The ComedySportz High School League® is the largest, most successful improv training program for high school students in the country. The High School League® empowers students to create their own theatre and nourishes their communication skills through improvisational theatre workshops and performances. It encourages their individuality and provides the forum to succeed or fail in a safe environment that combines showmanship and sportsmanship. The League provides an extracurricular activity that goes beyond stage work into everyday situations.

For more information on ComedySportz, contact Jewell Handy.
Our students join students from Strake Jesuit to form our ComedySportz team. The team participates in competitions, performs for our community, and has a lot of fun.

Cast List

Jose Cortes Catherine Koehler
Alexis Covington Elizabeth Lakoski
Helen Criaco Michelle Nguyen
Aurora Fowler Michael Orcutt
Liam Garrison Trevor Schnieder
Jasmine Garcia Samantha Steely
Jerry Gonzalez  
Aiden Hill  


Meet 1- Home (SJ): Friday, September 22 Self-Scrimmage
Meet 2- Home (SJ): Thursday, October 12 Houston Christian
Meet 3- Away: Wednesday, November 1 Spring Woods
Meet 4- Home (SAA): Friday, November 10 Katy Taylor
Meet 5- Away: Tuesday, November 14 Westside
Meet 6- Home (SJ): Friday, January 12 Faculty Meet
Meet 7- Away: Tuesday, February 20 Memorial
Meet 8- Home (SAA): Thursday, March 8 Faith West & Spring Woods
Meet 9- Away: Tuesday, April 17 St. John XXIII
Meet 10- Home (SAA): Friday, May 4 Self-Scrimmage