Mixed Chorus Parents

Performing Arts

List of 6 members.

  • Photo of Arthur Buckley

    Arthur Buckley 

    Performing Arts Chair, Performing Arts Teacher, Theology Teacher, Triple Trio Sponsor
    (713) 219-5427
  • Photo of Lacey Castro

    Lacey Castro 

    Director of Technical Theatre
    (713) 219-5551
  • Photo of Julie Chilton

    Julie Chilton 

    Director of Dance Program, Dance Teacher
    (713) 219-5475
  • Photo of Jewell Handy

    Jewell Handy 

    Director of Theatre Arts, Theatre Arts Teacher
    (713) 219-5467
  • Photo of Kimberly Mendoza

    Kimberly Mendoza 

    Performing Arts Teacher
    (713) 219-5541
  • Photo of Jeremy Wood

    Jeremy Wood 

    Performing Arts Teacher
    (713) 219-5515

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