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St. Agnes Academy
Considering a high school alternative for your daughter in Houston? Learn about Catholic schools nearby such as St. Agnes Academy. We offer a well-rounded educational program.
High school is a formative time in any student’s education and personal life, which makes the decision about where your child should attend high school a crucial selection.

When looking at schools, many families debate the merits of public vs. private schools. Although public schools offer basic education, private schools such as St. Agnes Academy provide a more thorough curriculum, diverse opportunities, and focused attention on each student.

Looking at each aspect of Catholic school education captures the many benefits of this educational choice for your child. And, if you’re in the Houston area looking for Catholic schools nearby, we can help answer questions about switching from a public to a private school.

Seeking Catholic Schools Nearby? Take a Peek Inside the St. Agnes Campus

St. Agnes takes pride in its traditional, safe, and ever-changing campus. Instead of a hectic public school campus, we are a welcoming place featuring both historical and more modern buildings.

Students at our all-girls school can enjoy the beautiful campus as they walk to classes, participate in sports, or spend time with friends. The school is also located adjacent to the all-boys Strake Jesuit College Preparatory, and students from both campuses often share classes or participate jointly in group activities.

Let’s dive into all that we have to offer your daughter.

Our Academics

At St. Agnes, our goal is to guide and prepare students for college and beyond. We offer a well-rounded curriculum focused on individual students and their unique interests and goals. 

The curriculum emphasizes core subjects, such as math, science, English, history, and theology, but also offers a range of elective class options. Students are encouraged to delve into the areas of study that pique their curiosity.

We also strive to make our classes engaging enough to challenge young minds. St. Agnes students develop sharp critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

Because of our smaller class sizes, students receive a much more personalized form of study. The classroom structure helps teachers and students work together to craft class schedules, plan projects, or open discussions tailored to each particular student.

Our Values

St. Agnes’s Catholic school education strives to distill traditional Dominican values that will serve our students throughout their lives.

  • Students are asked to live in truth and practice compassion.
  • We encourage our students to develop a sense of social justice by considering their part in society and nature.
  • Prayer is an important part of daily life.

To further prepare students for life after high school, St. Agnes also focuses on college preparedness. Students and their families can always work with the College Counseling Center to streamline course registration or form plans for studying and applying to college.

College counselors are available to discuss the ins and outs of college applications, test scores, and essay writing. They can also help students work on any areas that need more support.

Our Available Programs

Comparing public and Catholic school programs doesn’t stop at the school’s curriculum. Potential students and their families should also consider what other types of programs are offered, as St. Agnes seeks to help students delve deeply into their creative and athletic pursuits.

Art is a significant aspect of the education offered at St. Agnes. Students are encouraged to explore a variety of mediums, from dance and choir to painting and writing.

Creativity is often a way for students to challenge themselves, find answers to their questions, or express their emotions. St. Agnes offers a range of programs, including theatre, orchestra, band, graphic design, and photography, for students to choose from.

St. Agnes students are also often heavily involved in sports. St. Agnes has a thriving sports culture, where students can join one or more of our 13 sports teams or clubs. Students will positively benefit from participating in a sport:

  • Release stress.
  • Exercise their minds and bodies.
  • Develop exceptional communication, teamwork, and leadership skills.

A Day in the Life of a St. Agnes Student

When considering Catholic schools nearby, your daughter’s first thought might be to wonder how a typical day at that school would look.

- St. Agnes students begin their day with prayer before delving into their classes.

- During class, students will work both independently and with others to expand their minds, challenge their strengths and weaknesses, and discover what subjects spark the most interest in themselves. These intellectual discussions and the knowledge offered by our teachers often help young women discover their paths for the future.

- A regular schedule day includes an hour block in the morning called “Community Time.” During this hour students are free to schedule club meetings, tutoring sessions, meet with teachers, study, and more. 

- After school, students can partake in an artistic or athletic club offered by St. Agnes. Many students are part of several groups. And, through shared interests and common goals, students often form lasting friendships.

High school can sometimes be a challenging point in life, but St. Agnes students are always given the tools they need to meet that challenge with joy and determination.

Plan a Visit to Learn More About St. Agnes

If you’re looking for Catholic schools nearby or are assessing a private school option, consider the many benefits of St. Agnes. Our goal is to offer our students an advanced education while preparing them to step into college and their futures with optimism and self-assurance. 

St. Agnes students form bonds that last a lifetime, and our approach to education helps to instill curiosity and a permanent love of knowledge. To learn more about St. Agnes and how it compares to other schools in Houston, contact us to schedule a campus visit.