A Day in the Life

St. Agnes Wakes Up


Each day, the St. Agnes campus opens at 6 a.m. While many of my classmates are just waking up, cars begin to trickle into the parking lot. Whether it's a dad dropping his daughter off before work, or an early bird student who loves to study in the quiet mornings, the lights and the frigid AC are on ready to welcome us.


I stop by the cafeteria to grab a banana and a breakfast bar. There are a couple girls grabbing coffee, tea, or orange juice while others are grabbing a full plate of bacon and grits to fuel up for the day.


As a member of mixed chorus, I go straight to the Choir Room at 7:10 to prepare for our upcoming performance. As I walk down the halls, I see my classmates returning to campus after swim practice at Jesuit. I peek in the Jamieson Dance Studio to see the Tiger Girls, hard at work on their routine. By now, campus is buzzing.

The Class Day Begins


Time for my first period class—accelerated Spanish 3. Ms. Brasher greets us with a chipper, "Hola, chicas!" Instead of jumping right in, Ms. Brasher helps us transition into the school day by playing Two Truths and a Lie, using the concept of the present perfect tense. We joke with each other in Español as she checks our homework. The class comes together to take a few notes and then play a rousing game of Jeopardy! We finish the lesson by listening to music in Spanish as we take some time to ourselves to read our novela on the Guerra Sucia in Argentina. Some of my classmates leave at 9 a.m. to head to a class at Strake Jesuit while I linger for a minute to ask a question. 


Whew! First period was awesome. But now it's time for my favorite part of the day—community time. Tomorrow my advisory group will meet during this time, but today I have an hour to get a couple things done. First, I go to our Student Council meeting. Stuco gets down to business fast and we approve a new method of elections. Right after the ayes have it, the meeting is dismissed and I have time to visit Ms. Polasek during her office hours. I just can't get the hang of rational equations. She's in her classroom and ready for a couple of questions. I finally have that "ah ha" moment and it's time to head to second period.


I'm feeling good after community time and I walk into to my physics class. My classmates and I spend a couple minutes talking about what we all did the last hour as we ease into physics. Mr. Hollinger greets us all with a handshake and asks who's coming to the basketball game. "Speaking of basketball," he says, "What forces are at work on the ball to get it into the net?" He effortlessly switches into our current concept, catapults. Just as we're wrapping up discussion, my stomach begins to growl.  

11:10 A.M. - LUNCH A

Today I have Lunch A, the first lunch. Having all my club meetings during community time lets me focus on grabbing a bite and catching up with friends during lunch. And with only half of the school, my friends and I run through the serving line faster and grab our favorite spot with ease.

Afternoon Classes

11:35 A.M. - THIRD PERIOD 

With a full stomach and a light heart, it's time for me to go to AP U.S. History with Mr. Miles. He lectures for a bit before we transition to class discussion. With a longer class, we have more time to dive deeper into our own ideas of cause and effect. At 12:20 I can hear the light roar of other girls heading to Lunch B.

The waves of students finishing up lunch and those finishing up third period merge together as we have a brief break to regroup and walk to fourth period.


Time for my elective, photography. I walk into Mr. Suprean's room and sit down at my computer station. I'm still processing the last few moments of an amazing discussion in Mr. Miles' room as I insert my memory drive and pull up my files. Mr. Suprean gives us an outline of how class is going to flow today and we get to work on our photos.

I'm so glad I had a chance to touch base with Ms. Polasek during her office hours. I arrive in fifth period feeling better prepared. I have a couple minutes at the start of class to look over my homework with my newfound clarity as my classmates file in. Ms. Polasek starts class with a brain teaser to help us all fire up our left brain. We go over our homework and I feel much more confident in my work. We finish up with some group work just when class ends. 


I stick around class to talk with my group a little longer before changing into my yoga clothes. Walking through the main hallway, I say goodbye to my friends heading to lacrosse practice, a soccer game, and some just heading to the Student Commons to wait for a ride. I head to yoga class and roll out my mat, and think to myself, "maybe I'll stop by the ECAC to cheer on Varsity Soccer on my way home." Time to find my zen and also earn my PE credit! Ms. Scoville plays some jams as we move from warrior two, through our flow, and into savasana. We finish with prayer and pack up. 

I'm feeling energized so I head to the ECAC and catch the first half of the soccer game. With a three-point lead, I think we've got this one in the bag. I give a final cheer as I walk to the parking lot and drive home. 

What's Up for Tomorrow?

I had five classes today. St. Agnes operates on an eight period, eight day rotation. I've got seven classes and one open period. Tomorrow, I meet with the two classes I didn't attend today (English and Theology), enjoy my free period, and then start over with Spanish 3, and Physics. I have four classes to prepare for tomorrow. I'm confident I can spend two hours or less on homework tonight.

Like I said, during community time I meet with my advisory group for 15 minutes. We meet once a week to prepare for an upcoming assembly, conduct school business, or other ticky tacky things.  

Yoga meets only twice a week, so I head home after fifth period. 

Every day is different, but I've got more time to customize my day at SAA. My class periods are longer, so I have a deeper understanding of each subject.