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Senior Gift

For the Class of 2020, turning the tassel is just the beginning of a new and exciting adventure. No matter where the next step takes them, they will be ready because of their time spent at St. Agnes Academy. It is now our turn, as parents and students, to give back to St. Agnes Academy, and to help future generations of Academy women receive the Dominican education we all value so greatly.

The Senior Gift Committee has created a means to give back to St. Agnes Academy through the Class of 2020 Scholarship. With your support, the Class of 2020 Scholarship will help provide tuition assistance for young Academy women for years to come.

Help us reach our goal of raising $50,000 and to have 100% from our senior families and students. We ask you to prayerfully consider making a gift or pledge so that we can all join together and express our gratitude to St. Agnes Academy in this meaningful way.

Class of 2020 Scholarship Committee

Class of 2020 Scholarship Chairs
The McFarland Family
Colleen, Bill, Abby '20

The Orozco Family
Tammy, Frank, Elena '20, Isabel '17, Monica '23

Class of 2020 Senior Family Committee
The Agee Family
Kristine, Izzie '20, Sophie '22
The Allen Family
Amy, Klay, Katie '20
The Amezquita Family
Christie, Camilo, Isabella '20
The Arrell Family
Dana, Greg, Grace '20

The Blakes Family
Stephanie, Edward, Lexi '20
The Bryan Family
Shanee', Shannon, Renee' '20
The Cashin Family
Janine, Chris, Bobbie '20

The Chon Family
Susan, Chris, Samantha '20
The Chretien Family
Juanita, Mark, Rebecca '20

The Clay Family
Julie, Jade, Mia '20

The Hoss Family
Kim, Mike, Addie

The Joe Family
Jeannie, David, Mackenzie '20

The Leonard Family
Lucy, Kevin, Audrey '20
The Meyer Family
Diana, Mark, Anna Katherine '20

The Moore Family
Keeley, Rodney, Hailey '20

The Nadira Family
Adela, Ramon, Claire '20, Diana '12, Sandra '11

The O'Donnell Family
Jennifer, Sean, Grace '20, Ella '22

The O'Neal Family
Beth, Mark, Grace '20, Clare '17

The Peckham Family
Veronica, Charles, Kathleen '20

The Simpson Family
Daniela, Randy, Audrey '20, Isabel '16

The Whalen/Hewell Family
Deborah, Mike, Mia '20, Ellie '18

Student Committee

Izzie Agee '20
Katie Allen '20
Isabella Amezquita '20
Grace Arrell '20
Lexi Blakes '20
Renee' Bryan '20
Bobbie Cashin '20
Samantha Chon '20
Rebecca Chretien '20
Mia Clay '20
Njoki Gitau '20
Mia Hewell '20
Addie Hoss '20
Aisha Jalal '20
Mackenzie Joe '20
Yara Karam '20
Audrey Leonard '20
Abby McFarland '20
Anna Katherine Meyer '20
Natalie Milio '20
Devon Montecillo '20
Hailey Moore '20
Claire Nadira '20
Grace O'Donnell '20
Grace O'Neal '20
Christina Ojeas '20
Elena Orozco '20
Kathleen Peckham '20
Audrey Simpson '20

Student Frequently Ask Questions

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  • Why do we have a senior gift?

    Philanthropy is a learned behavior. We are asking parents to partner with St. Agnes to teach our soon-to-be alumnae that the future of the school is in their hands. This program fosters a spirit of philanthropy within your daughters and helps keep connections strong with alumnae and alumnae parents. It is a meaningful way to say “thank you” to a school that has given you and your daughter so much these past four years and will continue to do so for the rest of their lives. 
  • Do I have to make a large gift/pledge?

    We encourage prayerful, thoughtful consideration of what your family can commit over the next five years. Our goal is to raise $50,000 for the scholarship. We hope that parents and students will consider multi-year pledges, which strengthen the impact of their gifts over the next four years while their daughters are in college. In the past, parent gifts have ranged from $100 to $5,000.
  • How do I explain this to my daughter?

    Ask them to consider giving up the equivalent of three trips to Starbucks between now and graduation and give that money to the scholarship and ask them to continue doing that as they go on to college. If every girl gave $15 for 5 years, the impact would be almost $17,000 to the Class of 2020 Scholarship.  
  • My daughter made a gift, does that count as our family‚Äôs gift?

    We want both you and your daughter to make separate gifts to SAA. It is important to lead by example, and show our daughters that through collaboration, the $50,000 goal is attainable!
  • I already made a gift to the Academy Fund. Does that count towards my participation?

    Unfortunately, not for the Senior Gift Campaign as Academy Fund gifts immediately fill the gap between tuition and operating expenses at SAA. Your gift to the class scholarship will be prudently invested in the Endowment. The combined gifts in the fund will perpetually contribute to the financial aid awarded to deserving young women each year through the interest distributed annually.
  • I decided to pledge over five years. When do I have to pay my pledge?

    You may pay your pledge anytime you choose. We will send pledge reminders in December and March to your home address. If you provide your credit card to be charged annually, it will be done on the first day of the month selected. We do ask for your first payment be completed by May 31, 2020, so that we can start accruing earned interest for the Class of 2020 scholarship and have an amount large enough to award to a student next year. 
  • How is the scholarship recipient chosen?

    Families in need of financial assistance apply for financial aid through the school. Applications are sent to an objective third party to confirm the financial need. This information is then reviewed by the Finance Committee (a board-level committee), who makes the decisions based on the total amount available for aid that year. This includes both interest from endowed scholarships and money from our operating budget. Students do not apply for a specific scholarship, but to the overall program solely based on need. The Advancement Department then assigns the student to a particular scholarship.

Parent Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why do we have a senior gift?

    St. Agnes is a non-profit organization that depends on donors to give back to the school in order for us to keep our tuition low, offer a variety of classes and extracurricular activities for our students, hire and keep the excellent faculty who teach you, just to name a few things. Tuition alone does not fully cover the cost to educate an Academy Woman.

    SAA donors include current parents, past parents, faculty and staff (100% of your teachers make a donation annually to SAA), and many of our 8,500 alumnae. You are only months away from becoming an alumna, and we will depend on you to come back as donors, educators, career day speakers, board members, and members of SAYPO (the St. Agnes Young Professionals Organization), and maybe one day as parents
  • Do I have to make a large gift/pledge?

    No! Every bit helps. If everyone in your class donated $15 a year for five years, you would raise almost $17,000 for the scholarship. Participation is key! If everyone participates in some way, it will make a huge impact.
  • How do I explain this to my friends?

    If there were no scholarships, one in 10 of your classmates would not be here. Think about the impact your classmates have had on your life. Now take one of those classmates out.

    Contributing to your class scholarship will bring a deserving student to St. Agnes who otherwise would not be able to come here. YOU have the power to do that – to change the life of a young woman, and the lives of the friends she will make here. Ask your friends to consider giving up one trip to Starbucks between now and graduation and give that money to the scholarship. If everyone in your class gave just $5 this year, you would raise $1,085. Is it worth $5 to you to change someone’s life?
  • My parents made a gift. Does that count for me to get the incentives?

    No. We are encouraging you and your parents to each make separates gift to SAA. The school has prepared you for college and beyond, and we hope you can learn to budget out of your finances to give back to SAA on an annual basis. This is a first step in taking action for yourself and supporting your alma mater because you have made the decision to do so, not your parents.    
  • I decided to pledge over five years. When do I have to pay my pledge?

    You pay your first pledge payment at the time of commitment. For the next four years, we will send out pledge reminders twice a year, in December and March, via email and mail to your parent’s home address. You can make your annual payment online at any time, at If you give us your credit card to charge annually, it will be charged on May first, every year, for the next four years.
  • I think my parents sent in my form. Do I get to participate in the incentives?

    Yes! Ms. Kasavich and Ms. Pinter will keep track all the gifts that come in through the mail and online. If we don’t have you on the list, it may be on its way. We will let you know if we don’t receive it within the week so you can follow up with your parents. 
  • I want to make my gift on an incentive day, but I forgot my check/cash/credit card number. Can I participate in the incentive?

    You must have your first payment the day you fill out your form. 
  • Senior Gift Timeline and Benefits

    • March 1 - Parent letters mailed home
    • March 24 - Class of 2020 Senior Gift Ask – senior meeting at Community Time in Choir Room
    • March 25* - Tiff’s Treats cookies at lunch
    • April 2* - Free Dress Day
    • April 30 -  Tiff's Treats cookies at lunch and Free Dress Day
    • April 30 - Over the Top Incentive - hit 92% student participation and the Senior Class will get treated to a pizza and movie lunch in Fleming.
    • Tuesdays and Thursdays in April - VTV drawings for gift cards 
    • Graduation - Celebrate amount raised by listing in graduation program

    *Must have made a pledge/gift in order to participate or be entered in the drawing
    **Gift must be $15 or more in order to receive free dress day. You will have to wear a button that shows that you supported the campaign!