We Offer the Best Sports for Girls in Houston

St. Agnes Academy
Looking for the best sports for girls at the high school level? Find out about St. Agnes Athletics to find the sport that fits your daughter’s passion, interests, and skills!
Each young woman has specific strengths, interests, and goals. Many young women are passionate about sports or athletics, and encouraging a love of physical activity can often be incredibly beneficial for students.

At St. Agnes Academy, we offer our students a wealth of athletic options and provide a space that allows them to focus on their sports goals. The result is unmistakable:

  • Improved performance in the classroom.
  • Healthy social lives.
  • Readiness for the future – whether in athletics or outside of athletics.

We encourage parents to look into the benefits and opportunities of girls participating in high school sports and consider enrolling your daughter in our school, where they will be part of a highly supportive environment. Find out how you can help make a big difference in your daughter’s future by considering the best sports for girls.

Athletics as Part of a Well-Rounded Curriculum

St. Agnes offers a fantastic athletics program. Our Tiger teams have earned 112 state titles, and we often compete against the top high school teams in Texas. The benefits of participating in sports far exceed championships and awards, however.

  • Girls who play sports often develop essential critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership skills.
  • Team sports provide a new way for students to make friends and learn to support their peers.
  • Physical activity helps young women stay healthy and release stress.
  • Students who frequently participate in exercise often sleep better, leading to better study habits, increased focus, and better grades.

St. Agnes offers 13 sports across three seasons. There are 36 teams, so students can choose the sport that suits them, and they can rest assured that they’ll receive the attention and personal coaching they need to reach their athletic goals.

Fall Sports

Cross Country

Cross country requires focus and discipline. Young girls who take part in cross country increase both their mental and physical fitness and stamina. The sport offers an excellent opportunity for students to enjoy a team experience without playing a team sport.

Field Hockey

A fast-paced sport, field hockey relies on exceptional teamwork and the ability to make quick decisions. Through field hockey, students can sharpen their problem-solving skills, and this can have a positive impact on schoolwork or other extracurricular activities.


Volleyball is an excellent opportunity for young women to enjoy a group activity with peers who share their interests. The sport helps to hone leadership and teamwork skills.

Water Polo

Water polo isn’t a typical high school sport, but at St. Agnes, we’ve found that it’s one of the more popular sports for young women. Through water polo, students build strong muscles and healthy bodies while working with teammates to achieve a common goal.

Winter Sports


Basketball is one of the most beloved and traditional sports available at St. Agnes. Students who participate on a basketball team improve their cardiovascular strength while increasing stamina. Basketball also helps to improve eye-hand coordination, which can aid in other pursuits, such as music or art.


Young women engaged in diving will polish their minds and bodies to achieve graceful movements and the ideal diving form. Diving requires determination, focus, and self-discipline, all skills that can be transferred to studying or any other goal.


Another of the most popular sports for girls to play, soccer is exciting and allows young women to work off stress or anxiety through exercise. The game also relies heavily on the joint efforts of a small, close-knit team, so students often develop exceptional supportive teamwork skills.


Swimming offers a balance between a team and a solo sport. Students can achieve goals in a solo manner, which can help them gain self-confidence and increase self-esteem. Teamwork and social skills still play a role, however, as the swim team practices, travels, and competes together. The sport also asks for strength, dedication, and focus.

Spring Sports


Golf allows students to enjoy fresh air, spend time with friends, and refine crucial skills. The game demands focus, concentration, and effort. Students who play golf often transfer the self-discipline they’ve learned from the game to their other scholastic and artistic pursuits.


A sport with a long history, lacrosse is a fantastic activity for girls. It fosters teamwork, leadership, and critical thinking skills. It’s also fast-paced and physically demanding, making it an excellent option for young women who need an outlet for their energy.


Softball asks students to test their endurance and physical fitness in a range of unique ways. The sport requires stamina, speed, physical fitness, and excellent eye-hand coordination. These skills can be perfected through practice and competition on the softball diamond.


Tennis players are always ready to react in this exhilarating sport. Students who play tennis will increase their stamina, overall fitness, and eye-hand coordination. They’ll also utilize sharp thinking and problem-solving skills, making informed snap decisions on the court.

Track & Field

Track & field events, such as sprinting, long jump, and pole vaulting, allow students to push themselves in various ways. Each sport requires discipline, willpower, control, and quick thinking and planning skills.

The Best Sports for Girls are Right Here at St. Agnes

If your daughter enjoys participating in sports or athletics, or if you feel that she would benefit from sports, please review our Athletics page to learn more about our sports, coaches, and schedules.

Feel free to contact our coaches to learn more about any sports your daughter might be interested in or to get an overview of the best sports for girls. Our coaches can offer more information about each individual sport and are happy to provide further details on how students can participate.

We ask that our athletes follow a strict sportsmanship code of conduct to play sports at St. Agnes. The policy reflects our mission and ensures that we develop well-rounded student athletes.

We are confident that your daughter will thrive with access to our exceptional athletics programs that will help her excel in and out of the classroom.