Servant Leadership

Servant Leader Apprenticeship

Beginning second semester Junior year, Academy Women complete 100 hours of community service with 1 organization, by the fall of their Senior year. Students work directly with a person or group of persons in need, and address a social justice issue as St. Agnes prepares young women to preach with their lives. Through this experience, the girls discover the principals of Catholic Social Teaching firsthand.

Servant Leadership flows from the mission of St. Agnes, and is nicely incorporated into Junior Theology classes, which Morality and Catholic Social Teaching in the context of the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. In conjunction with this preparation and the Dominican Tradition, St. Agnes Juniors answer the call to follow Christ's example as servant leaders. 
Instead of just absorbing and knowing all of this information internally, we want our students to take action. And really that’s how we preach at St. Agnes—take what you’re learning and put it into action.
– current parent

Mission Trips

St. Agnes coordinates immersion trips which meet all of these criteria, when possible. St. Agnes faculty and staff accompany students on these trips, which are generally coordinated by well-respected travel agencies and service trip organizations. Trips are generally announced in September for the current Juniors, and sign-up takes place in October for trips the following summer. 
    St. Agnes has long-standing partnerships with communities in the following countries:
    • Dominican Republic
    • United States: Eagle Pass, TX
    • Kenya: Our Lady of Grace Dominican School
    • Guatemala: San Vicente DePaul Dominican School
    • Peru
    • Cambodia


    • 100 hours of meaningful service
    • working directly with the poor and vulnerable
    • through one organization
    • The organization and student's service address a Principal of Catholic Social Teaching
    Students will learn more about this, second semester Junior year.