Counselors' Corner 01/23/2015
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Counselors' Corner

The Counselors' Corner is a series of
articles that are written by the guidance department to keep our families informed about a variety of things that are important to your daughters. Since we work with all of our students, the entire department is responsible for contributing articles from time to time. We try to keep our articles brief and timely. These articles also appear in the weekly Tiger Tracks sent to parents each Friday.

Counselors' Corner 01/23/2015

College Information Night Reminder

St. Agnes Academy will be co-hosting College Information Night with Strake Jesuit on Thursday, February 5, 2015 at 6:30pm. Designed for junior and sophomore students and their parents, the evening will provide families the opportunity to hear about Admission Expectations for Texas Public State Universities, Admission Expectations for Out of State Public Universities, Engineering in the 21st Century, Business for the Next Generation, Financial Aid and Scholarships, How Selective Colleges & Universities Craft a Freshman Class, Applying to Liberal Arts Colleges, and Experienced Parents: Staying Sane During Your Child’s Application Process. We will also have our student panel of four seniors who will discuss their college process this year and answer questions. Representatives from thirteen top universities will be leading all of the presentations. Presentations are in workshop style, giving parents and students a choice of presentations to attend during 3 different sessions. The program can be found by following the link below and we highly encourage you and your daughters to review what sessions you would like to attend in advance. It is a wonderful opportunity to hear firsthand about the college process so we hope to see all of you there! The program will begin at 6:30pm in the St. Agnes Auditorium.

To register, please click here.

Sophomore Webcast Reminder

On Monday, January 26th, we will launch our Sophomore Webcast!  The counselors are excited to offer this webcast system specifically designed for the sophomore class and you.   With this webcast, we hope to provide you a thorough and consistent base of knowledge for college and academic planning.  Topics covered include: understanding the importance of your GPA, a discussion of PSAT results, college entrance test prep, course planning and communication. The information we provide will be easily accessed in the comfort of your own home with SAA counselors as a guide to facilitate the student- parent partnership in planning for the future St. Agnes graduate.  This week, you should have received your daughter’s PSAT scores in addition to other materials needed for the webcast.  Please have these handy when you view each of the modules. 

Please note that you will be able to view this webcast as many times as you would like from Monday, January 26th at 5:00 p.m. until Wednesday, February 25th at 5:00 p.m.

Please plan to attend our Sophomore Parent Night on Wednesday, February 25th at 6:30 p.m in the Fleming Room. This night will serve as an opportunity for follow up questions after viewing the Sophomore Webcast and as a forum for providing further information on specific topics that were identified through the process. Our hope is that you and your daughter find the webcast personal, informative, helpful and a basic launching component to our sophomores as they begin their college search journey. 

SAT and ACT Registration

Over the next several weeks, we will be meeting with juniors to begin the work of college counseling in earnest. Exciting times are ahead! One topic that we will certainly be spending some time on is standardized testing.  In particular, we will work with each student to identify a testing pattern that fits her individual strengths.  However, generally speaking, most students take the SAT and ACT, with the most popular date for SAT in March and April for the ACT.  Please be mindful of registration deadlines, February 13th for the SAT and March 13th for the ACT. Also, please note that St. Agnes is a test site for the March SAT and Strake Jesuit is a test site for the April ACT.

With regards to registering for the SAT, please be aware that a few of our juniors come across a stumbling block in their online registration process for the SAT with the College Board.  It has come to our attention that if a student signed up for the SAT in 7th grade as part of Duke TIP (Talented Identification Program), then they already have a registration number, which is needed to complete the online registration process for an SAT. If you find your daughter in this situation, please contact the College Board, (866) 756-7346, to retrieve the registration number. 

If you have any questions about testing or junior guidance, please feel free to contact your daughter’s counselor.

Senior Wellness Group

Research has repeatedly shown that we do best with change when we have information about what to expect, what is “normal”, and a tentative plan. The Center for Wellness will be beginning a group Tuesday, January 27 for seniors to aid them as they begin to plan their transition to college. Group meetings will be in the Center for Wellness for the next four Tuesdays during fourth period. We will be covering topics such as how to balance school and a social life, how to make solid, supportive friendships, how to maintain relationships, and how to manage finances. Information on the group was emailed to students earlier this week. If your daughter has an interest in this group, please sign the permission form so she can return it to her wellness counselor by this Friday, January 23.

Tuesday Tidbits

The college counselors have started working intently with the junior class. We were in their Theology classrooms last week to discuss course selection and spring college meetings! We began individual meetings with juniors to discuss grades, courses for next year and of course college planning, this past Tuesday. To keep our juniors and parents informed about the college process, we have created a newsletter, Tuesday Tidbits, which will be delivered to juniors via email every Tuesday morning for approximately 10 weeks. Our first edition will arrive Tuesday, January 27th, and then every other week thereafter until mid-March. Parents can view the weekly newsletter here. We invite parents to use the newsletter as a springboard in communication with their daughter about college and all it entails. Should you have any questions about the material covered in Tuesday Tidbits, please feel free to contact your daughter's counselor.

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