The St. Agnes college counseling philosophy is centered around transparency, collaboration, predictability, age-appropriate conversations surrounding the college application process, and forward-planning.  We partner with seniors as they complete applications, college-plan with junior families through structured junior conferences and strive to streamline course registration for sophomore students.  While we are eager to share our programming with you, we do not expect all students to proceed lockstep through this process. Some young women will want to begin early and adhere to recommended submission dates, and others will prefer to start later. Please rest assured that our college counseling team will be ready when your daughter is. Our guiding principle is much like that of a great teacher: Meet the student wherever the student is.  

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    Rob Mooring 

    Interim Director of College Counseling
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    Susan Maher 

    College Counseling Administrative Assistant
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    Danielle Washington  

    Associate Director of College Counseling
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    Molly Teague 

    College Counselor
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    College Counselor
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    College Counselor
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