5 Ideas for National Teacher Appreciation Week 2023

St. Agnes Academy
Are you a parent or guardian stressing about what to do for National Teacher Appreciation Week 2023? Know that there are a range of options available to you! Read on for five ideas.
Besides a parent, who else teaches, protects, cares for, and nurtures young minds more than a teacher? Teachers constantly do more than their original job description and influence our youth much longer than the ten months they have a student in their classroom providing instruction.

Can you think of a teacher that changed how you feel or work? National Teacher Appreciation Week 2023 is the perfect time to remind them how much they influenced you!

The Importance of Celebrating Teachers

Celebrating teachers is an act of appreciation that has been around for a long time. According to history, a school teacher in Arkansas wrote a compelling letter to politicians in 1944 to persuade them to declare one day to appreciate teachers. Unfortunately, this letter did not lead to much until 1953, when Eleanor Roosevelt convinced lawmakers to adopt a day appreciating teachers. 

Now more than ever is the time to honor and celebrate those who teach our youth and shepherd them into the adult world. While teachers deserve more than just one week of celebrating, we have an official week – the first whole week of May – designated to shine a light on all they do! Keep reading for ideas on celebrating your child's teachers during teacher appreciation week.

Tips for National Teacher Appreciation Week 2023 

Five whole days are available for you and other guardians to fill with letters, gifts, or activities spotlighting your children's teachers! This year's celebratory week takes place May 8-12, with the official "Teacher Appreciation Day" on May 9.

Have your child's teachers fill out a survey to learn their likes and dislikes, including favorite stores, flowers, candy, and more. These surveys can go a long way when it comes time to shower teachers with love around their birthday or National Teacher Appreciation Week! See below for five ideas during National Teacher Appreciation Week.

1. Words of Affirmation

Not all gestures need to cost money. Collecting notes from current and past students to present to a teacher can make their day. Messages can be handwritten and turned in to one person or digitally crowd-sourced through a form such as Google or OneDrive.

Many teachers hold on to these kind notes and pull them out when their weeks get long and they need a reminder of why they do what they do.

2. Edible Treats

Many say the way to a teacher's heart is a free meal. Whether that's as simple as a grab-and-go candy bar, breakfast taco, or a whole lunch buffet, teachers can appreciate the gift of food. 

Ideally, you will know if the teacher has any likes, dislikes, or food allergies based on the survey completed at the beginning of the year. No survey? Ask the teacher what their favorite morning drink order is. It might ruin the surprise, but at least you know they will be able to enjoy it, and it will not be a waste of resources!

3. Gifts of Appreciation

Small gifts can go a long way. New Post-it notes, pencils, or even a potted plant can make anyone's day, especially a teacher's.

Many schools have "Amazon wishlists" that compile wishlist items from their teachers. Parents' Associations or a parent liaison can send these wishlists to the entire school or specific grades to streamline purchasing and eliminate the headache of not knowing what to buy. Sometimes these items are directly used in the classroom by your child, while other times, they might be a special bonus for the teacher to use at home.

4. Monetary Donations

A Visa gift card can quickly eliminate doubts about getting your child's teacher the "perfect" gift. Whether from your family alone or as a collective effort from the class, teachers are grateful no matter the amount.

5. A Combination of Gifts

Need help determining which type of gift is best? Consider a combination! Sprinkle kind notes to your child's teacher's mailbox throughout the week and end the week with homemade goods or a fun gift card offering them a night out!

While National Teacher Appreciation Week is a five-day affair, know that you do not need to wait until May to show your appreciation to a teacher! 

Showering Teachers Should Be Fun! 

Even if gift-giving is not your love language, know that a little goes a long way. Gifting treats or words of affirmation to your child's teacher should never be used as a bargaining tactic but rather as a sign of your appreciation for all they do.

It's always best to review your school's handbook for any policies regarding gift giving and receiving. But rest assured that the National Education Association (NEA) recognizes National Teacher Appreciation Week 2023 as a time to honor teachers and recognize their lasting contributions to our lives, so you have a built-in reason to think about how to bless teachers!

With changing demands in the classroom post-pandemic, there is so much pressure on teachers to juggle multiple responsibilities. Facing pressure from the administration, the school board, parents, and even the children in the classroom, teachers are taking on much more than they might have 20 years ago.

Many schools, including St. Agnes, have organized committees within a Parents Association or Moms' or Dads' Clubs to connect the parents to the faculty and staff. These organizations are fantastic ways for parents to meet other parents and help facilitate some of the appreciation efforts without putting too much pressure on them to walk it alone.

- We encourage parents of current St. Agnes students to make the effort to connect with your child’s teachers during National Teacher Appreciation Week.

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