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  Are accommodations available to students at St. Agnes?
Yes, students with proper documentation may receive reasonable accommodations at St. Agnes.
  What type of documentation is needed to receive accommodations?
In general, students will need to provide current documentation (testing within the past 4 years) which provides the testing data (both cognitive and achievement testing), a diagnosis, and recommendations from the professional evaluator. Specific guidelines for documentation, as well as a list of evaluation specialists may be requested from the Coordinator of Academic Services.
  What accommodations are available at St. Agnes?
St. Agnes provides reasonable accommodations in order for students to have equal access to the academic courses, without sacrificing the integrity of the education program. Common accommodations include extended time for testing, testing in a less distracting environment, testing without scantrons, note-taking assistance, and use of computer for test essays, for example. A complete list is available at the Academic Services Center.
  How do I receive accommodations at St. Agnes?
Please contact the Coordinator of Academic Services ( to provide a copy of current documentation. The Coordinator will review the documentation in order to determine appropriate accommodations. Once reviewed, the Coordinator will set up a meeting with the student to go over the documentation and implement an accommodation plan.
  How do I apply for accommodations for standardized testing such as the ACT or SAT?
Application forms for applying for accommodations for College Board (PSAT/SAT/AP) and ACT are available in the Academic Services Center. College Board requires documentation within the past 5 years and ACT requires documentation within the past 3 years. They then make a decision based upon their review board criteria. Contact Lisa Crank for information on how and when to apply.
  Is tutoring available at St. Agnes?
Yes, St. Agnes has two forms of tutoring available. Peer tutors are available through the National Honor Society (NHS). Students in need of a peer tutor may contact the Coordinator of Academic Services ( to receive names of students tutoring in their area of need. Also available is a listing of professional tutors for each subject. The Coordinator keeps a list of outside tutors whom parents and/or students may contact to arrange for private tutoring to fit their needs and schedule.

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