What Makes Our All Girls Academy the Right Fit For Your Daughter?

St. Agnes Academy
Curious about an all girls academy as an option for your child’s high school education? Get a glimpse into some of the top benefits, including academics, athletics, community, and more.
A common misconception when looking at high school options is that a private, all-girls high school will not have optionality for different types of students. Keep reading to understand how – no matter her interests – your daughter will find her place at an all girls academy like St. Agnes. 

A Place for Everyone at Our All Girls Academy

All high schools offer academics, arts, athletics, clubs, and some form of a community but to what extent? St. Agnes is known for its top-tier offerings in so many realms. Whether winning local, state, or national awards or sending students to college all over the globe, St. Agnes continuously ranks among the top private schools in Houston.

Read more for a quick overview of five major components that help make up a St. Agnes education.

1. Academics  

Thanks to a dedicated administration, strategic goals, and available funds, schools like St. Agnes have incredible opportunities in the classroom. We tailor our curriculum to the individual needs and learning styles of each young woman who steps onto our campus.

There are classes for learners at all levels to experience. From introductory classes to advanced placement and honors courses, your child will learn where her strengths are. 

St. Agnes students are encouraged to ask complex questions and develop a healthy curiosity about the world around them, thanks to the plentiful opportunities to learn and grow. There truly is something for everyone at St. Agnes. 

2. Athletics 

St. Agnes Academy values the physical, mental, and communal benefits of participating in athletics. Our coaches, administration, and medical staff are committed to keeping students safe and healthy as they prepare for their athletic seasons.

St. Agnes offers 13 different sports during three seasons and has more than 500 students involved in at least one of our 36 teams. To date, we hold 112 state titles in athletics and annually compete against some of the state's best private and public schools. 

3. Fine and Performing Arts 

Our students bring all areas of study into their work, curating their art shows, performing anything from Renaissance to Broadway, building imaginative stage sets, and writing compelling documentaries.

You might say we celebrate all our students as artists, each as a unique medium – from the theater to the dance studio, the art lab to the choir risers. Guided by our curiosity-driven, always encouraging teachers, each St. Agnes student finds and hones her ability to innovate, express herself, and explore. 

4. Clubs and Student-led Organizations 

Students in our unique clubs and organizations experience potential interests on a higher, more sophisticated level. Clubs like Diversity Club, Intersectional Feminism, E-Sports Club, and Future Medical Professionals host intriguing meetings with fascinating dialogue not readily available in a co-ed school.

5. Community

The friendships formed in the classroom or on the field carry students through their four years and beyond. No explanation is needed when referencing the "sisterhood" a student experiences in an all-girl school.

Developing students' psyches through in-class conversations, inspiring all-school assemblies, or even conversations in the hallways promotes engagement with others with similar interests. While no high school is immune to pop culture trends, an all-girl school allows students to form friendships based on more solid foundations.

Without many common distractions that may be present in a larger school setting, students encourage each other to do their best in the classroom and on the field or court. Through constructive dialogue, students learn how to communicate with their peers and form meaningful relationships that last a lifetime.

Consider St. Agnes Academy in Houston, TX

At St. Agnes, we provide our students with transformational experiences so our graduates can enter the world with integrity, joy, and a commitment to social justice. Every St. Agnes student, alumna, and her guardian(s) can name the advantages of attending an all-girl school without missing a beat.

We create a safe environment for learning so that students are comfortable asking questions, seeking knowledge, and celebrating life in a joyful, optimistic, and productive way. Our diverse student body comprises students from all educational, religious, and ethnic backgrounds.

Are you convinced? Learn more about our school's Admissions process. We are also readily available to discuss further the benefits of an all girls academy and how St. Agnes can support your child's future.