Tiger Girls Dance Team – The Tiger Girls are St. Agnes Academy’s award-winning dance team that promotes school spirit and generates enthusiasm for St. Agnes Academy.

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  • Tiger Girls Dance Team

    The Tiger Girls are St. Agnes Academy’s award-winning dance team that promotes school spirit and generates enthusiasm for St. Agnes Academy. The Tiger Girls perform during half time at the Strake Jesuit home football games, during half time at select St. Agnes and Strake Jesuit basketball games, dance competitions, St. Agnes pep rallies and spring show. Each year the dance team continues to bring home regional, state, and national championship titles! The Tiger Girls view this program as a dance family and strive to grow as a community as well as dancers. The dance team provides lifelong friends and instills leadership, team work, and discipline. The Tiger Girls practice various levels of dance technique and styles while developing physical strength, flexibility, stamina, and coordination. Auditions for Tiger Girls occur in late spring and each member attends a mandatory dance camp in the summer. All grade levels may audition and no previous dance training is required. Practices are held in the morning four days a week from 6:30 a.m. - 7:40 a.m. in the old gym during the school year. Tiger Girls will be eligible to earn a P.E. credit for membership. 
  • Military Officers and Social Officers

    The dance officer line is a leadership program that is designed to train returning members to lead by service in promotion of the dance team as a loving, supportive community. The officers work closely with directors and must be familiar with everything expected of a team member, cooperate with the directors and other officers, maintain a sense of responsibility for the organization, and represent St. Agnes Academy and the Tiger Girls dance team in a positive manner. Each officer sets an example for her fellow teammates by demonstrating a positive attitude, striving for academic excellence, and setting a high standard for herself and others. Officers are selected by a panel of judges and through a team vote. Auditions occur in April. All officers are required to attend a leadership training camp in June.
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  • TG Elite

    The TG Elite dancers are St. Agnes Academy’s elite dance company that performs at special school events and competes at NDA Nationals in Orlando, Florida every spring. This advanced dance team is focused, determined, and committed to excellence in dance technique, flexibility, strength, and endurance. TG Elite specializes in ballet, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, kick, and pom styles. A student must be entering grades 10-12 to audition. Each company member is required to attend a mandatory NDA camp in the summer. Dancers are chosen by team audition scores and by director recommendation. TG Elite dancers will be required to enroll in the Competitive/Advanced Dance Class and practice on occasional Saturdays. TG Elite dancers will earn a Fine Art credit for the course.

Tiger Girl Awards 2016-2017

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  • Crowd Pleasers Regional Competition (February 2017)

    TG Team Awards
    • Super Sweepstakes
    • 1st Runner Up for Team Kick
    • 2nd Runner Up for Team Military
    • Award of Excellence
    • Precision, Technique, Choreography Award
    • 4th Runner up for Grand Champion
    TG Elite Awards
    • Super Sweepstakes
    • Best in Class for Elite Kick
    • 1st Runner Up for Elite Lyrical
    • Best in Class for Elite Hip Hop
    • Best in Class for Elite Pom
    • Precision, Technique, Choreography Award
    • Grand Champion for Elite Category
    Officer Line Awards
    • Superior Award for Military Officers
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  • Crowd Pleasers Team Camp (July 2016)

    • Overall Outstanding Team
    • Most Disciplined Team Award
    • Outstanding Showmanship Award
    • Slay Squad Award
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  • NDA Nationals (March 2017)

    • 7th in the Nation for Pom
    • 10th in the Nation for Kick
    • 18th in the Nation for Hip Hop
    • 18th in the Nation for Jazz
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  • Trendsetter Officer Camp (June 2016)

    • Gold Award for Military Officers
    • Encore Award for Military Officers
    • Artistry Award for Military Officers
    • Leadership Award for Military Officers
    • Technique Award for Military Officers
    • Platinum Award for Social Officers
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  • Trendsetters Regional Competition (February 2017)

    TG Team Awards
    • Best in Class Large Team
    • Excellence Award
    • Best in Category in Jazz, Kick and Military
    • Outstanding Choreography Award to Jazz, Kick and Military
    • Precision Award
    • Highest Point in Technical Merit
    • Super Sweepstakes
    TG Elite Awards
    • Excellence Award
    • Best in Elite Category for Pom, Hip Hop, Kick and Lyrical
    • Highest Point in Precision
    • Overall Highest Technique Score
    • Elite Super Sweepstakes
    Officer Line Awards
    • Best in Category in Officer Contemporary
    • 1st Runner Up in Social Officer Dance Category
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  • Photo of Julie Chilton

    Julie Chilton 

    Director of Dance Program, Dance Teacher
    (713) 219-5475
  • Photo of Christy Holecek

    Christy Holecek 

    Director of Student Activities, Associate Director of Dance Program
    (713) 219-5424