How to Teach Your Child About Dominican Spirituality

St. Agnes Academy
Dominican spirituality is embedded in everything we do at St. Agnes Academy. Learn how to teach your daughter about the core Dominican values to prepare her for success and growth.
As you contemplate where to send your middle schooler to high school, you’ll probably consider which schools have the best educational opportunities, sports programs, or extra-curricular selections.

These elements are incredibly important, but you may also want to think about how your daughter will be taught and what core values will be presented to her as she grows into a capable young woman.

St. Agnes Academy’s educational methods are firmly rooted in the Dominican tradition, ensuring that your daughter will not only have access to the best education but will also grow spiritually, preparing her for the next steps in life.

Find out more about Dominican spirituality that is embedded in our school so that you can teach your daughter more about what to expect at St. Agnes.

The Dominican Values to Teach Your Child

Learning has always been a crucial core value of Dominican life. Because of this, Dominican traditions often help to form a grounded, spiritual way of teaching and learning that offers much more than other education methods. Dominican tradition follows a simple mission that includes:

  • Seeking truth.
  • Pursuing contemplation and expanding the mind.
  • Seeing God in all things.
  • Practicing compassion.

Dominican values – and, therefore, a Dominican education – are also centered around four key elements. These elements include:

  • Study
  • Prayer
  • Community
  • Preaching

At St. Agnes, we make each element a key part of our teaching methods and our students’ daily lives. We believe incorporating Dominican spirituality into our students’ days can help elevate their spirits, encourage them to find new paths, think and grow in unexpected ways, and forge ahead in life with confidence and kindness.

Learn more about these core elements to share with your child as you consider her educational future.

The Search for Truth (or Veritas)

The search for truth is perhaps the most important value of the Dominican order. Truth, also known as verity, has become our motto at St. Agnes.

We were founded in 1905 by Mother Pauline Gannon, O.P., Prioress of the Dominican Sisters of Houston, Texas. Since our founding, our educators and students have embraced their curiosity and love of learning as they pursue a life lived in truth.

Students are encouraged to seek answers to their questions, whether those questions stem from classroom discussions, time spent with friends, or pursuing one of our many extra-curricular activities. Students also have the freedom to pursue courses or projects that speak to their interests, finding the truth in their own lives about what sparks excitement in them.

Living with Joy

Our goal at St. Agnes is to foster joy in the hearts of our students. Each student who graduates from St. Agnes is ready to face the next steps in life with excitement and confidence. Although we challenge each student with a well-rounded and thorough education, we also offer support and strive to inspire each young woman.

Students are also encouraged to express themselves and their joy through various extra-curricular activities, whether they take part in a sport or engage in painting, drawing, music, dance, or another creative endeavor.

Embracing Spiritual Values

Prayer is an essential aspect of the Dominican tradition. We focus on prayer and spirituality each day at St. Agnes.

Each Thursday during Community Time, students are encouraged to celebrate Mass. During this time, students will delve into the teachings of Jesus Christ and the lessons of kindness and compassion offered by the Mother of God. St. Agnes also celebrates each Holy Day of Obligation and the Feasts celebrating our Dominican Heritage.

Students also make prayer a part of their daily life. Even after high school, they can rely on their Dominican spirituality as a source of comfort and peace.

Engaging in Social Justice

St. Agnes students have a firm commitment to social justice. They know that Dominicans share what they have, and they understand that helping those who are less fortunate is one of the most important acts they can partake in.

St. Agnes students fight for what’s right, preach the good news, and inspire others through their words and deeds to act with compassion and honor.

A Sense of Community

Students at St. Agnes are asked to consider their interconnectedness with Earth and their communities, including:

  • Immediate family
  • School community
  • Church community
  • Community of their neighborhood, city, or state
  • Wider global community

By thinking of themselves as a part of something greater, students make choices that benefit the greater good. Students who feel an interconnectedness with nature and the people around them also work to serve the Church by acting with kindness, giving to others, respecting themselves, and carrying forth Dominican teachings and values.

Learn More About Dominican Spirituality for Your Daughter

As your daughter prepares to enter a new season in high school, it’s important to set herself up for success on her educational journey.

If you hope to send her to a school that will encourage her creativity and curiosity, challenge her intellectually, and help her grow in her religious life, consider everything St. Agnes Academy offers.

Find out more information about St. Agnes’ Dominican tradition. You can also schedule a campus visit with your middle schooler to get an even better feel for the school, our values, and Dominican spirituality.