Seeking Tuition Assistance for Catholic Schools? We Can Help!

St. Agnes Academy
There’s no need to worry about affording Catholic school for your child. Learn about tuition assistance for Catholic schools offered at schools such as St. Agnes Academy.
Preparing for the change from middle to high school can be exciting and joyous but also somewhat stressful. Students are often nervous about entering a new school or taking more challenging classes, and parents might be concerned about tuition costs.

Catholic school education can help your daughter expand her mind, fulfill her dreams, and grow as a person. However, we recognize that this type of education can also be expensive. Fortunately, there are many options when it comes to tuition assistance for Catholic schools. 

Parents will often be able to find a solution that fits their needs, so let’s dive into your options.

How Does Tuition Assistance for Catholic Schools Work?

Financial aid application processes vary based on the individual school but may have similar criteria and determining factors.

St. Agnes Academy is dedicated to supporting students who meet our admissions criteria but require financial assistance. We understand that the cost of tuition can sometimes be overwhelming, which is why we encourage families to apply for financial aid.

We firmly believe that students, particularly those currently attending middle schools that feed into St. Agnes, should never feel deterred from applying to or attending our school due to financial reasons.

Our Process for Determining Financial Aid Need

Financial aid applications are reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee, which strives to remain impartial and fair at all times. These decisions are made separately from admissions decisions, and the Financial Aid Committee does not have any influence regarding the school acceptance decision.

School acceptance decisions are made before any financial assistance decisions. St. Agnes does not offer student scholarship programs for exceptional academic, sports, or extracurricular achievements but instead provides aid based solely on financial need.

Our tuition assistance programs include full and partial financial aid solutions, so families can select the program that works for them. These programs cover tuition as well as the cost of the freshman laptop purchase.

In general, families can expect financial aid to continue throughout the student’s time at St. Agnes. However, each grant is offered for one year and will be renewed based on need. Therefore, grants may change if families experience a financial shift from year to year.

Students and their families applying for tuition assistance are usually asked to demonstrate their commitment to St. Agnes and their child’s success at the school in other ways. For example, families often volunteer to lead groups or support extracurricular activities. Students should also strongly strive to demonstrate a positive attitude and outlook in their school life.

How to Apply for Financial Aid at St. Agnes

All families seeking tuition assistance should apply for financial aid as soon as possible before our application deadlines so as not to be left out of any aid decisions. Families are encouraged to apply for aid before learning whether their daughter has been accepted.

Applying for St. Agnes as a 9th Grader

If your daughter is a middle school student who hasn’t yet chosen a high school, she can apply to St. Agnes as a 9th grader. Here are our requirements:

  • Middle school students must complete an online application.
  • We also require teacher recommendations from your child’s current math and English teachers.
  • We ask students to provide their final report card grades from the previous two grades and the first semester of 8th grade.
  • Students applying as incoming 9th graders will need to complete the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE). We will review up to two ISEE results.

Use Our Tuition Assistance for Catholic School Education

If you’re concerned about school tuition or have questions regarding tuition assistance programs, don’t hesitate to contact our Tuition Assistance department.

Moving from middle to high school should be an exciting and fulfilling experience for both students and parents. Concerns about tuition should never cloud that important life step. The Admissions department at St. Agnes is always happy to help!

Reach out to us for support walking through tuition assistance for Catholic schools such as St. Agnes.