How to Decide Between Two Colleges that Accepted You

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It can be challenging knowing where to go to college. When multiple colleges accept you, it’s even harder knowing how to decide between two colleges. Use our guide to help decide!
As you prepare to transition from high school to college and acceptance letters begin to come in, there’s no better feeling than being accepted to two or more of your top college or university choices. Knowing how to decide between two colleges can be stressful, though, as the choice is an important one that can alter your future.

It’s important to consider the pros and cons of each college and how those factors can affect your future goals. Find out more about how you can make an informed decision about your college future!

Our Guide to How to Decide Between Two Colleges

From academics to faith, there are many factors to consider when narrowing down your college choices. Take a look at these categories.


When choosing between two colleges, what each college offers academically is, of course, one of the most crucial factors to consider.

Your college years will offer many new learning experiences, including social and life skills experiences. Still, the ultimate goal of attending college is to gain the knowledge and skills you need to propel your future career forward.

Look at the programs at each college to find which one suits your interests and goals the most. Consider the average class size or student-to-professor ratio for the college. For example, smaller class sizes are often a better option, as students can work more closely with their teachers.

It would help if you also talked to current members of the student body to explore what they think of the curriculum, the teachers, and how the college works to deliver knowledge.


For many students, athletic opportunities are almost as important as academics. Sports can help you make friends, as you’ll share a common interest with your teammates. They’re also a fantastic way to release stress and unwind after a day of classes.

Many college students want to pursue a particular sport professionally, so choosing a college with a strong athletics program is essential. Look at what each school offers in your chosen sport, and consider their coaches and how their teams are ranked as you decide which school to attend.

Athletics programs and the sports offered at a college can also affect your financial aid options. Some colleges award scholarships or other monetary aid to students who excel in a particular sport.

And, if you just want to play sports casually while in college, take a look at the intramural programs offered at each college you’re considering. See if they offer competitive recreational sports leagues in the sports that you enjoy playing.


Location is an often overlooked factor in deciding between colleges. You’ll need to determine whether you want to go to a local college or spread your wings and adventure out on your own.

At a local college in Texas, you could live at home or head home on the weekends to spend time with your family. But, colleges further away offer a sense of independence. Which is the right choice for you? It often depends on your personality, family situation, and other factors.

Even if you’re choosing between two colleges that aren’t far from each other, location can play a role. You might feel more comfortable at a college in a rural setting, for example, or you might want the excitement that a city environment provides. You can schedule campus visits to get a better feel for each school’s setting and see if one has a campus you prefer more.


When making a final decision about which college to attend, don’t forget to include faith in your decision. Higher education is a fantastic way to continue growing your faith and practicing the Dominican traditions you learned and followed at St. Agnes.

Many colleges are faith-aligned. And even public colleges and universities offer worship opportunities on campus. You can also see if there are faith-based groups or clubs to join where you can meet like-minded students.

Cost and Financial Support

College can be expensive, and you may need to factor the cost of attendance into your decision. One of your potential colleges might offer better financial aid options than the other, which can save you and your family thousands of dollars.

To learn more about what financial aid is available to you, you can talk with admissions officers at each college.

Post-College Career Opportunities

Ultimately, college is meant to prepare you for your future career, which should be one of the most important factors when deciding where to attend. You’ll want to ensure that the colleges you’re looking at have programs that fit your career goals.

For example, some colleges offer internships or networking opportunities within specific fields. Professors at one college might have more connections within their field, or they may be able to help you connect with other students or join groups that can further your goals while you’re in college and once you graduate.

Talk to Us About Deciding Between Colleges

It’s hard to know how to decide between two colleges, but the decision truly comes down to choosing what’s best for you and your future. The teachers and staff at St. Agnes Academy are happy to help you and your family make a decision you feel confident about.

Visit with the College Counseling Department to discuss your college options, the factors you should consider when deciding which college to attend, and how those factors apply to your specific situation. We are here to help you make a great choice!