The Benefits of Catholic Education for Growing Faith

St. Agnes Academy
There are many benefits of Catholic education to support the growth of your daughter. Learn about how your daughter can grow through an educational experience at St. Agnes.
Public schools offer a baseline education. But to ensure your daughter is fully enriched during the pivotal teenage years, we recommend enrolling her in a private Catholic school to help build up her faith. Learn more about the benefits of Catholic education to grow the whole person.

Drawbacks of Public Schools During Teenage Years

If your daughter is currently enrolled in a public high school, you may have begun to notice that her educational experience is lacking in certain areas. This is particularly evident when it comes to entwining education and faith.

High school is a fantastic time for young women to grow in their faith, and a Catholic high school provides a clear path for students to advance in this critical area.

Catholic school education can also give your daughter a more well-rounded academic experience, offer a favorable student-teacher ratio, provide better college preparation, and help to shape her into a confident, joyous woman ready to step out into her adult life.

Faith in Public vs. Private Schools

Public schools must be non-denominational, meaning they cannot lean toward any particular faith, and no religious studies can be presented in the classroom. This situation can make it challenging for students to lean into their faith.

High school is a time of growth and sometimes uncertainty for young women. Taking comfort in their faith can make a significant difference in their academic careers, extracurricular activities, and personal relationships. So, feeling restricted for hours at a time multiplied over four years at a public high school can stunt growth.

If you’re searching for an alternative to public school, a Catholic school like St. Agnes Academy offers classes and activities with faith as a guiding force. St. Agnes is also a safe space for young women to grow, explore their interests, and form a deeper connection to their faith.

The Benefits of Intertwining Faith and Education

The benefits of Catholic education that intertwines faith and education are nearly endless. As Catholic school students learn more about their faith and the crucial lessons and guidelines the Dominican tradition offers, they often feel more confident and better prepared.

A sense of confidence can lead to academic excellence. For example, Catholic school graduates are frequently presented with better options for higher education, thanks to better academic achievements, higher test scores, and more varied extracurricular activities that can be added to a college application.

Faith also helps students learn leadership skills and seek out truth (or veritas). Students understand their place and obligations within their community, and many form a solid commitment to social justice.

At St. Agnes, preaching is a large part of our focus, and our students are encouraged to take what they’re learning and put it into action to better themselves and the world around them.

Faith can aid students in making lasting friends while in high school. Shared faith is an incredible bonding point, and many St. Agnes alumnae are still close friends with the women who were once their high school classmates.

St. Agnes Academy’s Faith-Based Learning

St. Agnes Academy helps students form a strong connection and commitment to their faith in several ways. Students often incorporate prayer into their daily lives, and they know they can rely on God and their faith as a guiding light.

St. Agnes also offers retreat trips for each grade, where students can form friendships, enjoy time with their peers, and learn more about their Dominican heritage. Mission trips and service programs also help to deepen faith while allowing students to connect with their communities or explore outside of their city, state, or country.

At St. Agnes Academy, students are invited to attend Mass during Community Time each Thursday. St. Agnes also celebrates all the Holy Days of Obligation and the Feasts celebrating our Dominican Heritage.

These events are a fantastic time for parents, students, faculty, and staff to connect, rejoice, and strengthen their bond with God.

Tap Into the Benefits of Catholic Education

St. Agnes Academy teachers and students know all about the benefits of Catholic education. We strive to provide each student with a thorough, unique, and engaging education while helping students deepen their relationship with God.

Feel free to contact us or set up a campus visit to learn more about why St. Agnes Academy is the right option for your daughter’s high school career. Our academic advisors would be happy to meet with you and your daughter!