Why Send Your Daughter to an All Girls School in Houston?

St. Agnes Academy
Ready to send your daughter to a Catholic high school? Learn about the benefits of an all girls school Houston parents can select from to support their daughter’s education.
Parents know that it can be difficult to make the right educational choices for their daughter, including where she will attend high school. Catholic schools offer a unique learning experience, blending faith and education and tying Gospel values into each lesson.

An all girls school takes that education a step further, offering a safe, welcoming environment, free from distractions, where young women can blossom to their full potential.

St. Agnes Academy is a premier all girls school Houston parents can select from. We believe that each student should have the opportunity to learn and grow in an entirely supportive, engaging, and comfortable setting.

Why St. Agnes for Houston Students?

Learn more about why we recommend our single-gender educational environment for your child.

An Unparalleled Curriculum

At a private, all girls school, the mission of the teachers and school staff is to concentrate on each aspect of a student’s education.

Students are offered a diverse curriculum and can choose from a range of classes and class levels they may not have access to at public schools. Each class is carefully formulated to help students grow through various exercises:

  • Challenge and engage students
  • Ask them to make discoveries
  • Answer questions that intrigue them
  • Follow pathways that lead to new passions

A Focus on Students

Private schools offer other advantages over public schools, and one of the most important benefits is focusing on students as individuals.

Because an all girls school like St. Agnes is smaller, teachers can spend more one-on-one time with each student. Students feel more supported, and if they struggle in any area, teachers can tap into various learning methods that work better for that student's particular learning style.

An all girls school also ensures that young women are the focus and can concentrate on their education without distractions.

A girls’ school ensures that girls are afforded every opportunity and that each lesson, club, or team is designed specifically with young women in mind. With the strong emphasis on women in leadership, academia, sports, and community it’s no surprise that St. Agnes students form meaningful friendships and lasting connections during their high school careers.

Because St. Agnes is so tightly knit, students often bond quickly and create friendships that last a lifetime. The young women attending St. Agnes are supportive of their peers and develop a strong commitment to their friends, school groups, teammates, and the wider community.

St. Agnes, like many girls' schools, also works closely with a nearby all boys school. We partner with Strake Jesuit, which shares many of the same values as our school.

St. Agnes and Strake Jesuit often share extracurricular activities, allowing students to form co-educational healthy, fun, and safe friendships in and out of school. St. Agnes and Strake students also have the opportunity to take some regular courses together, too, not just participate in extracurricular activities.

Extracurricular Activities for All Interests

Learning doesn’t stop in the classroom. Following other pursuits aside from the core curriculum can help broaden students’ horizons, offer new ideas, and encourage young women to dive into the areas that fascinate and excite them the most.

To cater to students’ interests and promote their overall growth and development, St. Agnes offers a plethora of extracurricular activity options. Students can join the Strake Jesuit and St. Agnes band, chorus, jazz ensemble, or orchestra if they’re interested in music.

Fine arts options include film, photography, painting, drawing, and other mediums. The Tiger Girls Dance Team is an award-winning team that helps generate school spirit and allows students to engage in several dance genres.

Students who enjoy the stage can audition for a part in a play or musical or work behind the scenes as part of the stage management or technical crew.

St. Agnes also offers several athletics options. We offer 13 sports, including cross country, diving, soccer, golf, lacrosse, softball, and water polo, over three seasons and across 36 teams. 

Students are encouraged to become active members of their groups or teams, which helps promote leadership, teamwork, and communication skills so that St. Agnes students can go forth into the world confidently, ready to make positive changes for their communities.

A Commitment to Faith and Social Justice

A private Catholic school offers even more opportunities for growth than a non-denominational girls’ or private school. Students at a Catholic high school carry their faith and the teachings of that faith with them throughout their lives.

For example, St. Agnes students incorporate truth, compassion, and social justice into their everyday thinking. They’re also provided a strong foundation of faith to rely on and incorporate prayer into their daily routines.

College Preparedness

The goal of most students at a private all girls school is to excel in their high school career and step forward into a successful college career to prepare for their adult lives. St. Agnes offers exceptional college prep advantages.

For example, students are encouraged to push themselves, challenge their ideas, and become creative so that they can think critically when they reach college age.

Students are also provided with college support from teachers and the college counseling center, which can help young women with every aspect of applying to and being accepted by their top college choices.

An All Girls School Houston Students Can Grow Through

If you’re looking for an all girls school in Houston, consider everything St. Agnes Academy offers. Parents of current middle school students can review enrollment information for incoming 9th graders to learn about the next steps for attendance.

You can also schedule a campus visit to explore our school and learn more about the many advantages and opportunities at St. Agnes!