The Best Scholarships in Texas for Catholic School Students

St. Agnes Academy
Finding the best scholarships in Texas might feel like finding a needle in a haystack but don’t worry. Our list of local colleges and universities will direct you on the right path!
Do not let the stress and overwhelming amount of opportunities deter you from applying for university scholarships or grants from local schools in Texas. Sometimes all it takes is blocking time on Sunday mornings to sit down and apply for several scholarships each week.

While the tediousness of completing each application may wear on you, the reward will make it worth your time. After all, students graduating from Catholic schools are familiar with the time management and writing skills necessary to submit special applications.

Keep in mind Texas holds the second largest population by state; there are just as many scholarship opportunities available comparable to the state size. Review the resources below to help find some of the best scholarships in Texas and plan to apply today!

Our List of the Best Scholarships in Texas

Sometimes the most challenging part of applying for scholarships is getting started. Explore the below categories to decide which list you should dig into first. 

Private University Scholarships

The Office of Financial Aid at Rice University maps out the different types of "gift aid," such as grants and merit scholarships available through the university. Merit-based scholarships are awarded to writers, entrepreneurs, political or community service leaders, and many more! 

Something helpful to note is that "all admitted freshman applicants are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships so that no separate application forms or interviews are necessary." Students are notified of scholarship awards at the time of admission.

In efforts to attract more students, this private university mentions that "very few students pay the full tuition sticker price" on their scholarships and financial aid page online.

Fortunately for incoming first-year students, applicants who submit their completed admissions file after the first of February are considered in the pool for merit-based scholarships. Even better, renewal is contingent upon maintaining a cumulate GPA of 3.0 or higher!

Southern Methodist University (SMU) provides a list of scholarships based on academics, departments, methodist affiliations, and more online. While many students graduating from Catholic high schools are of the Catholic faith, some are not.

The United Methodist Scholarships is open to those who are active members of the United Methodist Church, helpful to the five percent of students in the St. Agnes student body.* 

*In a three-year average taken in the 2022-2023 school year, 5.9% of St. Agnes students were of the Methodist faith!

There are two opportunities to apply for scholarships at Texas Christian University - the General Scholarship Application and the Application for Additional Scholarships.

Numerous merit-based and need-based scholarships are awarded each academic year through the generosity of alums and private donors. Awards are given based on varying factors, including academic success, donor-stipulated criteria, and financial need. 

The University of St. Thomas is committed to creating an affordable plan for its potential and current students to direct their focus on their education. More than 85% of the first-year class receive a University of St. Thomas scholarship upon enrollment. The university's efforts are said to make a surprisingly affordable private college education. 

Public University Scholarships

With over 3,000 scholarships from the University of Texas available to incoming and current students, there are plenty of applications.

The University of Texas aims to make attending their school affordable for all students. Many of the colleges within the school award their scholarships to both incoming and current students.

The Scholarships & Financial Aid offices at Texas A&M University have done the work for you by breaking down scholarships depending on the degree level you are enrolled to receive and even further into grade level and scholarship programs.

Still trying to figure out where you want to get involved once on campus? Visit their website to read more about the various organization Texas A&M has available and the specific grants and scholarships that may be associated with each!

The University of Houston has a unique portal called "Scholarship Universe" available to current and new students to make for an easier search and application process for both the University of Houston and external scholarships! This tool can match students with individual scholarships they might already qualify for. 

Scholarships are abundant at Texas Tech University. This college offers merit and competitive-based scholarships to new and current students each year in addition to academic colleges and departments, which also provide awards for athletics, band, chorus, and fine arts. 

Texas Tech also advertises a summer scholarship program to assist those who enroll in courses over the summer semester(s). 

The University of North Texas Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships website breaks down scholarship opportunities into categories for freshmen, continuing students, transfer students, international students, and graduate students.

The university awards thousands of scholarships each year based on various factors such as quality of application, academics, art, athletics, and so much more. 

The "Bobcat Online Scholarship System" is unique to Texas State University in providing information on all department and college scholarships. The university's online system also includes instructions, application tips, and frequently asked questions to assist those interested in applying.  

Miscellaneous State of Texas Scholarships

The Texas Higher Education Coordination Board manages the College for All Texans webpage. The Coordinating Board works to promote access to and success in higher education across the state of Texas.

The organization believes that quality education without access is unacceptable. College for All Texans' webpage lists state and federal grants and scholarships available to students attending Texas colleges and universities.

Take time navigating through the College for All Texans website, as it has many resources beyond scholarships and grants for those looking to attend a Texas college. 

What better resource than the CFO of the state? The Texas Comptroller does more than collect taxes and forecast state revenue. On top of managing the state's financials, the comptroller handles many programs such as energy conservation, natural resources, and educational opportunities such as scholarships and grants. 

Access Scholarships shares updated lists of the "best Texas scholarships" awarded from private organizations and varying institutions. Access Scholarships realizes how difficult it can be to find the best scholarships to apply for and offers an extensive network of resources to walk students through the process.

Start Your College Scholarship Search by Enrolling at St. Agnes! 

Thanks to the generosity of donors, alumnae, universities, and organizations, students are now more able to receive financial support than ever. Find where you feel most confident in your abilities and run with it! Showcase your talents and take this as an opportunity to brag about yourself unabashedly.

College counselors can talk you through finding the best scholarships in Texas. Schools like St. Agnes have unique resources to assist their students in applying for colleges and scholarships. 

Talk to someone in the college counseling department today to see how attending St. Agnes might help you in the long run regarding college applications!