The Dominican Values that Parents Should Know About Our School

The Dominican values of our school lead to compassionate, well-rounded young ladies. Learn about how we instill a sense of confidence in our students through our values.
Choosing the best high school for your daughter can seem daunting. Many aspects must be considered, including curriculum, athletics programs, and college preparedness. High school, however, isn’t only about grades. It’s also a crucial age during which core values are shaped and formed.

Selecting a high school, such as St. Agnes Academy, with strong Dominican values and tradition can help your daughter form connections, develop positive habits, and learn values she can carry throughout her life. Learn more about a few of the guiding lights of our school.

Dominican Values that Guide Our School

Is St. Agnes the right fit for your daughter? See if our values match the values you would like to see instilled in your child.


The Dominican motto and Latin word meaning truth, veritas, can be seen frequently around St. Agnes. The word and meaning infuse much of the educational pursuits at the school.

- Students are encouraged to live in truth, in both words and actions.

- Incorporating veritas into daily thoughts and actions can help students act with integrity, strengthen leadership skills, and form valuable connections. Ultimately, veritas helps build a foundation of honesty with other students.

Practicing Compassion While Exercising Justice

Students at St. Agnes will learn about the history of the Dominican order and some key beliefs the order has long held dear, including: 

  • Embracing diversity.
  • Acting as a champion for the underprivileged.

Students are asked to consider their interconnectedness with the Earth and society, which, in turn, leads to embracing positive practices and acting with compassion. Following this moral code can also help strengthen leadership skills and instill a sense of confidence and self-worth.

Community and Social Responsibilities

Traditional Dominican values often speak in support of both under-served communities and the planet Earth. Students at St. Agnes are encouraged to think about their place in society and what it means to celebrate life while offering productive services.

We ask students to consider their responsibilities to the planet, and students learn to think about how their actions and words will impact them, their futures, their peers, and the world around them.

Students often graduate from St. Agnes with a deep sense of social justice and a commitment to offering their time, energy, and knowledge to projects that help improve the world.

Daily Prayer

In high school and beyond, life can offer a range of challenges, but St. Agnes seeks to prepare young women by instilling a sense of confidence and hope.

- Students quickly learn the Dominican Blessing while witnessing Gospel values that can be relied on during difficult or stressful times.

- Students at St. Agnes are encouraged to incorporate daily prayer into their lives.

- Students are taught that a sense of comfort and joy can be found through prayer, truth, and a life dedicated to these values.

Life-Long Learning

St. Agnes offers a well-rounded curriculum. We encourage students to explore their own interests and curiosities through various core and elective classes.

Learning shouldn’t end after high school or college, though, and Dominican values help to instill in young women a life-long love of learning through the Dominican pillar of study. These values and the lessons they offer also help young ladies to ask questions and study issues with open-mindedness and a sense of intellectual curiosity.

St. Agnes students are equipped to become independent thinkers. The pursuit of truth, compassion, and social justice encourages our students to engage in critical thinking and employ problem-solving skills.

Learn More About Our School

At St. Agnes, we believe that following traditional Dominican values can lead to strong personal ethics and a life of joy, honesty, and productive curiosity. To learn more about the school’s Dominican heritage and the morals we teach, please review this information on our website.

Parents and students should also feel free to schedule a campus visit to learn more about our school. We look forward to sharing more about how our Dominican tradition can be found in every aspect of our school.