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Welcome to St. Agnes Academy!

We are so excited for you to begin your journey with us as Academy Women. Below, you will find some information and resources that will help you navigate your next steps. Summer reading will be posted in June. Course selections will be available through mySAA by early June. Schedules will be available in July.

*Due to the COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, registration for St. Agnes summer programming has not yet been posted. More information regarding 2020 Athletic Summer Camps will be posted on the 2020 Summer Camp page as soon as it is available. 

Below, you will find descriptions of the 2020 Athletic Summer Camp offerings, please check the 2020 Summer Camp page for updates. 

You will also find audition and sign-up information for the Tiger Girls Dance Team, Speech and Debate Team, and Mixed Chorus, as well as tryout information for fall sports.

Placement Testing

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  • Placement Testing

    Thank you for your patience as we navigated the move to remote learning and devised a plan for placement testing that would provide us the best data to properly place your daughter in courses for next year. We are excited to welcome your daughter to campus in the fall and we are committed to placing her in classes that will set her up for success in 9th grade.
    In early June, you will receive instructions on how to view your daughter’s course requests, including any honors course placements, through our online portal. If you have questions about placement results, please contact the respective department chair:
    English- Lydia Smith (
    Math – Kelly Griffin (
    World Language – Marcia Clark (
    Science – Josephine DeForke (
    If you wish to decline an honors placement or find any errors in the course requests that appear online, please contact Carleen Raymond, Academic Dean, at as soon as possible.
    Students who plan to take Algebra 1 do not need to take a placement test. The placement test will be used to determine your eligibility in Honors Algebra 1, Geometry, or Honors Geometry. Students who are currently taking Geometry and wish to be considered for Algebra 2 must take an additional placement exam on-campus once social distancing guidelines allow it. Watch for more information about this additional test once we receive more guidelines from the Governor about returning to campus.
    There is no placement exam for English. All ninth graders take either college prep English 1 or Honors English 1. Placement in Honors English 1 is based on ISEE exam scores, a review of the application writing sample and other application materials. In recent years, about 20% of ninth graders were offered placement in Honors English 1.
    Mandarin placement will be done according to Strake Jesuit’s placement guidelines since this course is taken on Strake’s campus. If a student scored above the 75th percentile on her ISEE exam, has taken multiple years of Mandarin, made As in her language classes in 7th and 8th grades, and has maintained a middle school GPA of 3.5 or above, we will place her into Mandarin 2.

Summer Reading

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Uniform Requirements

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  • Dress Code

    The school uniform is worn daily at St. Agnes, except on specified “non-uniform or free dress days.” Required parts of the uniform are sold exclusively at Dennis Uniforms and must be properly fitted. The uniform must be worn from the first bell to the final bell. Our goal is that students be neat in appearance and reflect pride in themselves and the school. The school reserves the right to request students to replace their uniform if they are in disrepair or ill-fitting.
    Click here for a helpful Uniform Guide. 
  • Optional Parts of the Uniform

    Optional Parts of the Uniform: May be worn on regular school days
    • Black or white, long or short sleeve polo shirts with school crest
    • Only SAA approved outerwear purchased from the SAA Spirit Store, or school letter jacket may be worn during the school day. No commercial brand outerwear of any kind is allowed. No other club or athletic outerwear may be worn except for designated Spirit Fridays. Students may always wear their SAA cardigan on any school day.
    • Shoes must always be worn. On non-Assembly Dress Uniform Days, students may wear any athletic shoe or a black flat shoe. All shoes must be fully enclosed.
    • Socks and tights are optional.
  • Required Parts of the Uniform

    Required Parts of the Uniform: Must be worn on all Assembly Dress Uniform Days
    • Glen plaid skirt – skirt length must reach the top of the knee when standing. Skirt length is strictly enforced.
    • White oxford shirt, with the school crest on it. No visible undershirts or visible undergarments may be worn under the oxford shirt.
    • Black button-down cardigan sweater with school crest
    • Black leather dress shoes
    • On Assembly Dress Uniform Days, socks or tights must be black or white. No leggings or sweatpants are allowed under the uniform skirt.
  • Where to Purchase

    St. Agnes Academy uniforms must be purchased through the official uniform supplier, Dennis Uniforms.

Summer Classes

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  • Beginning Competitive Speech/Debate

    This course will be offered online only.

    Beginning Competitive Speech and Debate is open to incoming 9th graders who plan to join the Debate Team and want to begin their competition prep during the summer. Students can join the Debate Team without taking this course. Students will earn 0.5 communication credits for this course. The cost of the course is $400. Course dates: July 6-24, 8 a.m.-12 p.m. Click here to register.

Summer Camps

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  • 2020 Basketball Camp

    Basketball Comprehensive Camp 
    (for rising 6-9th grade girls) $125

    The Comprehensive Basketball Camp is designed for students entering 6th – 9th grades of any school public or private, who are committed to being taught the skills of basketball. All offensive and defensive individual and team fundamentals will be covered as well as stretching routines.  It is our sole purpose to assist your daughter in becoming the best basketball athlete possible.  It is the intention of our Camp staff to give your child the necessary tools to develop her attitude as a "winner", "leader" and a "competitor”.

    For more information on basketball email Head Coach, Jeff Hollinger

  • 2020 Cross Country Camps

    Rising 9th Grade Cross Country Camp 
    (for rising St Agnes 9th graders) $55
    Our camp is designed for girls of all running abilities. This session will focus on basic training and how to build core strength. It is designed to highlight and expose the potential talent of rising ninth graders. Expect to work hard and build a strong fitness base! You will learn the training strategies for the upcoming season.

    Cross Country Camp 
    (for girls of all ages and running abilities) $155
    Our camp is designed for girls of all ages and running abilities. Each session will focus on basic training and building core strength. Experienced coaches will provide technical advice to help each runner build endurance and speed. Expect to work hard and build a strong fitness base!
    Cross Country Aerobic Camp 
    (for rising 6-12th grade girls and boys)
    Aerobic camp will teach the runner about base miles and improve their aerobic capacity.  It will also teach the proper posture, balance, foot placement and running economy.
    Topics such as rest, nutrition and proper foot wear will be discussed. Each runner will understand what it takes to become a competitive distance runner.


    For more information on cross country/track email Head Coach, Kristi Robbins
  • 2020 Field Hockey Camps

    Advanced Field Hockey Camp  
    (girls with 2+ years experience) $125
    The Advanced field hockey camp will combine skill acquisition with competitive scrimmages. Camp will focus on advanced technical skills (shooting, reverse sweep, defensive tackles) and small sided games or scrimmages. The intent is to allow players opportunities for multiple repetitions of each skill and to then work to implement them in to their game. Players attending should have at least two years of experience in a field hockey program (high school, junior high, or club).
    Field Hockey Camp 
    (for girls of all levels) $155
    Our field hockey camp is designed for girls of all levels – from beginners who have never played to advanced players who are looking toward collegiate opportunities. This camp will improve your daughter’s technical skill, game knowledge, and overall conditioning. Camp directors will work with individuals to prepare them for field hockey team tryouts, and to bring their game to the next level.

    For more information on field hockey email Head Coach, Tiffany Deinzer.
  • 2020 Lacrosse Camp

    Lacrosse Camp 
    (for rising 7-12th grade girls) $155
    Our lacrosse camp is designed for girls of all levels – from beginners who have never played to advanced players who are looking toward collegiate opportunities. This camp will improve your daughter’s technical skill, game knowledge, and overall conditioning. Camp directors will work with individuals to prepare them for lacrosse team tryouts, and to bring their game to the next level.
    For more information on lacrosse email Head Coach, Tiffany Deinzer.
  • 2020 Soccer Camp

    Soccer Camp 
    (for rising 7-12th grade girls) $155
    Our camp is designed for girls entering 7-12th grade who are committed to improving their skills and mastering new techniques. Each session will focus on both technical and tactical components of the game. St. Agnes soccer coaches and staff will work with players to improve their mental and physical capacity for the game.
    For more information on soccer email Coach Lizzy Fernandez.
  • 2020 Volleyball Camps

    Rising 9th Grade Volleyball Talent Showcase 
    (for rising St. Agnes 9th graders) $45
    This camp is open to all incoming 9th graders interested in volleyball. It is designed to highlight and expose the talent of rising ninth graders while introducing our offensive and defensive systems. The select camp is run by St. Agnes Coaches and former volleyball athletes.  Secure your spot in this session now. 
    All-Skills Beginner Volleyball Camp  
    (for rising 5-9th grade girls) $155
    Our beginner camp is designed to train the skills necessary to compete at the middle and high school level.  We will tackle the necessary skill set for overall player development:  movement training, ball control, serving, offensive and defensive techniques, position training and game play.  This is the perfect camp for players with little club or playing experience who want to improve on their skills.

    Volleyball Advanced Training Academy
    (for rising 7-10 grade girls, advanced= 2+ years club experience) $155
    Our advanced academy addresses the skills needed to compete at the club, middle, and high school levels. We fast track our training regime by increasing the intensity and pace of the drills thus supplying a high repetitious environment for the elite player. Our position academies are designed to target individual position skills as well as ball control, footwork, and speed that is needed to give the elite player an on-court advantage. 

    Volleyball Competition Camp 
    (for rising 7-10th grade girls) $125 or $240 (Advanced Training Academy + Competition Camp)
    This 5-day adventure will catapult you into tournament mode as we start with game play and end with game play while sharpening your technical and tactical skills. We will send you on a rollercoaster of group and team scenarios on and off the court as we work to improve our leadership skills, team chemistry, game play, and true understanding of how to play against the ball.

    Volleyball Positional Training Clinics
    Serve, Pass, and Dig Clinic
    (For rising 7-10th grade girls) $100
    This clinic will break down serving, serve receive, and defense. Our first ball contact will focus on footwork, tracking, platform control, and hand contact. Open to liberos/DS’s and all defensive minded 6-rotation players.

    Set and Attack Clinic
    (for rising 7-12 grade girls) $100
    Campers will select the setter or hitter clinic. We will divide into skill levels upon arrival and begin with position training for each position. We’ll break down the skill set associated with setter and hitter training then combine to work on tempo, timing, and more game like scenarios. 

    4-on-4 Volleyball Tiger Smash
    Teams compete in a 4-on-4 battle to be the last Tiger standing! 
    Division 1: 7th-9th Beginner
    Division II: 8th-9th Advanced (2+ club years experience)
    Division II: 10th – 12th

    For more information on volleyball, email Head Coach, Cydryce McMillian.
  • 2020 Water Polo Camp

    Water Polo Camp 
    (for rising 6-9th graders) $155
    Never played water polo before? No problem! Our camp targets beginners with a focus on fundamentals like treading, swimming, ball handling, passing, and shooting. Day 2 of camp will be a review of fundamentals and an introduction of offense/defense, and will end in a fun scrimmage. Our camp is ideal for 6th-9th graders who are looking for a new and challenging sport to try! What to bring? Swimsuit, towel, goggles, sunscreen, water bottle, and a snack.

    For more information on water polo/swimming email Head Coach, Kaitlin Kelley.


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Medical Forms

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  • MAGNUS Health Portal

    St. Agnes Academy uses a system called MAGNUS to manage all student health records.

    All forms for medical records, including physical forms, immunization record forms, and medication authorization, can be found in MAGNUS and are submitted through this system.

    Click here for information on how to access your online Magnus Health account.

Team Auditions and Tryouts

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  • Fall Sports

    Season tryouts for Volleyball, Field Hockey, and Cross Country begin August 1. Please visit the team pages or contact the coaches for more information.

    If you are interested in tryouts for the 2020-2021 Volleyball Program, please complete the Google Survey by May 13.  More emails to follow regarding our May 20 Zoom Virtual Tryout Meeting with Coach Mac, summer camps, open gym information, and more.
    SAA 2020-2021 Volleyball Google Survey link:

    Volleyball Head Coach, Cydryce McMillian
    Field Hockey Head Coach, Tiffany Deinzer
    Cross Country Head Coach, Kristi Robbins
  • Mixed Chorus

    Mixed Chorus is composed of both St. Agnes and Strake Jesuit students from grades 9-12. Selected by a required audition in April of the previous school year, chorus members meet daily, Monday through Friday from 7:10 to 7:50 a.m. Chorus members learn basic breathing, vocal focus and basic music theory. All members learn to sight read and are exposed to a variety of vocal styles, from Renaissance to Broadway.

    Click here for more information on Mixed Chorus.

    Click here for online audition information.

  • Speech and Debate

    The St. Agnes Academy Speech and Debate Team is a dynamic and growing group of student who: Inform, Persuade, Debate, and Interpret. The team is nationally-recognized and is ranked in the top seven percent of nearly 4,000 high school teams in the country. The S&D Team is also currently the Chapter Leader in the South Texas District. 

    Click here for more information on how to join the Speech and Debate Team.
  • Tiger Girls Dance Auditions

    The Tiger Girls are St. Agnes Academy’s award-winning dance team that promotes school spirit and generates enthusiasm for St. Agnes Academy. The Tiger Girls perform during half time at the Strake Jesuit home football games, during half time at select St. Agnes and Strake Jesuit basketball games, dance competitions, St. Agnes pep rallies and spring show. Each year the dance team continues to bring home regional, state, and national championship titles! The Tiger Girls view this program as a dance family and strive to grow as a community as well as dancers. 

    Click here for audition information.

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