Top 10 Reasons to Choose Catholic Schools for Your Child

St. Agnes Academy
Looking for reasons to enroll your daughter at a Catholic school? Take a look at these top 10 reasons to choose Catholic schools such as St. Agnes Academy for your child’s education.
Have you been weighing options between public and private schools for your daughter? Although some public schools can offer a good education, we are confident that a private school education from a school like St. Agnes is a better option.

Private schools can give students more attention, access to a more robust curriculum, and a more positive overall high school experience.

Still, determining whether to move your daughter from a public to a Catholic high school is a weighty decision. There are many reasons for choosing a Catholic school, but to make the decision a bit easier, we have outlined the top 10 reasons to choose Catholic schools.

Why Send Your Child to a Catholic School?

We know you have options for your child’s education. Here are the best reasons to consider a Catholic school like St. Agnes Academy.

1. A Well-Rounded Curriculum

Catholic school students will quickly find that they have access to an incredibly well-rounded curriculum. At St. Agnes, for example, we offer several classes for each core subject, so students can choose where to focus their studies.

Students are also encouraged to challenge themselves, be curious, and ask and discuss tough questions to expand their understanding of the world around them.

2. A Variety of Extra-Curriculars

Learning doesn’t end after the last bell of the day rings. Catholic schools offer many extra-curricular activities that help students discover what they’re passionate about.

For example, St. Agnes Academy provides several arts, theater, music, and dance clubs.

3. A Strong Athletics Program

Athletics are also prioritized at private schools. Joining a sport or team can help young women gain confidence, develop exceptional leadership and teamwork skills, and increase their ability to focus, problem-solve, and think on their feet.

St. Agnes offers 13 sports, including softball, lacrosse, diving, golf, track and field, and soccer. Our students often compete against the best schools in the state, and we hold 112 state titles.

4. College Preparedness

A Catholic education focuses on academic excellence. College prep style classes are designed to engage, encourage, and challenge our students.

We also offer dedicated College Counseling to help students prepare for the next stage of their education with confidence. Our College Counseling department is readily available for juniors and seniors.

With the knowledge and support they’ve received from their school and families, Catholic school graduates are well-prepared to step into college and their future careers.

5. Prayer

Students who hold on to their Catholic identity will find they step into high school and the future with their heads held high.

At St. Agnes, for example, students incorporate prayer into their daily lives, and the comforts prayer offers are often a true strength for students to rely on.

6. Community and Friendship

The Catholic faith is focused on building a strong community and lifting up other community members. Students of Catholic schools often form lasting friendships.

The young women at St. Agnes are also encouraged to consider their place in the community and the world outside of their geographical borders.

7. Emphasis on the Individual

Private schools are often smaller than public schools, so teachers and counselors can better focus on individual students.

  • Students are encouraged to seek out methods of learning that suit them.
  • Teachers often inspire students to pursue subjects that interest them.
  • Students are able to pursue projects or creative endeavors that advance their skills.

8. Building a Moral Framework

A Catholic school education helps students build a strong moral framework. St. Agnes students are encouraged to live their lives with compassion and joy while championing social justice. Students are also taught to act with honesty and integrity.

9. Preaching

Strong religious teaching and a reminder to always live in veritas – or truth – helps students demonstrate respect, empathy, and kindness. St. Agnes students learn to take decisive, compassionate action to bring about positive change.

10. Student Support

Whether talking with a wellness counselor to determine how to manage stress or walking through college application plans with a college counselor, students at Catholic schools such as St. Agnes always feel supported.

Inspired by the Top 10 Reasons to Choose Catholic Schools?

If you feel that our top 10 reasons to choose Catholic schools have touched on some of the key elements you want in your daughter’s high school, consider enrolling her at St. Agnes. 

We strive for excellence as one of the top Catholic schools in Houston, and we seek to empower young women with a thorough education, unshakeable confidence, and a joy for learning.

- Sophomore and junior year students can apply to our school by submitting an electronic application, their school records from the previous two grades, and two teacher recommendations.

- Students entering high school as 9th graders can also apply through our website.

For more information about enrolling your daughter at St. Agnes and what steps to take next, feel free to reach out to us anytime.