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  Psychosocial Development 
  Is there an adjustment time for students to the new school year?
Ninth graders and new students typically have the greatest adjustment. They need some-time to transition into a new environment. Even returning students experience some challenge the first weeks of school---new teachers, a more demanding curriculum and social pressures. The adjustment time is unique to each person. Some people love change and others need time to ease in.
  What can you as a parent do to help with this adjustment?
First recognize that accommodating to a new situation takes time—for some longer than others. You can help her by listening, supporting and encouraging her to reach out to her peers, teachers and school counselors. Don’t hesitate to call her counselor. We are happy to help.
  Where do you go if you have questions about your child’s emotional well-being?
Please seek the guidance of her counselor. If her counselor can’t help we have many resources in the community that we can direct you to.

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