How We Prepare Students to be Catholic Social Justice Advocates

St. Agnes Academy
A school that encourages students to be bold, Catholic social justice advocates do exist! We place a high priority on educating students on the value of social justice and the importance of speaking truth (veritas). Read how St. Agnes prepares graduates to make this world better.
At St. Agnes Academy, our students receive more than just a top college preparatory education; they are equipped with the knowledge and opportunities to commit to social justice and make a difference in the world.
Suppose you are considering a Catholic education for your child at St. Agnes Academy. In that case, you may want to know what that means for them to be Catholic social justice advocates in and beyond the classroom.

The Importance of Developing Catholic Social Justice Advocates

We place a high priority on educating our students on the value of social justice. Working for social justice is integral to our educational philosophy and mission. It is fundamental to our school community and Catholicism.
Through study, retreats, prayer experiences, service projects, and other celebrations of our Dominican Heritage, we seek to build a strong community of faith within the halls of SAA, igniting a passion for the love of God and neighbor that can be carried forward after graduation.


From the beginning of the second semester of a student’s junior year through the fall of her senior year, a St. Agnes student is required to complete 100 hours of community service with one organization.

Students are to work directly with a person or group of individuals in need to address and stand for a social issue close to them. Through this experience, our students discover the principles of Catholic Social Teaching firsthand.

In conjunction with this preparation and the Dominican Tradition, St. Agnes juniors answer the call to follow Christ's example as servant leaders.


The theology curriculum identifies and reinforces these critical components of Christian living all four years through classes in Scripture, Catholicism, Morality/Social Justice, and an electives program in the senior year that allows students to concentrate on particular areas of Christian living.

As a Dominican school, we fulfill our mission to its fullest when we directly face the complicated issues and questions of social justice. Our teachers are encouraged to challenge students to critical thought, conversation, and compassionate understanding of the lives of those who live differently from them, especially those who have fewer advantages.
Social justice learning, however, is wider than the theology department. Students learn about and serve the marginalized and disenfranchised through clubs and school-wide efforts. The theology curriculum, liturgical celebrations, and prayer services provide a foundation for other actions, including:

  • School-wide community service day
  • Diversity Week activities
  • Junior community service requirement
  • School assemblies on current events and issues
  • Numerous clubs devoted to social concerns
  • Various conferences, such as the People of Color Conference


- During a student’s sophomore year, they attend a two-day, one-night retreat focusing on the Dominican Pillar of Study. Sophomores spend time immersed in service throughout the Houston area. Encountering need in our community leads the students to question and grapple with the reality of our world today, hopefully ultimately asking, "How can I make the world a better place as a person of faith?"
In a student’s final year at SAA, they participate in a three-day, two-night final retreat traditionally focused on the Dominican Pillar of Preaching. Students have one last chance to bond with their classmates, renew their relationship with God, and remember how much they are loved before moving on to the next step of their lives.
The retreat encourages each student to consider how she will continue preaching the Gospel with her words and life. Upon graduation, an Academy woman will embrace positive practices, confidently assume personal leadership and responsibility, and act with integrity and compassion.
- St. Agnes Academy is dedicated to educating young women to become informed, vital members of society, working to advance Jesus’ mission of love in our world. We are affirmed in this endeavor by the U.S. bishops:
“Catholic education is one of the most important forums for sharing and demonstrating our Church’s commitment to human dignity and social justice. Catholic educators and catechists can best share this message of hope and challenge for the future. We support and encourage them in this holy work.”

Learn More About Our School

At St. Agnes, we believe following traditional Dominican values can lead to strong personal ethics and a life of joy, honesty, and productive curiosity. To learn more about the school’s Dominican heritage and the morals we teach, please review this information on our website.
Parents and students should also feel free to schedule a campus visit to learn more about our school. We look forward to sharing more about how our Dominican tradition can be found in every aspect of our school, including shaping Catholic social justice advocates to make a positive impact on the world around them.