Athletic Summer Camps

Summer Workouts and Tryouts for Fall Athletics:
All summer athletics workout programs are suspended until further notice due to the current Harris Country Level 1: Stay Home threat of COVID-19.
Fall sports (Cross Country, Field Hockey, and Volleyball) are now scheduled to begin September 8th. In the event that COVID-19 delays this process, you will receive more information from the head coaches. If you are not already on their email distribution lists, please contact them via their address below.
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St. Agnes Academy values the physical, mental, and communal benefits of Athletics. Our coaches, administration, and medical staff are committed to keeping your daughter safe and healthy as she prepares for the upcoming school year.
With the guidance of national, state, and local officials, our staff will work to ensure that any athletic participation aligns with all current recommendations. Our policies and procedures will be modeled after the guidelines presented by the National Federation of High Schools, Texas Education Agency, University Interscholastic League, and Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools.
The Athletics Department will continue to communicate with our families via email, the St. Agnes website, and social media. For more information, please email the sport-specific head coach and/or the Director of Athletics,
The Liability Release Document  and Athletic physicals, or Pre-participation Physical Examination, are required annually for anyone trying out for any sport at St. Agnes Academy. For more information on Athletic Physicals, email Head Athletic Trainer

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  • 2020 Cross Country Camps

    Rising 9th Grade Cross Country Camp 
    (for rising St Agnes 9th graders) $55
    Our camp is designed for girls of all running abilities. This session will focus on basic training and how to build core strength. It is designed to highlight and expose the potential talent of rising ninth graders. Expect to work hard and build a strong fitness base! You will learn the training strategies for the upcoming season.

    Cross Country Camp 
    (for girls of all ages and running abilities) $155
    Our camp is designed for girls of all ages and running abilities. Each session will focus on basic training and building core strength. Experienced coaches will provide technical advice to help each runner build endurance and speed. Expect to work hard and build a strong fitness base!
    Cross Country Aerobic Camp 
    (for rising 6-12th grade girls and boys)
    Aerobic camp will teach the runner about base miles and improve their aerobic capacity.  It will also teach the proper posture, balance, foot placement and running economy.
    Topics such as rest, nutrition and proper foot wear will be discussed. Each runner will understand what it takes to become a competitive distance runner.


    For more information on cross country/track email Head Coach, Kristi Robbins
  • 2020 Field Hockey Camps

    Advanced Field Hockey Camp  
    (girls with 2+ years experience) $125
    The Advanced field hockey camp will combine skill acquisition with competitive scrimmages. Camp will focus on advanced technical skills (shooting, reverse sweep, defensive tackles) and small sided games or scrimmages. The intent is to allow players opportunities for multiple repetitions of each skill and to then work to implement them in to their game. Players attending should have at least two years of experience in a field hockey program (high school, junior high, or club).
    Field Hockey Camp 
    (for girls of all levels) $155
    Our field hockey camp is designed for girls of all levels – from beginners who have never played to advanced players who are looking toward collegiate opportunities. This camp will improve your daughter’s technical skill, game knowledge, and overall conditioning. Camp directors will work with individuals to prepare them for field hockey team tryouts, and to bring their game to the next level.

    For more information on field hockey email Head Coach, Tiffany Deinzer.
  • 2020 Soccer Camp

    Soccer Camp 
    (for rising 7-12th grade girls) $155
    Our camp is designed for girls entering 7-12th grade who are committed to improving their skills and mastering new techniques. Each session will focus on both technical and tactical components of the game. St. Agnes soccer coaches and staff will work with players to improve their mental and physical capacity for the game.
    For more information on soccer email Coach Lizzy Fernandez.
  • 2020 Volleyball Camps

    Rising 9th Grade Volleyball Talent Showcase 
    (for rising St. Agnes 9th graders) $45
    This camp is open to all incoming 9th graders interested in volleyball. It is designed to highlight and expose the talent of rising ninth graders while introducing our offensive and defensive systems. The select camp is run by St. Agnes Coaches and former volleyball athletes.  Secure your spot in this session now. 
    All-Skills Beginner Volleyball Camp  
    (for rising 5-9th grade girls) $155
    Our beginner camp is designed to train the skills necessary to compete at the middle and high school level.  We will tackle the necessary skill set for overall player development:  movement training, ball control, serving, offensive and defensive techniques, position training and game play.  This is the perfect camp for players with little club or playing experience who want to improve on their skills.

    Volleyball Advanced Training Academy
    (for rising 7-10 grade girls, advanced= 2+ years club experience) $155
    Our advanced academy addresses the skills needed to compete at the club, middle, and high school levels. We fast track our training regime by increasing the intensity and pace of the drills thus supplying a high repetitious environment for the elite player. Our position academies are designed to target individual position skills as well as ball control, footwork, and speed that is needed to give the elite player an on-court advantage. 

    Volleyball Competition Camp 
    (for rising 7-10th grade girls) $125 or $240 (Advanced Training Academy + Competition Camp)
    This 5-day adventure will catapult you into tournament mode as we start with game play and end with game play while sharpening your technical and tactical skills. We will send you on a rollercoaster of group and team scenarios on and off the court as we work to improve our leadership skills, team chemistry, game play, and true understanding of how to play against the ball.

    Volleyball Positional Training Clinics
    Serve, Pass, and Dig Clinic
    (For rising 7-10th grade girls) $100
    This clinic will break down serving, serve receive, and defense. Our first ball contact will focus on footwork, tracking, platform control, and hand contact. Open to liberos/DS’s and all defensive minded 6-rotation players.

    Set and Attack Clinic
    (for rising 7-12 grade girls) $100
    Campers will select the setter or hitter clinic. We will divide into skill levels upon arrival and begin with position training for each position. We’ll break down the skill set associated with setter and hitter training then combine to work on tempo, timing, and more game like scenarios. 

    4-on-4 Volleyball Tiger Smash
    Teams compete in a 4-on-4 battle to be the last Tiger standing! 
    Division 1: 7th-9th Beginner
    Division II: 8th-9th Advanced (2+ club years experience)
    Division II: 10th – 12th

    For more information on volleyball, email Head Coach, Cydryce McMillian.
  • 2020 Water Polo Camp

    Water Polo Camp 
    (for rising 6-9th graders) $155
    Never played water polo before? No problem! Our camp targets beginners with a focus on fundamentals like treading, swimming, ball handling, passing, and shooting. Day 2 of camp will be a review of fundamentals and an introduction of offense/defense, and will end in a fun scrimmage. Our camp is ideal for 6th-9th graders who are looking for a new and challenging sport to try! What to bring? Swimsuit, towel, goggles, sunscreen, water bottle, and a snack.

    For more information on water polo/swimming email Head Coach, Kaitlin Kelley.