High School Sports: The Public vs Private Debate

St. Agnes Academy
Where will your child find more success in high school sports? There are many arguments for and against private school athletic programs. Find out why you should consider a private school environment for your child athlete.
When parents are looking at the best high school options for their middle school athletes, the biggest question is often whether private or public school is the best option for their child.

If you are the parents of a student-athlete, this is probably something you have been researching and thinking about during your high school conversations with your child. When you examine it closely, there are always pros and cons to every situation.

Still, many would argue that student-athletes have the ability to become more well-rounded competitors in a private high school environment. While practice and games are a large part of a student athlete's high school schedule, a private school environment prioritizes a balance of sports, academics, and faith. Some say this balance is a favorable advantage.

The Public vs. Private Debate: Advantages of Private School in High School Sports

Let’s take a closer look at the high school sports debate between public and private schools.

Variety of Competitors

Student-athletes in private schools have the advantage of playing and competing with and against students from all over the city. Private school athletic programs are diverse in that enrollment is not based on geographic location; teams are made up of talent from all different backgrounds and experiences.

Comparatively, many high school teams are at a disadvantage because they are locked into competitions that are based on geography in their public school district. The players on teams in poor-performing sports can easily become discouraged constantly running up against teams with superior players.

Specialized Coaches

It is important that coaches are experienced and skilled in the programs they run. In private school athletic programs, sought-after coaches are often brought in as part-time employees just for the season. This is seen as an advantage for many sports. The school can attract more high-caliber coaches and trainers because these coaches are not required to fill a full-time teaching role.

More Flexibility

Private schools, like St. Agnes Academy, promote and follow a block schedule, which moves students through their courses over several days instead of visiting every class in one day. This allows students the opportunity to have breaks in their schedules for tutoring, testing, and homework. This means students can more freely utilize their before-school and after-school time to devote to athletics.

Faith in Sportsmanship

In a Catholic school, students may come from all walks of life and faith. Students are encouraged to grow in their own faith while embracing and celebrating others, allowing students to broaden their perspectives. Understanding beyond oneself cultivates empathy and camaraderie, which results in good sportsmanship.

Staying Challenged

Private school environments are difficult for many because of the academic rigor and requirements of athletes. Many private schools mandate that their athletes maintain a certain grade point average for athletics participation, and that standard is high for several private schools.

Student-athletes in private schools carry a large weight, balancing a high standard of academic success and athletic performance. This can be seen as a challenge that makes for a more well-rounded child and a more focused athlete.

Active Support

Many private schools offer students a wide variety of support systems. For example, St. Agnes Academy has a Wellness Department, which offers students a safe space to manage and process their academic and personal lives. This can help in several key ways:

  • Alleviate stress.
  • Provide coping skills to problem-solve pressure.
  • Maintain social, emotional, and mental health.
  • Channel their growth into strong athletic performance.

High School Sports: the Public vs. Private Debate Conclusion

When looking for the right high school for your child, it is worth the time to do your research to find the right place for them. There are several advantages to attending a well-renowned public school but for argument's sake, we have presented strong arguments about why we think private school comes out ahead.

St. Agnes Academy has a well-known reputation for its athletics programs and student-athletes. We recommend taking a closer look at a school that has earned more than 111 state titles in athletics and annually competes against some of the best private and public schools in Texas.

Plus, many St. Agnes students accept athletic scholarships and sign to highly-competitive universities. Offering more than 13 different sports during three seasons, St. Agnes has more than 500 students participating in at least one of 36 teams.

Find out more about why we recommend a private school for your high school student-athlete!