How We Excel at Young Women's College Prep

St. Agnes Academy
Parents, do you want to ensure that your daughter is ready for college? Learn how our Catholic school stands out when it comes to young women's college prep.
The journey from high school to college is one of the most crucial parts of a young woman's life. Although this step should be thrilling, it can sometimes feel uncertain or nerve-wracking for both the student and her parents.

Ensuring your daughter is fully prepared for college can make the transition much smoother and less stressful. Private school education can better prepare your daughter by guaranteeing her access to all the learning tools and support she needs.

We understand you have many options to send your daughter to high school so she can be ready for higher education pursuits. Learn more about what differentiates St. Agnes Academy when it comes to young women's college prep.

What Stands Out About Our Young Women's College Prep?

From academics to growth opportunities outside the classroom, we offer a well-rounded educational program that ensures your daughter's college readiness.

1. Our Academic Approach

Catholic schools are well-known for their exceptional academic records. At St. Agnes, we strive to go above and beyond, providing a truly unique learning experience that sets us apart from other high schools.

We realize that young women in college will face many challenges, so we work to ensure that each St. Agnes student is ready to embrace the college experience fully. Our goal is to create future leaders and instill in each student a sense of humble confidence, strong ethics, and the importance of social justice.

St. Agnes bases its academic approach and young women's college prep on veritas, which is the Dominican motto that means truth.

  • Students at St. Agnes are encouraged to live in truth, exploring the subjects that fascinate them.
  • Teachers tailor each learning experience to the particular student.
  • Students are encouraged and challenged to delve deeper into subjects or ideas.

Our motto also ties into the importance of faith at St. Agnes. Students learn to deepen their faith and incorporate prayer into their daily lives. They are encouraged to live with joy and optimism while practicing compassion and recognizing their interconnectedness to the world around them.

2. An Exceptional Curriculum

An outstanding college preparatory school should provide not only a unique and effective approach to academics, but also a well-rounded, strong curriculum. St. Agnes does just that. Our curriculum includes core subjects that include:

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • English
  • History
  • World Languages
  • Theology

Students at St. Agnes are encouraged to tailor their academic focus to what interests them the most. While they must focus on certain core subject areas, girls are also offered a range of elective opportunities, which allows them to explore pathways in areas that include:

  • Theater
  • Music
  • Fine arts
  • Health
  • Technology
  • Other elective courses

Prior to graduation, students will need to complete 100 hours of community service with one organization. This service will need to be completed by the fall of their senior year.

To satisfy the requirements, students work directly with a person or group of persons in need and address a social justice issue, as St. Agnes prepares young women to preach with their lives. Through this experience, our students discover the principles of Catholic Social Teaching firsthand.

3. Opportunities Beyond the Classroom

St. Agnes recognizes that student support should not end when students exit the classroom.

- We offer a Wellness Center, which creates a safe, welcoming space for students to manage their academic and personal lives.

The Wellness Center gives students a chance to talk – either in individual sessions or small group meetings – in a confidential environment. The goal of the center is to help students learn better self-care habits, promote a balance between their school careers and personal lives, and feel supported.

We believe that with encouragement and support, students and their families can increase wellness in body, mind, and spirit. The result is young women who are mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually prepared for their junior and senior years, college applications, and the college experience.

- If students are concerned about their studying, time management, or organizational skills, they can also visit the Academics Services Center. This center helps students form better habits and devise strategies to achieve their goals.

- St. Agnes also offers several extracurricular activities, including sports, music, and theater, that can help students release stress, form lasting friendships, and increase their critical thinking, leadership, and interpersonal skills.

Not only do these activities boost college applications, but they can also help students feel more prepared for their college careers.

4. College Counseling

St. Agnes Academy has an exceptional graduation rate, and our students frequently continue on to excel at college and their future careers. We believe this is because we focus on supporting our students in their college endeavors.

Our College Counseling Center utilizes a philosophy based on collaboration, transparency, and open, age-appropriate conversations. Our counselors treat each student as an individual and work to find a program that fits her, whether that includes streamlining course registration, college planning, or assistance with college applications.

Use Our Young Women’s College Prep Resources

At St. Agnes Academy, we take young women's college prep seriously. This means ensuring that students are prepared in all ways for their college journeys.

We also strive to make sure that students and their families feel supported and confident regarding the next steps in life. Feel free to contact the College Counseling department for assistance tapping into everything that St. Agnes has to offer to prepare your child for college.