerequisite: Geometry or Honors Geometry.

This advanced course in computer science follows a similar curriculum as that of a Computer Science II course in college. The content includes an introduction to the theoretical and practical aspects of data structures. Emphasis is on abstract data types using the programming language JAVA. Students learn to use and program common data types such as Stacks, Queues, LinkedLists, Maps, Sets, and Trees. The student who enrolls in this course must be able to think abstractly and have strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
Prerequisite: an A during one quarter of AP Computer Science. Taken at Strake Jesuit. 

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