8 Characteristics of Catholic Faith to Be Celebrated

St. Agnes Academy
St. Agnes is rooted in the Catholic, Dominican tradition. We apply 8 characteristics of Catholic faith to support the educational development of our students. Learn more!
Are you looking for better schooling options for your teenage daughter? As your daughter grows into a confident young woman, you may realize that public school doesn’t offer her the intellectual and creative challenges that a well-rounded education from a private school offers.

Public schools also lack education rooted in faith. Fortunately, Catholic high schools like St. Agnes Academy strive to provide a thorough education based on 8 characteristics of the Catholic faith. Find out more about what makes our approach ideal for your daughter.

The Importance of Intertwined Education and Faith

Consider how faith is woven into every aspect of the educational experience at our school.

1. A Commitment to Community

Community is a core concept of the Catholic faith and forms the foundation for St. Agnes’ Catholic school education.

Students are encouraged to consider their place in the communities – big and small – they are part of. They’re also asked to think about how to use their education and talents to uplift those communities and improve the world.

St. Agnes itself also becomes a key community for many students. Students often form lifelong friendships during their high school years, and many students return after graduating to mentor younger generations.

2. Tradition

Tradition helps to ground students, connecting them to their faith and the generations of students who came before them.

At St. Agnes, we follow the Dominican tradition and use those concepts to guide how we teach and how we encourage each student to go forth into the world with joy and confidence.

3. Truth and Integrity

Truth and integrity are amongst the most important of the 8 characteristics of the Catholic faith, with truth (or veritas) at the top of the list for St. Agnes.

We encourage our students to seek truth through their studies, uncovering answers, exploring their personal creativity, and discovering what sparks excitement in their minds. We also ask each student to act with integrity, inspiring others to do the same.

4. An Attitude of Hope

A faith-driven education is well-rounded and nourishes all aspects of a student’s life. At St. Agnes, we find that this type of educational approach also prepares students to step forward into their futures with an attitude of hope, confidence, and happiness.

Knowing they can lean on their faith and community for comfort helps students feel secure, strong, and joyful -- even long after graduating.

5. A Sense of Justice and Compassion

St. Agnes students recognize their good fortune and use it to help others. They push for justice, fighting for those who are marginalized or underprivileged.

St. Agnes students also put great importance on acting and speaking with compassion and treating others as they wish to be treated.

6. Spirituality

Each St. Agnes student carries the Holy Spirit in her heart. We celebrate all Holy Days of Obligation and the Dominican Heritage celebratory Feasts, whether through all school masses or within theology classrooms. Students are also welcome to attend Mass each Thursday during our regular schedule.

Young women who graduate from St. Agnes Academy incorporate prayer into their daily routines, and each student will be able to carry her faith with her as she moves forward into the next part of life.

7. Intellectual Curiosity

Exploration, discovery, and a lifelong love of learning are crucial to the Catholic faith. At St. Agnes, we base our way of teaching on instilling these values in our students.

St. Agnes offers a well-rounded education and a wide range of subjects, making it an excellent alternative to public schools which often offer fewer learning choices.

We also encourage students to challenge themselves and find what interests them most. This approach helps them plan for the future and sets them on a successful career path.

8. Personal Leadership

St. Agnes students assume personal and servant leadership, taking responsibility for their actions and words. They learn to act in the best interests of themselves, their communities, and the world as a whole while demonstrating humbleness and compassion.

We also encourage students to strive to make the planet a better, safer, and more joyous place through productivity and optimism.

8 Characteristics of Catholic Faith Embedded in St. Agnes

If it’s important that your daughter receives a comprehensive educational experience and develops an appreciation for the catechism of the Catholic Church, consider sending her to St. Agnes Academy.

We offer an education rooted in traditional Dominican values, centered around the loving and joyful teachings of Jesus Christ. Feel free to contact us to learn more about St. Agnes’ Catholic Dominican tradition and how we differ from other high school options in Houston.

You can also schedule a campus visit with your high schooler, during which you can speak with an admissions representative to learn more about everything we have to offer!