Spectrum 3847, the SAA and SJ engineering team, brings home gold and the Engineering Inspiration Award

Spectrum 3847, the St. Agnes and Strake Jesuit engineering team, earned a gold medal and the Engineering Inspiration Award at the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) In Texas District Competition at Dripping Springs High School on March 2, 2020. Spectrum won the Engineering Inspiration Award for their work in providing resources for FRC teams and spreading the STEM message globally.
The team competed against 32 other teams from across Texas in the new FIRST® INFINITE RECHARGE game. Spectrum was ranked first with an overall record of 11-1-0 and earned the first seed. As Captain of Alliance #1, Spectrum invited Texas Torque 1477 from Conroe and Team Orion 3240 from San Antonio to join the #1 alliance. They won their matches with a record of 6-0-0 crowning them the Winner of the 2020 Dripping Springs FIRST In Texas competition.
Spectrum is ranked 3rd in the FIRST in Texas District with 76 points.  The Dripping Springs event is the first in a series of thirteen competitions in the FIRST in Texas District that qualify teams to compete at the state championship where teams will qualify to move on to the world championship. District teams are ranked against all teams in their district and the final rankings, once all district events have been played, are used to determine eligibility for District Championships and/or the FIRST Championship.
Spectrum’s upcoming competition schedule:
  •  March 19th - 21st, 2020: FIRST in Texas District Houston Event
  • April 1st - 4th, 2020: FIRST in Texas State Championship
  • April 15th - 18th, 2020: FIRST Championship (Houston)
“Spectrum had an awesome weekend at Dripping Springs. It was our first competition of the season. The team fought through a bunch of issues to be ready for every match, and secure the #1 seed and eventual championship with our partners Texas Torque and Team Orion. We were also awarded the Engineering Inspiration award which is our favorite award to win, it means we do the most to inspire future engineers and spread STEM in our communities. All together it was an awesome weekend, all the parts of our team were working very well and we can't wait for the rest of our events this season.”  said Coach/Mentor Allen Gregory IV.
More than 3,600 high school teams worldwide will participate in the FIRST® Robotics Competition this year. FIRST® INFINITE RECHARGE has high school robotics team students around the world eager to capture a championship. After the game was revealed back in January, students have been brain-storming and drawing up designs for robots that will compete at several events this season. Teams had about 6 weeks to build their robots and now the competition season is underway.