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The Counselors' Corner is a series of
articles that are written by the guidance department to keep our families informed about a variety of things that are important to your daughters. Since we work with all of our students, the entire department is responsible for contributing articles from time to time. We try to keep our articles brief and timely. These articles also appear in the weekly Tiger Tracks sent to parents each Friday.

Counselors' Corner 09/04/2015

Strategies for Financing College - Reminder

Nathan Birney, a financial advisor with Ameriprise Financial Advisors, will conduct a seminar for the SAA and SJ parent communities tomorrow at 6:30 pm in the Fleming Room located across from the counseling suite in the Clay Center for Sciences and Academic Services.  This informative session will help you understand financial aid calculations, analyze college costs, evaluate your savings and investment vehicles, and explore a variety of tax implications.  This seminar is open to all our parents regardless of the grade level of your daughter.  Our counseling departments have found that planning early for the cost of a college education allows families to position themselves more effectively.  We hope that you can join us for this presentation.

Junior Parent Night

The college counselors will host our annual Junior Parent Information Night on Wednesday, September 16, 2015 at 6:30 pm in the Strake Family Cafeteria at St. Agnes Academy.  This is an excellent opportunity to meet your daughter’s counselor and learn about college related junior programming at St. Agnes.  The college counselors will be discussing testing, the college admissions process, current trends, and preparing for senior year.  Light snacks will be provided. We hope that you can join us!

The Wellness Center’s Top Ten Survival Tips for Parents of Freshmen

1. Find a level headed friend to give you perspective when things get crazy or call us.
2. Remind your daughter that having/not having a date to homecoming does NOT define her.
3. Allow your daughter to make high school her own experience (not easy but important).
4. Make your self-care a priority by finding time to do the things you find relaxing and enjoyable.
5. Give yourself permission to set boundaries with your daughter (the message you will hear over and over is to let go but still be the boss).
6. Know that your daughter’s hysteria isn’t necessarily an indicator that the world is ending but it is a clear sign that your daughter feels safe talking to you.
7. Set a peaceful tone for your home so EVERYONE can recharge.
8. Develop fun family rituals that create predictability (like game night or pizza Fridays).
9. Sleep. Parents need at least 7 hours of sleep and students need around 9-10 hours.
10. Just CHILL:
C - Choose peace. Not all arguments are worth having.
H - Hold off on checking Netview. 1x a week is plenty.
I -  Instigate a moratorium on screen time at a reasonable and agreed upon hour every day.
L - Look for random moments to check in with your daughter on nonacademic topics.
L - Laugh. High school is messy and funny. Encourage your daughter not to take everything too seriously. The heartbreaks of today will be conversations of laughter during college breaks.

Senior Parent Night Follow-Up

Thank you so much to those parents who attended the Senior Parent Information Night last Wednesday! We hope you found it to be a very informative evening and had a lot of burning questions answered! If you were unable to make it, we have uploaded the presentation on the St. Agnes counseling page here.

To The Parents of the Class of 2016

The College Counselors began meeting with seniors on Thursday, August 27th.  If your daughter has not already scheduled her appointment, she is encouraged to stop by soon to schedule her individual appointment.  Slots are available before school, during the day and after school.  This is an exciting time for our students and it is apparent that many of them have done their research and are ready to go with the college admission process!

We ask that you aid us in making this application season a good one for your daughter and your family by supporting her emotionally through this process. We are a team, after all!  If you were unable to attend the Senior Parent Information Night, please follow this link for a copy of the Power Point.  Also, below are a few tips to keep in mind:

1) If your daughter has an early deadline of October 15th, November 1st or November 15th, we would like to see her in the next couple of weeks.  Gently ask her if she has made an appointment.

2) Review your daughter’s choices with her.  It is best if the student, the counselor and the family are in agreement about the composition of the list.  An agreed upon varied mix of solid, target, and reach schools is optimal.

3) Make sure that your daughter is releasing her test scores to her universities.  St. Agnes Academy does not send test scores to schools as this responsibility belongs to the student.  Counselors will be talking with each of their students regarding which scores to release and when it is best to do so.

4) Consider offering to review the essay and resume. Typos and simple errors can sneak by even a seasoned editor.  Another pair of eyes is always a great idea. However, we ask that you honor your daughter’s preference. If she doesn’t accept the offer, trust that her counselor will also be providing assistance. 

5) Contact us with any questions that you may have about your daughter’s process.  We view this as a collaborative effort between all of us and are happy to help.

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