How Do People Afford Private School in Houston?

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Would you like a better education for your daughter? Not sure how to pay for it? Worry no more about how do people afford private school. Learn about your options to cover the cost.
Private schooling is an excellent opportunity for young women, as it offers many benefits during and after high school. However, because private high schools do not receive public funding, they rely on donations and tuition, which can often be expensive.

If you're thinking about sending your daughter to a private school to broaden her horizons and opportunities, one of the questions you may be coming back to is, "How do people afford private school?" Fortunately, parents in Houston have several options to help cover the cost of private school tuition on a budget.

Tools to Address Financial Concerns about Private School Cost

Let’s take a look at how you can overcome concerns about the cost of private school education for your daughter.

1. Financial Aid

Many private schools provide an option for financial aid. Generally, tuition assistance is offered at the discretion of a financial aid committee and given to students who meet admission requirements but cannot afford to pay full tuition.

Both full and partial financial aid options are available, and the provided aid depends on the need. If a family's financial situation changes during the student's high school career, the amount of financial aid may be subject to change.

Students and families receiving financial aid for private school tuition are generally asked to participate in other aspects of the school, such as volunteering for projects or as extracurricular group leaders. Students must also maintain good academic standing.

Families who feel they may benefit from tuition assistance should consider applying for aid as soon as possible. Aid determinations often have deadlines, and the aid offered after these deadlines is limited, so turning in an application on or ahead of the due date is helpful.

Financial aid decisions are often made independently of admissions decisions, which is the case at St. Agnes. We follow this policy to help to keep the process fair and ensure that there is no bias.

2. Scholarship Opportunities

Some private schools offer scholarships to students with outstanding academic or sports records. Scholarships are a fantastic way to pay for private schools, as they help students gain a vested interest in their academic careers.

Working for and being awarded a scholarship can also significantly boost a student's confidence while demonstrating that hard work and determination do pay off. 

Unlike financial aid, which schools usually offer, scholarships can be provided by either the school or an independent organization. Students may need to demonstrate their academic or athletic aptitude, write an essay, or otherwise show why they deserve the scholarship. Most scholarships also include an application process with strict deadlines.

Many students are eligible for certain types of scholarships based on ethnicity, gender, or interests. For example, some foundations may offer scholarships specifically for female students. Other groups might provide scholarships to students interested in art or science.

3. Government Savings Plans

Although families cannot generally deduct private school tuition from their taxes, the U.S. government offers options for saving money on private school costs. For example, a Coverdell Education Savings Account is a tax-deferred trust that helps families pay for tuition. 

Beneficiaries of these trusts will receive tax-free distributions from the account to pay for school. A 529 Education Savings Plan, which is a college savings account exempt from federal taxes, is another excellent option. 

Why is the Cost of Private School Worth the Investment?

In addition to wondering how people afford private school, you might also wonder whether private school education will provide a good return on your investment (ROI). The answer is that a private school education provides a far greater return on investment than many parents initially realize.

- At a private school, such as St. Agnes, students are given every opportunity to excel in their coursework, are offered a range of class and extracurricular options, and are taught in a way that challenges them and asks them to explore their natural curiosities.

Because of our smaller class sizes, students gain a better understanding of subjects, develop critical-thinking skills, grow as people, and develop close friendships that will pay off for years to come.

- Private schools are often close-knit, as the student body is smaller. Students learn to support each other and build strong interpersonal skills through shared goals and common faith. Students frequently form strong friendships that last through high school and for years or decades after their time on campus. These connections help to keep girls grounded during the challenges of becoming an adult.

- Private schools are also one of the best options for college preparedness. Private school curriculums are often much stronger than those of public schools. Therefore, listing a private school on a college application shows the college or university that the student embraces hard work, understands the value of education, and will be a fantastic addition to the school.

- Private school courses prepare students for strenuous college coursework, as your child will have an opportunity to pursue classes relevant to the fields they hope to study in college. 

Private schools also provide extensive college counseling, including guidance, tutoring, or help with testing or essay writing. Whether your child plans to stay close to home in Texas or study elsewhere in the country, she will be well-equipped for higher education.

- At schools like St. Agnes, students also grow in their faith. Faith and learning are closely intertwined, which helps students form core values that will shape their morals and personal code of conduct.

Empathy, joy, and compassion are incorporated into each lesson and class, and students are encouraged to seek out and live in truth.

How Do People Afford Private School: Solved

All students, regardless of financial status, should have the opportunity to attend a school that caters to their interests, helps them develop lifelong skills and confidence, and offers a well-rounded curriculum.

St. Agnes offers tuition assistance and various aid opportunities. If you're in the Houston area and feel that a private school education might be the right choice for your daughter, visit our financial aid page for more information about how to afford private school.

Also, feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have about deadlines, applications, and qualifications for financial support.