List of 20 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: What should my daughter do if her Tablet PC requires service?

    Active St. Agnes Academy students are expected to bring their Tablet PC to the "CAVE" room when they encounter a problem they cannot resolve. A certified technician will examine the Tablet to determine the proper course of action. Repair work will generally fall into one of three categories: - Minor hardware or software problem, generally fixed the same day- Warranty repair is repaired by a certified Fujitsu technician. We order and receive replacement parts within 24-48 hours.- Quality Care Accidental Damage claims require the Tablet to be shipped to Fujitsu for repair. This process generally takes 7-10 business days.- St. Agnes Academy does not provide computer services for inactive students. We recommend calling Fujitsu directly or taking the computer to Atiwa Computing or Micro Center for service
  • Q: There are a number of less expensive Tablets out there. Why is Fujitsu the required model?

    In the process of our research we evaluated a number of Tablets with a variety of different form factors. We surveyed students and teachers regarding what features were important to them. The Fujitsu model was selected because it was the best fit for the most people. Specifically, it was the best value machine that offered the option of a small form factor (11.6" screen) and a secondary battery option that is built in to the removable keyboard. Please refer to the Tablet PC Specification Sheet for information on what is included in the Tablet PC price.
  • Q: I saw a Fujitsu Tablet advertised in the paper (or on the web) for less money. Why do we have to pay more?

    It is very unlikely you saw the exact same device (matching hardware specifications) along with the 4 year Warranty, 4 years Quality Care Package, etc. Check carefully to see what the warranty terms are and check to see that the advertised device has the same specifications. Please refer to the Tablet PC Specification Sheet for information on what is included in the Tablet PC price.
  • Q: Can I buy a different kind of Tablet?

    No. For the same reasons that we don't allow students to come to math class with whatever publisher's Algebra book they feel like, we also require them to arrive in class with the same Tablets. Requiring all students to purchase through the school will ensure that all students have the same software and hardware configurations. Our tech support team cannot support other types of machines. Our teachers cannot be able to answer questions from students whose machines are not configured the same as their classmates' machines. Non-approved Tablets and laptops are not be permitted on the school's network.
  • Q: What if I don't want to use SAA's Operating System image?

    In order for your daughter's Tablet PC to be ready for use in the classroom it must be configured to SAA's image so that she has access to the educational programs and network infrastructure included in the image.
  • Q: Can I upgrade the components in my daughter's Tablet?

    No, not while your daughter is a student at SAA. The Fujitsu warranty and Fujitsu Quality Care program are based upon a certain set of specifications. Repairs and upgrades can only be done by Fujitsu certified technicians. Otherwise, the warranty and Quality Care program are voided.(modular bay products are an exception such as a modular bay battery)
  • Q: Can I install other software on my daughter's Tablet?

    The Tablet is set up to work in the school environment. Anything that disrupts the tablet's ability to be used at school will be removed by our technology support staff.
  • Q: Can my daughter load ITUNES on her Tablet?

    Yes - BUT - SAA is not liable for the loss or corruption of data that occurs.
  • Q: Laptop PCs are less expensive than Tablets. Why do we need to buy a Tablet?

    The two main advantages of a Tablet are its ultra portability and the ability to write on the screen with a special "digitizer" pen. The weight of laptops was a complaint that we heard several times during our visits to laptop schools. We also wanted the device to serve as a universal notebook for students. One would find it difficult to take notes in a course such as math or science with only a keyboard.
  • Q: Are loaner computers available if my tablet is in the repair center?

    Yes. St. Agnes Academy maintains a pool of loaner computers that are available to students if the notebook repair time is longer than two days. The student will need to provide a signed copy of the loaner responsibility agreement and will be able to pick up the loaner on the third day.
  • Q: Will this Tablet PC last my daughter through four years at SAA?

    Yes, the projected life cycle for this particular model from the manufacturer is four years. You will not be asked to purchase a new machine during this time.
  • Q: Will you backup my notebook?

    No. The student is responsible for maintaining a backup of your data. St. Agnes Academy recommends saving data to the cloud. We offer a four year subscription to Druva backup software that can be purchased through the technology department.
  • Q: Is anything not covered by the warranty?

    Certain accessories are not covered under the warranty, including, but not limited to the loss of a stylus pen, the power adapter, CDRW/DVD component, and optional extra batteries. Students will be required to purchase a replacement of any of these lost items. The battery is a consumable item and comes with a one year warranty. Based on historical data our students tend to deplete their battery in 12-18 months and require that a new battery be purchased.
    Current pricing of some parts as of Sept. 2018 are:
    All Adapters.....$48.00
    Freshman/Sophomore Stylus.....$68.00
    Junion/Senior Stylus.....$48.00

    Please consult the spirit store for current pricing.
  • Q: What is the 4 year Fujitsu Quality Care Plan?

    The four year Fujitsu Quality Care Plan covers major damage which is above and beyond the regular Fujitsu warranty. HOWEVER, it can only be used for one major repair per year.
  • Q: What are my daughter's responsibilities with the Tablet?

    To avoid loss and theft; to prevent the Tablet from being damaged; to follow the technology policies set forth in the Tablet PC handbook; to complete homework/assignments/projects on time, regardless of Tablet functionality due to student error (exceptions are only granted due to SAA network issues); to have their Tablet with them every day; to come to school every day with fully charged batteries; to adhere to proper maintenance and organization of their Tablet and their work environment
  • Q: What are my responsibilities as a parent with the Tablet?

    Parents should make sure that their daughter is abiding by the policies set forth in the handbook; and make sure that their daughter is following safe Internet policies. We recommend for parents who are more "tech-savvy" to take time to navigate through the basic Tablet PC and OneNote tutorials so that you might be able to assist your daughter if she runs into issues while working at home.
  • Q: Will the School provide software?

    Yes, St. Agnes Academy will provide Microsoft Office, Microsoft ForeFront, Symantic, and Malwarebytes which are licensed to St. Agnes and must be removed from the student's notebook computer upon leaving St. Agnes Academy. The student does not own these products and will not receive CD media.
  • Q: Will on-campus support be available for laptops other than laptops and tablets purchased through the school?

    No. St. Agnes Academy only maintains and provides software images for school purchased notebooks & tablets. This allows us to keep our support cost low by maintaining warranty certification for St. Agnes Academy purchased tablet computers
  • Q: Do I need extra insurance coverage for the Tablet PC?

    The standard warranty and extended quality coverage does not cover theft and fire. SAA recommends adding the Tablet to your home owner's insurance policy or purchasing a Student Notebook policy with either Safeware or Student Insurance Partners. An added benefit by having a policy with Safeware or SIP is the policy also covers additional accidental damage beyond the 1 claim per year covered by Fujitsu.
  • Q: What are the Cave's hours of operation?

    7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday

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