Where to Find a Young Women's Preparatory Network in Houston

St. Agnes Academy
St. Agnes Academy boasts a fantastic alumni network to connect past and current students. If you are looking for a young women’s preparatory network, find out about our program.
Private high schools that focus on preparing students for college offer students many benefits and opportunities. From a personalized learning experience to exceptional extracurricular activities to supportive college planning, there are several reasons to choose a college preparatory school for your daughter.

Another advantage is that prep schools offer excellent networking opportunities, both during high school and later in life. If you want to find a young women's preparatory network for your daughter, you can tap into the resources afforded by St. Agnes Academy. At our school, students will find that they can flourish and grow as part of our alumnae network.

Why St. Agnes for a Young Women's Preparatory Network

Learn more about how we invest in our student body by intentionally creating connections between current and past students.

A Legacy of Success

At St. Agnes, our goal is to prepare students for their futures, which include college and beyond. We look at high school as the starting point to launch students into future success for the remainder of their lives, which is why many graduates return to St. Agnes to give back to the next generation of students.

Curriculum + More

Our alumnae are engaged because we provide students with a thorough education and a well-rounded curriculum. Students are encouraged to follow their curiosity, and learning plans are often tailored to fit their unique goals and interests.

We also offer several extracurricular options, including art, sports, theater, languages, and music. Plus our college counseling center helps students reach their university and career goals by selecting the best classes, strengthening essay and test-taking skills, and offering support for studying and applications.

These aspects of our education system help to ensure that young women can apply to any college or university they like, and acceptance into these prestigious schools is quite attainable.

Students at St. Agnes also benefit from the all-girls school environment, as there are fewer distractions. Both students and teachers focus on expanding minds, growing, and fostering a sense of independence, creativity, and confidence.

Post-School Success

After college or university, St. Agnes alumnae often go on to have incredibly successful careers. Our former students grow into inspiring women who seek to instigate positive change in their communities and the larger world.

Our alumnae include journalists, actresses, musicians, authors, archeologists, chefs, and even Academy Award winners. Through our alumnae network programs, students at St. Agnes can learn from graduates, draw on their experiences, and form lasting connections.

Whether gleaning inspiration and knowledge from a former student, connecting with peers, or delving into the areas that excite their minds, students at St. Agnes flourish in their academic, artistic, athletic, and social pursuits.

Because of the nurturing environment and support from staff and both current and former students, this success continues into college. After college, students often go on to do amazing things, and St. Agnes is proud of the legacy of veritas, social justice, and compassion that our students continue to bring forth into the world.

Our Alumnae Board and Young Professionals Organization

St. Agnes’s Alumnae Association consists of more than 9,000 academy graduates. Current students, alumnae, and parents can connect with our young women's preparatory network and St. Agnes alumnae in several ways.

Founded in 1995, the St. Agnes Academy Alumnae Board helps advance relationships between alumnae while encouraging alumnae to stay connected to the school and its mission. The board meets four times a year and volunteers for several school events. Attending one of these events is often the perfect way for students to meet alumnae.

Another option for connecting with past graduates is to get in touch with the St. Agnes Young Professionals Organization (SAYPO). Members of the organization frequently volunteer at St. Agnes events. The organization, which was founded in 2015, seeks to create leadership opportunities for young women while fostering personal and professional growth.

Professional Networking

After they graduate from high school, St. Agnes students will also have many opportunities for professional networking. St. Agnes alumna can be found on LinkedIn on the St. Agnes Academy Alumnae – Houston, TX network.

This network allows alumnae to create professional connections, browse through job opportunities, and focus the direction of their careers with the help of their peers. Students, parents, and graduates can also log in to the school’s database to view a searchable alumnae directory.

Additionally, all alumnae are invited to the annual “Co-ed Young Alumni Happy Hour” in Houston. We partner with six other Catholic high schools to visit with old friends and meet some new ones!

Career Q&A Sessions

Does your daughter have specific interests or career aspirations? We regularly host a Career Day where students can attend a Q&A session to ask questions about numerous types of industries and jobs.

By hearing from individuals who have gone on to succeed in their chosen field, your daughter will be encouraged, uplifted, and excited about her future prospects upon graduating from St. Agnes.

Be Part of Something That Will Make a Lasting Difference

St. Agnes Academy supports its students, encouraging young women to step into the world with joy and confidence. That support doesn’t end when a young woman graduates high school. 

Current and graduate students are encouraged to participate in our young women's preparatory network, meet with students at other schools, gain knowledge and insight from alumnae, and, in the future, support the next wave of students.

If you feel this type of alumni network is the right step for your daughter’s future, visit our Admissions page. Incoming freshmen will find all of the information they need to complete their application.

We’re also happy to answer any other questions about our preparatory network, incoming applicants, or the school in general. Students and parents are encouraged to reach out to the school for any further information.