5 Benefits of All Girl Schools

St. Agnes Academy
Benefits of all girl schools remain with students far into their adulthood. Read more on the most commonly mentioned advantages of an all girl school.
As with any meaningful decision, choosing the most suitable high school learning environment for your child can stir up some strong emotions. Parents often do their best but occasionally need help to be convinced of a new opportunity. Read on for some of the most basic arguments favoring single-sex education, precisely the benefits of all girl schools.

What Are the Benefits of All Girl Schools?

From finding a sense of community to learning how to serve together, there are many wonderful reasons to consider enrolling your daughter in an all girls school.

1. Community

Smaller class sizes ensure students and parents have more opportunities to connect with classmates, teachers, coaches, and staff members. Opportunities to gather as a parent/guardian are plenty, whether in prayer at an all-school mass or socially at a Parents Association gathering.

The friendships formed in the classroom or on the field carry students through their four years and beyond. No explanation is needed when referencing the "sisterhood" a student experiences in an all girl school.

2. Opportunities

Thanks to a dedicated administration, strategic goals, and available funds, schools like St. Agnes frequently have incredible opportunities in and out of the classroom.

Within our advanced-level classes, unique clubs and organizations, and plentiful sports offerings, students experience potential interests on a higher, more sophisticated level. Clubs like Diversity Club, Intersectional Feminism, E-Sports Club, and Future Medical Professionals host intriguing meetings with fascinating dialogue not readily available in a co-ed school.  

According to Dr. Tiffani Riggers-Piehl's study "Fostering Academic and Social Engagement," girls' school graduates possess the following traits:

  • Stronger academic skills.
  • More academically engaged.
  • Demonstrate higher science confidence.
  • Express more substantial community involvement.
  • Display higher levels of cultural competency.
  • Exhibit increased political engagement. 

Students in all girl schools are encouraged to ask complex questions and grow a healthy curiosity about the world around them thanks to the plentiful opportunities to learn and grow. There truly is something for everyone at St. Agnes. 

3. Healthy Peer Pressure

Developing students' psyches through in-class conversations, inspiring all-school assemblies, or even conversations in the hallways promotes engagement with others with similar interests. While no high school is immune to pop culture trends, an all girl school allows students to form friendships based on more solid foundations.

Without many common distractions that may be present in a larger school setting, students encourage each other to do their best in the classroom and on the field or court. Through constructive dialogue, students learn how to communicate with their peers and form meaningful relationships that last a lifetime.

4. Give and Receive Encouragement

Whether connected through group work or friendship, students in an all girl school often find themselves wanting the best for their classmates. The sense of pride among a class at a graduation ceremony is palpable.

Without many common distractions that may be present in a larger school setting, students encourage each other to do their best in the classroom and on the field or court. St. Agnes encourages our students to grow in their faith (whichever that may be), ask questions that help form their beliefs, and strive to serve as role models for younger generations.

Students learn how to communicate with their peers through constructive dialogue and create meaningful relationships that last a lifetime.

5. Service as a Life-Long Practice

Like an internship or scout program, many private schools value asking their students to complete a service project to fulfill the school's mission statement further. St. Agnes students work directly with a person or group of persons in need and complete 100 hours of community service with one organization by the fall of their Senior year.

Through this experience, students discover the principles of Catholic Social Teaching firsthand and often bring those principles with them into adulthood.

Consider St. Agnes Academy in Houston, TX

At St. Agnes, we provide our students with transformational experiences so our graduates can enter the world with integrity, joy, and a commitment to social justice. Every St. Agnes student, alumna, and their guardians can name the advantages of attending an all girl school without missing a beat.

We create a safe environment for learning so that students are comfortable asking questions, seeking knowledge, and celebrating life in a joyful, optimistic, and productive way. We tailor our curriculum to the individual needs and learning styles of each young woman who steps onto our campus. Our diverse student body comprises students from all educational, religious, and ethnic backgrounds.

Are you convinced? Learn more about our school’s Admissions process. We are also readily available to further discuss the benefits of an all girl school and how St. Agnes can support your child's future.