Benefits of Scholarships for Catholic High Schools in Houston

St. Agnes Academy
Help your child tap into the opportunity to receive an excellent private school education. Learn about the value of scholarships for Catholic high schools.
Enrolling in or switching to a private high school can be a big decision. High school students who attend a private school are often exposed to a complete curriculum, a comprehensive range of extracurricular activities, and more support to excel in their school career and further their education.

Private schools do not receive any public funding, so they can be expensive for students to attend. Fortunately, there are many scholarships for Catholic high schools that students and families can explore. Please take a look at the following information to help you decide on the best schooling option for your child.

Benefits of Private School vs. Public School

Before deciding whether looking into Catholic high school scholarships is the right option for your daughter, it’s important to consider what private Catholic schools can offer that public schools can’t.

Educational Benefits

Although many public schools provide a solid education, private schools make a deeper commitment to each student by focusing on the person as a whole, their interests, and their goals for the future.

Students attending private schools are exposed to a much broader, more well-rounded curriculum, plus a more diverse range of extracurricular activities, including music, theater, art programs, and seasonal sports.

Favorable Class Size

Thanks to smaller class sizes, students are offered more attention, and teachers aim to guide students toward learning objectives, projects, and research that spark their passions. Students often discover previously unexplored interests, which can help students choose a field of study for college – or even a future career – that suits them.

Being able to delve into areas that captivate them also gently encourages students to develop strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they seek to gain knowledge and answers.

The smaller size of most private schools also offers other benefits.

  • Students at private schools tend to be more close-knit.
  • Students form lasting friendships and connections that carry through to college and beyond.

This sense of belonging encourages students to support each other, boosts self-confidence, and allows students to develop their leadership, teamwork, and communication skills.

Furthering Their Education

Students in private schools are also encouraged to take everything they have learned and use it to further their education. From there, they can head into a fulfilling and fascinating career.

At most private schools, including St. Agnes Academy, students are provided with college counseling, which can include:

  • Identifying and strengthening weaknesses.
  • Help with filling out college applications.
  • Assistance in choosing classes.

In this way, receiving a scholarship to a Catholic high school can directly lead to attendance at an excellent college or university. Gaining a high school scholarship may even help students receive college scholarships.

Emphasis on Faith

A Catholic private high school offers a crucial element lacking in public schools – faith. Students at St. Agnes Academy are encouraged to live in truth (or veritas) and grow in their faith, as education and faith are closely entwined.

This method of learning helps students develop confidence and move forward with courage and excitement. A faith-based learning method also encourages a sense of social justice and engenders students with pride in their ability to serve their communities.

Available Opportunities for a Positive Educational Experience

There are many advantages to choosing a private education for your daughter. And the cost of education should not be a deterrent. Scholarships for Catholic high schools can help your child tap into the available benefits of private education.

Benefits of Applying for Scholarships

A scholarship can offer your daughter the opportunity to enjoy an exemplary private Catholic school education, but scholarships also have other, less obvious benefits.

For example, scholarships often help showcase a student’s talents. These talents, and the scholarship they achieved, can be placed on a college application or even resumes for internships or clubs.

Scholarships also provide opportunities for students to connect and become part of something larger. Many scholarships are offered through a scholarship program. A program like this might be tied to a specific group or based on an interest or field of study.

Students often stay firmly connected to the programs through which they were awarded a scholarship, and this connection can help promote future philanthropy.

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Scholarships and Financial Aid at St. Agnes

For the 2022-2023 school year, St. Agnes Academy awarded more than $1,900,000 in financial aid to our students. In total, aid or scholarships were provided to about 20% of our student body. 

Our financial programs include both full and partial tuition assistance, and other programs also provide for the cost of the freshman laptop purchase.

Our aid and scholarship opportunities are awarded based on a monetary need to ensure that no young woman is denied an excellent education due to the price of attendance.

Plus, our financial aid decisions are made entirely separately from admission decisions. This way, the decision to award financial aid has no influence over whether a student is accepted to the school.

If awarded aid, families can generally expect this aid to continue throughout a student’s high school career, but if your family’s financial situation changes during your child’s time at St. Agnes, the amount of aid offered may also change.

Tap Into the Benefits of Scholarships for Catholic High Schools

Thanks to available Catholic high school scholarships and financial aid, there are many options for covering the cost of an excellent private school education.

At St. Agnes, our goal is to see each student receive the best Catholic education possible, regardless of their financial status.

For more information about our financial aid and scholarship programs, feel free to review the St. Agnes tuition and scholarship information on our website. You can also schedule a campus tour to learn more about everything that St. Agnes has to offer.