Support Your Daughter with a College Application Essay Workshop

St. Agnes Academy
Not sure if a college application essay workshop is worth it? Find out more about the benefits, cost and timing. Read on for an overview to various workshops.
Standardized multiple-choice tests are black and white; there is no in-between. On the other hand, personal essays leave room for many gray areas in college applications.

The essay directly reflects a student's personality, plus a good judge of their writing skills. It never hurts to consult an expert when dealing with college applications.

The good news is there are endless opportunities to help your daughter feel like she is putting her best effort forward. Unlike standardized testing tutors and courses, a college application essay workshop can help even the best writers.

Understanding a College Application Essay Workshop

Refrain from letting budget or time constraints keep you from finding the best workshop for your child applying to college. Learn more about the opportunities available to help your student craft an essay that will make them proud.

How much will this cost?

Ask anyone going through the college application process - there is a fee for everything - taking a standardized test (SAT or ACT), submitting scores, submitting applications, copies of transcripts, tutors, and so much more!

Thankfully, writing workshops are available on both ends of the spectrum - free to higher-priced hourly fees for one-on-one sessions. Start your search for the best-fit essay workshop early to avoid unnecessary added stress.

How much time will my child need to commit? 

No matter how early or late you are in the application process, there is still hope! College application essay workshops are available for as little as 15 minutes (more as a review session) and as long as two months during the summer. Many students register for workshops with the intention of drafting, writing, and editing their courses over two short days. 

A silver lining from the COVID-19 pandemic is how adept young people are at learning online. If your child has a busy work, travel, or sports schedule, there are plenty of online opportunities to assist them with their essay writing.

Look on the events pages of potential schools your child might be interested in applying to, as they often have writing workshops and seminars to help potential students.

What is included? 

Depending on the workshop you find, your student will get varying degrees of assistance in their writing process.

  • 15-minute review sessions are great for those further along to review a more aged essay draft.
  • Longer sessions often provide ways to think about and convey one's strengths in a way that is engaging to the varying lenses college admissions boards use when reviewing applications.

Why is an essay workshop necessary? 

No matter how confident your student may feel, there is no harm in seeking additional assistance. Besides, an essay is a key determining factor in an applicant's packet.

Seek out college application writing workshops with trained professionals knowledgeable in college admittance processes and writing and grammar. These workshops are by no means a way to guarantee entry, but they certainly will help get your child one step closer to admittance to their dream school, even if that step is submitting an online essay.

Support Your Child with a College Application Essay Workshop

St. Agnes students represent a college preparatory curriculum, whether proven through test scores or writing skills. We encourage you to take the plunge and help jumpstart your child's college application essay writing today!

Additionally, St. Agnes college counselors are here to walk students through the college application process from start to finish. While students only sit down in one-on-one meetings after their first year, these counselors are here to answer any questions, no matter how early or delayed they may be.

Visit our college counseling webpage today to learn how St. Agnes college counselors can benefit your child. We look forward to helping you find a college application essay workshop to support your daughter’s future.