Ninth Grade

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    This is traditionally a two-day and one-night retreat at Camp for All in Burton, TX, focusing on the Dominican Pillar of Community. Our 9th grades students are given the chance to make friends and to establish a strong connection with their class. Led by a group of seniors from the Preaching Team, the 9th graders learn about the Dominican heritage of St. Agnes and look ahead to all the possibilities that high school has in store for them. This retreat offers a myriad of activities to allow them to grow and to learn, including community service, games, small group time, music and prayer.

Tenth Grade

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    This is traditionally a two-day, one-night retreat, focusing on the Dominican Pillar of Study. Sophomores spend time immersed in service throughout the Houston area. Encountering need in our community leads the Sophomores to question and grapple with reality of our world today, hopefully ultimately asking, "how can I make the world a better place, as a person of faith?"

Eleventh Grade

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    This 3 days and 2 nights overnight retreat traditionally held at Forest Glen Camp in Huntsville, focuses on the Dominican Pillar of Prayer. By stepping out of the hustle and bustle of daily life, students take an inventory of their hearts and minds, and consider what it looks like to connect with God through prayer. On this retreat, students consider their relationship with the Sacred, and hopefully come away with a renewed confidence in themselves and their relationship with God, who continually sustains them through all of life's ups and downs.

Twelfth Grade

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    This three-day, two-night final retreat traditionally focuses on the Dominican Pillar of Preaching.  Students have one last chance to bond with their classmates, be renewed in their relationship with God, and remember how much they are loved before moving onto the next step of their lives. The retreat encourages each student to consider how she will continue to preach the Gospel with her words and her life.