Where to Find the Top Girls Lacrosse Prep Schools in Houston

St. Agnes Academy
Looking for the best school to send your daughter for lacrosse? Take a look at our list of the top girls lacrosse prep schools in Houston. See why your child should try out for the St. Agnes lacrosse team!
Are you looking for a college preparatory high school for your middle-school-age daughter? Or could your current high schooler benefit from more athletic opportunities? There are many factors to consider when selecting a high school, but one factor that some parents might overlook is the school's athletics program.

Although athletics such as lacrosse might not seem critical when deciding where to send your child to school, these sports can offer your daughter a wide range of benefits. An exceptional athletics or lacrosse program can even help her prepare for college!

Looking at some of the top girls lacrosse prep schools in Houston might help you narrow your decision.

Explore the Top Girls Lacrosse Prep Schools in the Houston Area

St. Agnes Academy and other Houston area schools offer strong lacrosse programs. Let’s review the best local options.

St. Agnes Academy

One of the area's top girls lacrosse prep schools is right here at St. Agnes Academy. We place a high value on the importance of sports, with lacrosse as one of the 13 sports offered at our school.

We recognize the many benefits that interscholastic sports teams offer. We also seek to prepare our students for college and beyond by focusing on engaging students’ interests while offering a well-rounded curriculum.

The Village School

Located in Houston, The Village School strives to provide exceptional learning experiences, both in the classroom and on the athletics field. Their girls lacrosse team is dedicated to promoting teamwork while growing together.

Houston Christian High School

Like St. Agnes, Houston Christian High School blends faith and academics. They also have a strong history in athletics. Like other sports teams on campus, their top-ranked lacrosse team aims to promote physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart

Another excellent girls’ school in Houston, Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart offers 11 sports for their students, including lacrosse. Their high school-level teams often compete in state championships.

Benefits of High School Lacrosse

In addition to looking for the top lacrosse programs for your daughter, you may also want to know more about the benefits of continuing to support her athletic pursuits. Consider these great benefits of encouraging your child to stay committed to sports.

1. Physical Fitness

Sports are a fantastic way for students to challenge their minds and bodies. Lacrosse, for example, requires critical thinking skills and is a great way to become more physically fit. Physical fitness, in turn, can help students release stress, which often leads to better sleep, clearer minds, and healthier relationships.

Good physical fitness and regular exercise might even help your daughter better prepare for college. The way sports help students decompress while also engaging their mental focus and thinking skills can improve cognitive functions.

Team sports are also often an excellent self-esteem boost. These factors can lead to higher grades and an increased ability to focus on schoolwork.

2. Learn Teamwork and Gain Leadership Skills

When playing lacrosse, girls must work together toward the common goal of improving their gameplay. Sharing common goals can help students better understand teamwork and gain interpersonal skills.

Team sports can also often improve leadership skills. Teamwork and leadership skills pair well with the discipline, critical thinking, and cognitive focus demanded by team sports. Practicing these various skills can help your daughter achieve her high school and college goals.

3. Build a Community

Working together with other students toward a common goal can be an amazing bonding experience.

Students who participate in team sports such as lacrosse often build a community based on shared interests, and these friendships can often last for years – through high school and into college.

Learning how to create a healthy community can also help students understand how to form new connections and friendships when they walk onto a college campus.

Ready for Your Daughter to Participate in Tiger Athletics?

Studies show that playing a sport can help young people achieve better grades, reduce stress, and form lasting connections with their peers. If you’re seeking a college prep school with a strong girls' lacrosse program, consider St. Agnes Academy.

Our school offers a well-rounded athletics program, and students can participate in lacrosse or several other sports that might suit their interests and talents. St. Agnes sports teams, including the lacrosse team, have earned 112 State Championship titles, and we offer 13 sports that take place across three seasons during the school year.

Is your daughter ready to join one of the top girls lacrosse prep schools in Houston? The spring lacrosse season is right around the corner, so there’s no better time for your child to become involved in a sport she loves!

Visit the appropriate team page to contact our coaches about tryouts for the upcoming season:

Our coaches look forward to hearing from you regarding your daughter’s participation.