Tiger History

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  • Black and Gold Award

    This honor is bestowed upon a senior student-athlete who has found success at the highest levels of student life and athleticism at St. Agnes Academy. This individual imbues the values representative of an Academy woman: truth, loyalty, dedication, conviction, leadership, and spirit. The Black and Gold recipient distinguishes herself among her teammates, classmates, coaches, and even her opponents by virtue of her relentless pursuit to win and achieve, without forsaking the greatest lessons learned on the playing field: dignity, sportsmanship, and how to accept adversity or victory with equal class. Award winners carry a responsibility for the remainder of their life to hold to a higher standard the representation of their athletic class and all the responsibilities that coincide with an achievement as uncommon as being selected recipient of the Black and Gold Award. 
    Award Recipient
    Margaret Cannon
    Abby Vollrath
    Mimi McHugh
    Lauren Geczik
    Shelby Echols
    Quinn Biggio
    Field Hockey, Basketball, Track & Field
    Field Hockey, Lacrosse
    Track & Field
    Volleyball, Softball
    2017 Anna Lang Swimming, Water Polo
    2016 Racquel Lyn  Tennis
    2015 Maggie McGuffee  Swimming, Water Polo
    2014  Alex Gonzales Cross Country, Track & Field
    2013  Shannon Gaden Cross Country, Track & Field
    2012  Beatrice Hermann Tennis 
    2011  Van-Anh Hoang Swimming
    2010  Chelsea Bass Basketball 
    Kristina Kontrimas
    Katie Kegg
    Swimming & Water Polo
    Elizabeth McStravick
    Lynn Fahey
    Meghan Keller
    Basketball, Water Polo
    Chrissy Michael
    Basketball, Softball
    Rachel Greff
    Volleyball, Basketball, Track
    Traci Fraser
    Cross Country, Soccer, Track
    Elise Mateker
    Basketball, Softball
    Morgan Loeffler
    Water Polo, Swimming
    Courtney Fischer
    Track and Field
    Stephanie Bennett
    Melissa Maher
    Volleyball, Softball
    Amanda Luksetich
    Cross Country, Track and Field
    Jenny Edwards
    Water Polo, Basketball
    Karen Reese
    Volleyball, Basketball, Softball
    Laurie Cadena
    Basketball, Softball
    Maureen Sweeney
    Cross Country, Track and Field
    Lynn Cadena
    Soccer, Softball
    Tara Rosso
    Volleyball, Basketball, Softball


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  • Tigers at the Next Level - College Athletes

    Year Sport Last (Maiden) Name First Name College/University
    2023 Soccer Hoover Finley Trinity University
    2023 Soccer Prejean Jaide University of South Florida
    2023 Soccer York Erin Southwestern University
    2023 Swimming Dawlett Niela Notre Dame College
    2023 Tennis Garofolo-Ro Katie Georgetown University
    2023 Volleyball Maruska NiMya The George Washington University
    2022 Soccer Snyder-Perez Carolina Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
    2022 Track & Field Williams Faith Texas Tech University
    2022 Track & Field Scott Allie Baylor University
    2022 Volleyball Visintine Lexi Rutgers University
    2022 Gymnastics Stratmann Olivia Centenary College of Louisiana
    2022 Volleyball Agee Sophie Mississippi State University
    2022 Lacrosse Coleman Chase Howard University
    2022 Volleyball Danos Olivia Millsaps College
    2022 Soccer Klenke Leah University of Notre Dame
    2022 Soccer Laudadio Mary Claire Oklahoma State University
    2022 Softball Rohrig Peyton Rhodes College
    2022 Soccer Sanders Kenna Rice University 
    2021 Rowing Lord Abbey Kansas University
    2021 Softball Burns Ashley Trinidad State Junior College
    2021 Track & Field Fernandez Sophie William and Mary
    2021 Water Polo Grimes Adrienne Villanova University
    2021 Volleyball Kendall Harris Coastal Carolina University
    2021 Volleyball Le Bi Concordia University - Irvine
    2021 Track & Field McHugh Mimi United States Naval Academy
    2021 Volleyball Middleton Brooke United States Military Academy 
    2021 Volleyball Onabanjo Toyosi University of Iowa
    2020 Soccer Geczik Lauren Texas A&M University
    2020 Swimming Lyons Olivia United States Coast Guard Academy
    2020 Swimming Wieland Allie Stonehill College
    2020 Volleyball Bradshaw Julia University of Pennsylvania
    2020 Volleyball Maruska Sahara Rice University
    2020 Water Polo Shelby Abigail Villanova University
    2019 Basketball Nelson Emily Trinity University
    2019 Basketball Lucas Madison University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
    2019 Cheerleading Higginbotham Ella Baylor University
    2019 Cross Country/Track Wolfe Grace The Citadel
    2019 Cross Country/Track Cruz Jackie Santa Clara University
    2019 Soccer Mirza Megan  Colorado School of Mines
    2019 Softball Echols Shelby Houston Baptist University
    2019 Swimming Conde Anabelle Trinity University
    2019 Volleyball London Sydney Whitman College
    2018 Basketball Anga Olivia University of St. Thomas
    2018 Basketball Evans Jade University of Texas at Tyler
    2018 Dance Donnelly Margaret University of Miami
    2018 Dance Fogt Kristin University of Texas
    2018 Equestrian Gonzalez Brianna Texas Christian University
    2018 Field Hockey Unger Anna Colgate University
    2018 Softball Biggio Quinn Notre Dame University
    2018 Softball Johnson Kennedy Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi
    2018 Softball Le  Taylor Southern Wesleyan University
    2018 Swimming Metts Lilli Rhodes College
    2018 Swimming  Smith Isabella Bucknell University
    2018 Tennis Nassar Natalia University of Louisiana at Lafayette
    2018 Tennis Watson Christina  Emory University
    2018 Track & Field Harrison Cristen University of Oklahoma
    2018 Track & Field Lowe Lauren Howard University
    2018 Track & Field Rotter Meghan University of San Diego
    2018 Track & Field Tagtow Grace Colorado College
    2018 Volleyball Clarin-Jante Marichael Centenary College of Louisiana
    2017 Diving Walsh Delila University of the Incarnate Word
    2017 Volleyball Sulaimon Raven University of Pennsylvania
    2017 Swimming Kontrimas Anastasia Villanova University
    2017 Dance Kelly Skyler Southern Methodist University
    2017 Volleyball Kelly Avery McNeese State University
    2017 Volleyball Keenan Audrey Florida Institute of Technology
    2017 Diving Gutierrez Alexandra University of Houston
    2017 Soccer Forthuber Angela  University of Houston
    2017 Cross Country/Track Cohn Maryella Rhodes College
    2017 Cross Country/Track Boettiger Amber  Hawaii Pacific University
    2016 Basketball Hawkins Beth Millsaps College
    2016 Basketball O'Connell Lauren University of Nebraska at Kearney
    2016 Dance Gray Sakura University of Texas
    2016 Dance McKay Brenna University of Colorado
    2016 Dance Plaskett Rachel Texas Christian University
    2016 Field Hockey Graf Delaney  Rhodes College
    2016 Field Hockey Mogas Meghan  Boston College
    2016 Soccer Cone Carly Rhodes College
    2016 Soccer Hollamon Tori Nova Southeastern University
    2016 Softball Heno Maddie Philadelphia University
    2016 Tennis Lyn Racquel Dartmouth College
    2016 Track & Field Jebutu Folusho Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    2016 Track & Field Matocha Kirby Texas A&M University
    2016 Volleyball Doyle Meghan Tulane University
    2016 Volleyball Krahl Amanda  Appalachian State University
    2015 Lacrosse Boots Lauren  Rhodes College
    2015 Swimming McGuffee Maggie  Rhodes College
    2015 Swimming Mercadel Ashley  Southern Methodist University
    2015 Swimming Pham Lauren  King's College
    2015 Track and Field Emery Gabby  Colorado School of Mines
    2015 Track and Field Schiller Lauren  Texas Tech University
    2015 Volleyball Sganderlla Carla  Cornell University
    2014 Basketball Nwokedi Michelle  University of Pennsylvania
    2014 Field Hockey Bueso Monica  Sewanee: The University of the South
    2014 Gymnastics Podsednik Ally  University of Pennsylvania
    2014 Soccer Moreleon Alexis  St. Edward's University
    2014 Track and Field Gonzales Alex  U.S. Military Academy at West Point
    2014 Volleyball Kelly Emma  University of Oklahoma
    2014 Volleyball Simmons Sakile  University of Miami
    2014 Volleyball Walls Joi  Howard University
    2013 Soccer Carter Allison  Trinity University
    2013 Soccer Sohmer Annie  The Universit of Tulsa
    2012 Soccer Polasek Kimberly  Trinity University
    2012 Softball Hudec Aly University of Texas Dallas
    2011 Basketball Cooper Amber  Boston University
    2011 Golf Herrera Catherine  Pennsylvania State University
    2011 Swimming Hoang Van-Anh Texas Christian University
    2011 Track and Field Rigsby Michelle Colorado School of Mines
    2010 Basketball Bass Chelsea  University of Texas
    2010 Equestrian Capri Perez Anna Texas Tech University
    2010 Soccer Davis Kelly  St. Edward's University
    2010 Soccer Hanel Sarah Trinity University
    2010 Soccer Noe Meredith University of Dallas
    2010 Track and Field Koinis Kara Southwestern University
    2010 Volleyball Kimmit Emily Trinity University
    2010 Volleyball Peyton Angela  Middle Tennessee State University
    2009 Fencing Bassa Francesca Stanford University
    2009 Soccer Collado Olivia  St. Edward's University
    2009 Softball Katchee Lauren  Brown University
    2009 Softball McEnery Kayla University of Dallas
    2009 Softball Moynihan Sandi  George Washington University
    2009 Softball Price Lindsay Louisiana State University
    2009 Softball Taylor Christina  St. Edward's University
    2009 Swimming Burns Madeline College of St. Benedict
    2009 Swimming Kontrimas Kristina  Texas A&M University
    2009 Volleyball Colley Laura St. Edward's University
    2009 Volleyball Craig Amanda  Robert Morris University
    2009 Volleyball Hutson Annie  Southwestern University
    2008 Basketball Nwokedi Jennifer  Tulane University
    2008 Soccer Akers Allison  Spring Hill College
    2008 Soccer DeLozier Elizabeth  Oklahoma State University
    2008 Soccer Jameson Kaitlin St. Edward's University
    2007 Softball Colley Jaime John Carroll University
    2007 Softball Conn Allison  Rhodes College
    2007 Swimming Fahey Lynn  Xavier University
    2007 Track and Field Urrego Diana  Southwestern University
    2007 Track and Field Yackley Renee  University of Dallas
    2007 Volleyball McStravick Elizabeth  Princeton University
    2007 Volleyball Thon Mariana  University of South Florida
    2006 Soccer Chen Elizabeth  St. Edward's University
    2006 Soccer Donovan Mary  Villanova University
    2006 Soccer Monks Megan  Herndrix College
    2006 Softball Gegen Mandy Sam Houston State University
    2006 Softball Hoelker Rachel University of Dallas
    2006 Volleyball Peyton Jennifer  University of Houston
    2006 Water Polo Keller Meghan Iona College
    2005 Soccer Langlinais Aimee  St.Edward's University
    2005 Soccer McGrath Amanda  Baylor University
    2005 Soccer Verkin Amanda  University of Mississippi
    2005 Softball Leatherwood Lorin Houston Baptist University
    2004 Golf Marti Sara South Alabama University
    2004 Soccer Fraser Traci  Rice University
    2004 Soccer Falsone Christina  Holy Cross
    2004 Soccer Sutherland Elena  Baylor University
    2004 Track and Field Greff Rachel Rice University
    2003 Golf Bentz Juliette  Southwestern State University
    2003 Softball Usher Brooke Wichita State University
    2002 Basketball Oaks Stephanie  Texas A&M University
    2002 Soccer Tarrillion Margot  Trinity University
    2002 Track and Field Fischer Courtney  Southwest Texas State University
    2002 Volleyball Bennett Stephanie  Southern Methodist University
    2001 Golf Hallowell Sarah  Birmingham-Southern College
    2001 Softball Maher Melissa  Troy State University
    2001 Volleyball Thon Vanessa  University of Tulsa/Pro in Puerto Rico
    2000 Soccer Brady Jessica  Southwestern University
    2000 Soccer Brady Rebecca Loyola University Maryland
    2000 Track and Field Luksetich Amanda  University of Arkansas
    2000 Volleyball Valerie Maya Southern University
    2000 Water Polo Mabry Whitney Villanova University
    1999 Soccer Aydinian Anne  University of Chicago
    1999 Softball Wilkins Nan  Baylor University
    1999 Water Polo Chapman Jocelyn  Iona College
    1999 Water Polo Edwards Jenny  Princeton University
    1998 Track and Field Doyle Katy Texas A&M University
    1998 Volleyball Reese Karen  Trinity University
    1998 Water Polo Agee Erin Villanova University
    1998 Water Polo Stewart Orla Loyola Marymount University
    1997 Softball Cadena Laurie  San Jacinto College
    1997 Track and Field Dompier Samantha  University of Texas
    1996 Swimming Eide Leslie University of New Mexico
    1996 Track and Field Sweeney Maureen  University of Texas
    1996 Volleyball Murphy Eileen Butler Univesity
    1996 Volleyball Sicola Jana  Stephen F. Austin State University
    1996 Volleyball Thon Soleil Rice University
    1995 Volleyball Martin Jamie Trinity University
    1993 Track and Field Schrier Kristina  Villanova University
    1991 Basketball Gleason Mary  Southern Methodist University
    1988 Track and Field Gibbs Mallori  Baylor University
    1979 Track and Field Muniz Annie Texas A&M University
    Year Sport Last (Maiden) Name First Name College/University

State Championship Teams

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  • TAPPS Overall Female Sports Champions

    TAPPS 6A 2022
    TAPPS 6A 2021
    TAPPS 6A 2019
    TAPPS 6A 2018
    TAPPS 6A 2017
    TAPPS 5A 2016
    TAPPS 5A 2015
  • Basketball

    TCIL 1988
  • Cross Country

    TCIL 1983
    TCIL 1985
    TCIL 1986
    TCIL 1987
    TCIL 1988
    TCIL 1989
    TAPPS 1995
    TAPPS 2018
    TAPPS 2019
  • Field Hockey

    TAPPS 2021
    TAPPS 2022
    TAPPS 2023
  • Golf

    TCIL 1990
    TAPPS 1995
    TAPPS 1997
    TAPPS 1998
    TAPPS 1999
    TAPPS 2000
    TAPPS 2001
    TAPPS 2002
    TAPPS 2003
    TAPPS 2004
  • Lacrosse

    TGHSLL 2011
  • Soccer

    TCIL     1988
    TCIL     1991
    TAPPS  2020
  • Softball

    TCIL 1976
    TAPPS 1994
    TAPPS 1995
    TAPPS 2001
    TAPPS 2004
    TAPPS 2006
    TAPPS 2009
    TAPPS 2019
  • Swimming

    TCIL 1974 TAPPS 1998 TAPPS 2019
    TCIL 1975 TAPPS 1999 TAPPS 2020
    TCIL 1979 TAPPS 2000 TAPPS 2021
    TCIL 1980 TAPPS 2001
    TCIL 1984 TAPPS 2002
    TCIL 1987 TAPPS 2003
    TCIL 1988 TAPPS 2004
    TCIL 1989 TAPPS 2005
    TCIL 1990 TAPPS 2008
    TCIL 1991 TAPPS 2009
    TAPPS 1994 TAPPS 2014
    TAPPS 1995 TAPPS 2016
    TAPPS 1996 TAPPS 2017
    TAPPS 1997 TAPPS 2018

  • Tennis

    TCIL 1981 TAPPS 1994 TAPPS 2021
    TCIL 1982 TAPPS 2013 TAPPS 2022
    TCIL 1986 TAPPS 2014
    TCIL 1987 TAPPS 2015
    TCIL 1988
    TAPPS 2016
    TCIL 1989
    TAPPS 2017
    TAPPS 1992
    TAPPS 2018
    TAPPS 1993
    TAPPS 2019
  • Track and Field

    TCIL 1976
    TCIL 1985
    TCIL 1988
    TCIL 1990
    TCIL 1991
    TAPPS 1992
    TAPPS 2016
    TAPPS 2017
    TAPPS 2018
    TAPPS 2019
    TAPPS 2021
    TAPPS 2022
    TAPPS 2023
  • Volleyball

    TCIL 1971 TAPPS 1993
    TCIL 1975 TAPPS 1994
    TCIL 1977 TAPPS 1995
    TCIL 1980 TAPPS 1996
    TCIL 1981 TAPPS 1997
    TCIL 1990 TAPPS 2000
    TAPPS 2005
    TAPPS 2019
    TAPPS 2021
  • Water Polo

    TISCA 1997
    TISCA 2022
    TISCA 2023