3 Catholic Prayers for Teens During the Advent Season

St. Agnes Academy
Look no further for three starter Catholic prayers for teens. Whether the first day of school, in need of some peace, or struggling with social media, there is a prayer for it all.
St. Agnes students are encouraged to pray, meditate, and reflect on their feelings and surroundings. Students learn that St. Dominic had nine ways of praying. No matter their religion or situation, students graduate from St. Agnes with an arsenal of ways to pray.

We encourage students to reflect on the three Catholic prayers for teens. Look below to see how they might help you or a loved one during this Lenten Season.

Catholic Prayers for Teens to Make Part of Their Routine

Review our list to find the prayer that fits your situation.

1. A Prayer for Peace

O Prince of Peace, I come to You, for my heart doesn't feel peaceful, and my world doesn't either. All around me, chaos swirls along with my emotions, and I'm trying to find my footing, trying to follow You. 

O Lord, I know that I have confused passive peacekeeping with active peacemaking. I have sought a false peace that doesn't ruffle feathers and avoids conflict instead of the true peace that comes in the shelter of Your wings. 

God, help me work for peace. Help me sow love instead of hate. May I be known by my love and by my willingness to show up and stand with those who are often unheard. May I use my voice to speak when something is wrong, or someone is hurt. I ask for a spirit of peace as I interact with the world and its people. Give me a spirit of humility so I may have compassion for those we don't understand. Give me a spirit of gentleness so that I may have mercy for myself. Give me a spirit of boldness so that I may love. 

I ask for Your peace that surpasses all understanding and that I would be emboldened enough to work for peace and humble enough to turn to You again and again. Amen. 

2. A Prayer for Social Media Consumption

O God of the galaxies, protect me from streams of temptation and from the lure of right now, for I know what I read and see and do online has lasting reverberations in who I am and who I will be.

Help me use the screens in front of me as tools of healing, not harm.
Give me wisdom to neither weaponize nor idolize technology but rather use it as a window to connect and energize for justice and for truth.
May technology be a gateway to spread messages of hope and not hate.
May technology bridge divides and sow reparations instead of disrepair.

Help me to have the discernment to know that seeing online is not always believing. Protect me from worlds of excess at my fingertips, and guard me against the ever-present lure of a glowing screen. Keep me from falling prey to online bullying. May I be neither the victim nor the perpetrator in these attacks, and shield me from the traps of comparison and the pressure to commodify myself, to contort into an image morphed by filters and smoke screens.

Help me to have the courage to be in the now instead of escaping into a false reality. When I have the option to sit with a friend, let me opt for that instead of a text. When I have the option to explore a city, let me opt for that instead of a video. When I have the option to read, let me opt for that instead of a movie. When I have the option to confront injustice, let me opt for that instead of a social media comment. Amen. 

3. A Prayer for the First Day of a New Semester

O God of new beginnings, I ask You to fill my heart with the joy of friends and my mind with the wonder of learning new things. 

Be with me as I embark on this new semester, give me courage to extend kindness to teachers, fellow students, and even myself. May I stand tall in who I am. Give me a heart to see the hurting and strength to show love in the hallways. Give me friends, but help me not to find my worth in others. 

God, I know each body and soul has a different way of learning. Help me find what helps me learn best in the ways You've uniquely wired me. Give me focus and eyes to see someone who could use a friend. May I learn how understanding history can change the future. And may I see how numbers can come together to make a difference in our world.

May I feel Your love as I walk the halls, and may You keep me safe and bring me safely home. May I rise to the challenges set in front of me, and may I never be too busy to bend down and help someone. Amen.

Prayers Come in Many Different Forms 

St. Agnes students quickly learn there is no "bad time" to pray. Before class, an important game, assembly, or when leaving campus at the end of the day, students are equipped to speak to God on their terms.

If the three Catholic prayers for teens above struck a chord with you, contact us to learn more about ways we encourage our students to pray daily.