Girls in Engineering and STEM: The Future is Bright

St. Agnes Academy
Parents should be aware of how STEM subjects can help your daughter prepare for college and a career. Learn more about the positive outlook for girls in engineering and related fields.
Until the past decade or so, young women have not always been encouraged to pursue careers in STEM fields (known as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). However, girls often excel in these subjects.

For parents, it’s important to help your child focus on STEM-related subjects in high school because proficiency in specific courses can create a range of benefits and opportunities as your child ventures into college and beyond, no matter what career path or college major they choose.

Ensuring your daughter has access to outstanding math and technology courses, for example, can have an incredible impact on her grades, confidence, and career path. Find out more about how to help your child’s educational pursuits and why there is a strong outlook for girls in engineering and related fields.

Benefits of Girls Pursuing STEM Subjects

Take a closer look at how your child can grow through science, technology, engineering, and math pursuits.

Develop Problem-Solving and Critical-Thinking Skills

Math and science are subjects that require excellent problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Any young women interested in healthcare, science, technology, or engineering careers will need to hone these skills early on. Getting started in high school can create tremendous advantages later on in life.

Even girls who aren't interested in engineering and technology can utilize problem-solving skills, and these skills can help with other classes or areas of interest, including creative writing, music, and sports.

Break Down Gender Stereotypes

Encouraging curiosity for STEM fields in high school can help break down gender stereotypes. Many STEM fields, such as healthcare and engineering, are traditionally considered masculine, and because of this stereotype, girls are often steered away. This creates a discrepancy in the workforce and limits young women with a talent for math or science.

The workforce is changing, though. Many companies are looking to diversify their roster, create balance in key roles, and add more voices to critical discussions. They’re going to look toward individuals who have skills sourced in STEM subjects to support decision-making.

For these reasons, it's essential that high school girls are encouraged to pursue their interests, particularly in STEM subjects, and offered opportunities to excel in their classes.

Seeking out schools such as St. Agnes Academy that offer an excellent math curriculum can help. Plus, studies show that private schools generally offer a more challenging, engaging math curriculum in comparison to public schools.

Build Confidence

Studies show that female students begin to lose confidence in their math skills by third grade, while male students often retain their confidence, which drastically limits the number of girls in engineering or other STEM fields.

Young women, however, often have strong math skills they're unable to test or expand, as the curriculum isn't offered to them. According to a study from Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), “studies show that the learning environment plays a significant role in fostering, or undermining, girls’ sense of self-confidence.” There is much to be said about the benefits that come out of an all-girl school classroom, including increased confidence. 

Encouraging an interest in math and science courses and offering classes that challenge students and push them to delve into learning can play a critical role in boosting confidence. 

Female students who engage in higher-level math classes gain a greater sense of self-worth and feel more confident in their abilities. Even if students aren't interested in a STEM career, the skills and confidence they gain while studying math can be carried over into other classes and future careers.

Become a Role Model

Girls in engineering or other STEM fields can become excellent role models to younger students or the next generation. Seeing someone they admire pursue engineering, for example, can help students recognize and explore their talents, and becoming a role model for younger students can be extremely rewarding.

Prepare for College and Beyond

Focusing on math and science at a young age can open up a much wider variety of career choices for students, and careers in STEM fields often offer higher pay. Women in STEM fields can also work to have a positive impact on the world by helping people, animals, or the environment.

Girls who focus on STEM subjects in high school will also find that they can carry the skills and knowledge they've gained into their college courses. Many colleges and universities also prefer to see STEM courses or activities on an application.

How We Help Girls in Engineering and Related Fields

At St. Agnes, we believe every girl should have the chance to excel in any area that interests her, including STEM fields. We offer a well-rounded education that helps girls gain confidence, explore their interests, and develop strong problem-solving skills.

Math and science are critical elements of our curriculum, and we frequently evaluate our courses to ensure we provide the best education for today's needs. Our goal is to develop in our students a sense of curiosity, a lifelong love of learning, and a strong foundation they can use to further their educations and build their careers.

If you would like to find out more about opportunities for girls in engineering and related fields, contact us today to discuss how our educational program will prepare your daughter for future success.