Health and Physical Education

St. Agnes students take a year and a half of physical education and one semester of health. The wellness department also offers an elective in Sports Medicine.

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Health and Physical Education Courses

940, 942 PHYSICAL EDUCATION/HEALTH (1/2 credit each)
Physical Education 1 is designed to give students a basic understanding of the principles of individual and team sports. The goal of health education is to develop an awareness of and appreciation for the total human being: physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. This goal is accomplished through a diversified curriculum including study skills, self-concept, relationships, nutrition, substance abuse, physiology, human sexuality, and first aid.

946 PHYSICAL EDUCATION 2 (1/2 credit)
This course is a continuation of team sports begun in Physical Education 1 and an introduction to lifetime sports.

This is an entry-level course introducing yoga, Pilates, ballet, jazz, and hip hop. Students will build overall strength, flexibility, and endurance through popular movement trends. This class will rotate on a daily basis to create a variety of movement options each week. Students will also study topics is stress management and nutrition and complete a food journal to analyze dietary habits. Students will learn a beginning level routine and will have the option to perform in the spring dance concert. No previous dance training is required.

Weekly class schedule
Monday: Yoga/Meditation
Tuesday: Cultural/folk dance
Wednesday: Pilates/toning
Thursday: Cultural/folk dance
Friday: Yoga/Meditation

This course may be chosen instead of 946 to fulfill the graduation requirement. It is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. For students who have already taken PE 2, this course can be taken as an elective. Fitness offers a variety of training methodologies, including resistance training, anaerobic and aerobic conditioning. With 10 independent weight machines, a proliferation of free weights, 13 aerobic machines, including 4 treadmills, 4 elliptical cross trainers, 4 stationary bikes, and 1 stepper, each student receives a well rounded and complete training regimen. Cardiovascular workouts occur twice weekly interspersed with resistance training. One workout activity is assigned and to be completed over the weekend which includes Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Students are evaluated in comparison to themselves through pre and post testing evaluations. Although daily workouts are posted for the class, each individual is guided towards her peak performance and not in comparison to others in the class. The ultimate goal for Fitness is to introduce a variety of training techniques to students and begin to establish a wellness philosophy that will remain with them through life in a hands-on environment.

This course is an exploration of intermediate ballet, tap, jazz dance technique and musical theater choreography. Each class will begin with stretching, flexibility, core work, and strength training. The remaining class time will focus on picking up new dance terminology in ballet/tap/jazz and executing cutting-edge choreography found in musical theater. Students will also study topics in nutrition and complete a food journal to analyze dietary habits. There will be a choreography project and end of the semester evaluation on an intermediate dance routine that will be performed in the spring dance concert. This course is recommended for any student wishing to pursue dance or musical theater in college. Previous dance training is encouraged but not required.

954 ZUMBA (1/2 credit)
This course will focus on fitness and cardiovascular activity through the dance fitness program, Zumba. This dance fitness program will allow students to master beginning to complex choreography. Students will learn all of the classic Zumba choreography and they will be given the opportunity to incorporate additional choreography. The course will be divided into two sections: Latin Zumba and Afro Zumba.
Offered after school on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:00 to 4:15 P.M. Students earn 1/2 credit per semester.

955 YOGA (1/2 credit)
This class is for students who want to increase strength and flexibility through the elements of classical yoga postures to develop a regular yoga practice. Both the physical and the mental asanas will be introduced with breathing to provide students with a physical workout that will reduce stress and increase relaxation.  The course will be divided into four units introducing breathing techniques and postures in each unit culminating in an integrated yoga practice.
Offered after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00 to 4:15 P.M. Students earn 1/2 credit per semester.

Students who are members of a St. Agnes athletic team or Tiger Girls can receive credit for Physical Education. This credit can be used towards fulfilling the graduation requirement in PE. It will not take the place of 0940 (9th grade PE). Playing on an athletic team for one season during the sophomore, junior or senior year will yield .5 credit. Participating on Tiger Girls for one year during the sophomore, junior, or senior year will yield 1 credit. This means that a student who plays two full seasons of any sport or is on Tiger Girls for one year after the freshman year will not need to take any other physical education course to graduate; however, she may choose to take PE 2 or Fitness for a grade and credit that will appear on her transcript. Students who use their team participation for credit will be awarded the credit Pass/Fail. As there will be no grade, this credit will not be calculated into their GPA. To earn an off-campus PE credit, a student must be enrolled in a private or commercially sponsored physical education activity that leads directly to Olympic level participation and/or competition. The program must be registered with a U.S. Federation and approval must be obtained from the student's guidance counselor, the Academic Dean, and the Director of Athletics. Participation in club sponsored activities does not fulfill the requirements of Athletic PE. Seniors may not depend on athletic PE credit during the spring semester to complete the graduation requirement.
Athletics fee: $100 per sport played

960 SPORTS MEDICINE (1/2 credit)
The Sports Medicine course will work to introduce students to professional fields that involve sports and medicine. Material presented will include exposure to anatomy; physiology; psychology of sport and injury; injury recognition, evaluation, prevention, and care; career opportunities; and professional liability and responsibilities. Coursework will include hands-on activities, observational learning, and a variety of guest speakers who will provide current information in the field of sports medicine. This course requires students to attend 5 after-school athletic events during the semester.
Sophomore, junior, and senior level elective.
Application process and approval through the Athletic Trainer.

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