Counselors' Corner 03/27/2015
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Counselors' Corner

The Counselors' Corner is a series of
articles that are written by the guidance department to keep our families informed about a variety of things that are important to your daughters. Since we work with all of our students, the entire department is responsible for contributing articles from time to time. We try to keep our articles brief and timely. These articles also appear in the weekly Tiger Tracks sent to parents each Friday.

Counselors' Corner 03/27/2015

Junior Parent Reflection Sheet and Junior Student Reflection Part A

In February we shared with you all the opportunity to complete the Junior Parent Reflection Sheet for your daughter. We are still accepting these reflections! You can complete and email them to your daughter’s counselor, mail them to the school at the attention of your daughter’s counselor, or you can place it in a sealed envelope and ask your daughter to deliver it to the guidance office. If you have not had a chance to do this for us, you may find here.  We have provided you with three different formats to complete this form.

Junior students are reminded that Part A of their reflection sheet is due to us on May 1, 2015.  Part B will be released on the website in early June.  Students are reminded to be thoughtful and thorough when completing both parts of their reflection sheets as their answers greatly aids their counselor when they are writing their letters of recommendation in the fall.

Tuesday Courage Camp

Vulnerability is what allows us to be courageous and creative. We know that as students progress through high school, some of their willingness to take chances and be creative can diminish due to the desire to fit with their peers and with pop culture. With this in mind, the Center for Wellness will be starting a group to help equip our freshman and sophomore students face the challenges of life with courage. Our first meeting will be next Tuesday, March 31.  The group will meet for 4 weeks on Tuesdays during 4th period and will involve art journaling as part of the collaborative group process. If your daughter is interested in attending, please encourage her to turn in the permission slip which was emailed out earlier this week.

Senior Coffee with the Counselors: Senior Gift, Madonna Day and Graduation

On March 25, 2015, the College Counselors hosted a Coffee with the Counselors.  Thank you to all senior parents who attended.  For those who were unable to attend, a recap of the morning’s event is below.  Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to your daughter’s college counselor.

Senior Gift

• The Director of Annual Giving, Ms. Reema Kasavich, discussed the Class of 2015 Senior Gift
• Information regarding giving opportunities was mailed out earlier this month
• The Chair of the Senior Gift Committee, Ms. Julie Whitten, discussed and introduced the Student Committee
• Information regarding student giving opportunities has been emailed directly to the students
• To date, 20%, roughly $13,000, of the $65,000 goal has been met
• There is an important Senior Meeting on April 13 for students to make their pledges
• Students who pledge before April 8th will get to participate in a Tiff’s Treat Party at lunch
• Additional incentives are included in the information sent to the students

Senior Events

Powder Puff and Crawfish Boil

• Official kickoff to Senior Countdown is the Powder Puff Game on April 15th at 4 PM
• Immediately following the game is the Senior Crawfish Boil, for students only
• Participation in the Senior Crawfish Boil is independent of the Powder Puff Game, all seniors are welcome
• Prom
• Prom, April 11th, is fast approaching
• Don’t forget to review the guidelines for appropriate behavior and attire with your daughter
• Students are encouraged to attend whether in groups or with a date

Madonna Day and Graduation

• Madonna Day occurs the Friday morning before graduation on May 22nd at 10 AM 
• The event honors graduates and academic awards are presented
• Ceremony is hosted at St. Agnes, lasts approximately 2 hours and all are welcome
• Graduates wear their cap and gowns and should wear a white or pale colored dress and nude or white shoes
• Graduation is held in the Strake Jesuit Competition Gym on May 24th at 4 PM and consists of a full Mass
• To maintain the dignity of the ceremony, no noise makers are allowed
• Each student is allocated 10 seats and the event is roughly 2 ½ hours long
• Consider bringing along a stadium seat, as it is bleacher seating for a great majority of the guests
• There is a mandatory Madonna Day and Graduation rehearsal on Thursday, May 21st, beginning at 8:45 AM
• Herff Jones will be distributing graduation announcements on Tuesday, March 31st
• Additional details can be found here

College Admissions Case Studies: Strake Jesuit

Have you ever wondered how college admissions officers review applications? Come be a part of mock admissions committee and learn more about the process! The discussion will be led by admissions officers from Jesuit colleges throughout the nation. This is a great opportunity to gain insight into the application review process, all the factors which are considered, as well as how college admissions officers craft their incoming freshman class!   Any interested sophomore and junior students and parents from Jesuit or St. Agnes are welcome There will be a mini college fair at the conclusion of the workshop. It all happens on Tuesday, March 31 in the Parsley Center from 7:00 – 8:30 pm. To register, click here. Attendees are strongly encouraged to access the following documents and review before the program - Johnson App / Jordan App / Stewart App / Wallace App / Profiles and Worksheets

Junior Coffee with the Counselors

The College Counselors enjoyed meeting with the junior parents who were able to Coffee with the Counselors this week! We discussed the opportunity for parents to complete a reflection that would be shared with your daughter’s counselor, teacher recommendation letters, and teacher yellow evaluation forms. We also had a healthy discussion about finding a college that is a fit and match for your daughter vs. your daughter getting admitted to a “good” college. This is an exciting time for all of us and we look forward to working with you and your daughters. Know that your daughter’s counselor is available if you have any questions and is happy to meet with you also!

Seniors and Wait List

I have been wait-listed!  Now what?

As decisions begin coming in many students are confused, concerned, and unsure of what to do with an offer of the wait list.  It is important to remember not to be discouraged by this option.  Students offered the wait list are often students that were competitive in the admissions pool but due to space limitations at the time the college or university were not able to accept them.  If a student decides to accept the wait list offer, she should also update her admissions file with a few items:

• Send an updated résumé with any new honors and/or awards
• Include a short written statement about why you would want to attend the college or university

Students should make sure that this is a top 1st or 2nd choice school so they can honestly convey their desire to attend.  Also, keep in touch with the college or university admissions representative responsible for St. Agnes students via email so they are aware of your desire to attend their school.  Your daughter’s counselor is more than happy to assist in this process.

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