The college counseling department of St. Agnes Academy provides a comprehensive service to the young women of the academy. These services are aimed at meeting the needs of students in the following areas: academic, learning, college and career. Along the path toward graduation and beyond, the college counseling department provides our young women with a personalized and student-centered approach through individual and group guidance. In our supportive environment, students learn to identify goals, develop strengths, talents, and interests, and eventually, venture on to make healthy and confident decisions about higher education. We believe it is our responsibility to serve as advocates for our students and we contribute to our student's development by fostering an environment where our young women pursue opportunities for self expression, personal discovery, and individual accomplishments.

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  • Photo of Sujey Doctoroff

    Sujey Doctoroff 

    Director of College Counseling
    (713) 219-5440
  • Photo of Carol Bailey

    Carol Bailey 

    College Counselor
    (713) 219-5444
  • Photo of Lindsey Brown

    Lindsey Brown 

    College Counselor
    (713) 219-5465
  • Photo of Shanee' Bryan

    Shanee' Bryan 

    College Counselor
    (713) 219-5443
  • Photo of Ashley Plaeger

    Ashley Plaeger 

    College Counselor
  • Photo of Rob Mooring

    Rob Mooring 

    College Counselor
    (713) 219-5447