Non Catholic Students in Catholic Schools: What's it Like?

St. Agnes Academy
Non-Catholics who attend Catholic schools say they experience a unique sense of community. Find out why families are considering placing their non Catholic students in Catholic schools.
Many parents often wonder if Catholic schools are a good fit for their non-Catholic children. Increasingly, statistics have shown that families choose Catholic schools to enroll their children for several reasons unrelated to faith.

According to the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA), one-fifth of Catholic secondary school students are not Catholic.

What factors lead families of other faiths to enroll in Catholic schools? Many say it is beyond academics, class size, and prestige. For example, the community, the values, and the positive, inclusive environment make students feel safe, comfortable, and confident to debate, learn, and be curious.

To really understand why non-Catholic families are drawn towards Catholic high schools, it is helpful to look at the opportunities a Catholic school, like St. Agnes Academy, offers a non-Catholic student. It’s also helpful to examine what it’s like for non-Catholic students in Catholic schools.

Insights Into Life for Non-Catholic Students in Catholic Schools

Take a look at this snapshot of the benefits of sending your child to a Catholic school.

Education Centered in Faith

The Catholic Church says that the proper function of Catholic schools “is to create a special atmosphere animated by the Gospel spirit of freedom and charity.”

A Catholic school offers students an education that focuses on learning and growing as a whole person by encouraging the exploration of spiritual beliefs and moral choices within the context of Catholicism, while honoring each student's spiritual autonomy.

Freedom to be Curious and Debate

Many students might say that one of the most significant advantages of being a non-Catholic student at a Catholic school is the open conversations that are encouraged in classes such as Theology.

At St. Agnes Academy, for example, the curriculum in many of the Theology classes is based on traditional Catholic teaching. Still, it incorporates many current topics, opening a discussion forum between students on issues like social justice.

Doing Good in the Community

Whether Catholic or non-Catholic, everyone can agree that volunteering or doing good in your community or other deserving communities is a positive experience.

Catholic school students regularly participate in some form of service or transformational experience that benefits those in need. While this may also be the case in many private, non-Catholic schools, many public school students may not have this opportunity to participate in service with their classmates.

Differences Enrich One’s Own Beliefs

Students of different faiths attend Catholic schools like St. Agnes Academy, and each of those different faiths is accepted, discussed, and respected. Acknowledging and understanding other students’ faith, diverse backgrounds, and spiritual practices enlightens all students and offers them all a more worldly perspective.

While St. Agnes Academy is proud and boldly Dominican Catholic, it is a place for all.

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