Why Consider An All-Girls Catholic School Near Me?

St. Agnes Academy
Support your daughter on her learning path. See how you can strengthen her as a person by enrolling her in an all-girls Catholic school near me in Houston.
As your middle-schooler enters or finishes eighth grade, where she should attend high school will become a very important consideration. The choice can be difficult, as a young woman’s high school career can influence her college options and even shape the rest of her life.

Private schools, in comparison to public schools, offer a more thorough education, a stronger social network, a strong support system for the whole person, and more options after high school graduation.

You might wonder, “Is there an excellent all-girls Catholic school near me I should be considering for my daughter?” As far as St. Agnes Academy is concerned, the answer is yes. There are many reasons why students in the Houston area excel during their high school careers and beyond.

We Focus on Educating Well-Rounded Young Women

Public high schools often provide satisfactory options for education, but they simply cannot offer the focused learning environment provided by an all-girls private school.

At an all-girls school, the emphasis is on education and helping young ladies turn into strong women of character. Students enjoy a safe space – free from distractions – where they can cultivate their interests, focus on learning, ask questions, and feel free to explore who they are as people.

In schools not separated by gender, studies show that young women are often overlooked or overshadowed in favor of their male classmates. This situation can lead to lower self-confidence and can harm students’ opportunities to grow, learn, and receive the advantages they deserve. 

In an all-girls school, however, students can take charge of the direction of their education. They’re encouraged to challenge themselves, delve deeper into the subjects that excite them, and take the lead in their lives. All of these factors can help boost confidence, and students can carry that self-confidence into their adult lives.

Benefits of Considering an All-Girls Catholic School Near Me

The well-rounded learning environment fostered at St. Agnes helps students develop better leadership, critical thinking, and social skills. Consider the characteristics of our educational environment.

Great Direction and Planning

St. Agnes has always taken great pride in the education we offer and the way we prepare students for exceptional college careers. After the events of 2020 that included a pandemic and social unrest, we proactively strengthened our guidelines to further support young ladies.

This effort led to the creation of our Strategic Plan, which focuses on helping our students become well-rounded, confident, and exceptionally educated young women. The plan puts forth a strategy of action that helps teachers, staff, and students set priorities to maintain goals. It also creates accountability, which helps guide both faculty and students.

The plan leans heavily on the education aspect of St. Agnes, but high school is also about friendships, developing a community, and moving forward gracefully in life. With these objectives in mind, the Strategic Plan also emphasizes prayer, community, and preaching.

Expanded Extracurricular Activities and a Range of Class Choices

One of the most obvious benefits of private schools is the incredible education they offer. For example, students at St. Agnes can choose from a range of subjects that spark their intellectual curiosity. Within each subject, there are also a number of options, so students can select which topics fascinate them the most, even within core subjects.

St. Agnes students also take great joy in their extracurricular activities. Students interested in art or music will be able to participate in painting, photography, videography, dance, band, or vocal groups. Students who prefer sports can choose from several team or solo sports each season.

St. Agnes Academy also hopes to guide each student toward a college that will prepare them for their future career. Students can work with their teachers, the Wellness Center during their early years, and the College Counseling Center during their later years to find help with college applications, essays, or overall college preparation.

Faith as a Priority

A religiously affiliated school like St. Agnes adds another layer to students’ education. At St. Agnes, we encourage students to find comfort in their faith.

Students pray daily, attend Mass, and celebrate days of worship with their teachers and the other St. Agnes staff. A Catholic school such as St. Agnes also encourages students to preach their faith through how they live. Both students and St. Agnes faculty and staff do this by dedicating themselves to the pursuit of veritas (or truth).

A Supportive Social Network

Many students form lifelong, supportive friendships at St. Agnes. Students know they can rely on their peers, whether they need emotional support or simply want to share fun times.

Entering our school as a freshman helps young women connect with other new students. St. Agnes also encourages students to become caring members of their larger communities, as social justice is one of our core values.

Seeking An All-Girls Catholic School Near Me? Schedule a Visit!

We often hear from parents who wonder, “How do I find the right all-girls Catholic school near me for my daughter to excel?” For young women, St. Agnes Academy is the answer to this question.

We’re dedicated to providing the best education possible while also offering college preparatory support, a strong community rooted in faith, and diverse, captivating classes that challenge and engage students.

- If you feel St. Agnes might be the right choice for your eighth-grader, consider enrolling her as a ninth-grader. We work with Catholic middle schools in the Houston area to help students make the transition to our school.

- You can also learn more about our school and whether it’s right for your daughter by scheduling a campus visit to talk with an admissions team member!