The Importance of Catholic Education for Your Child

St. Agnes Academy
Do you know the difference between a private school education and a Catholic private school education? There is a difference. Read more to find out the importance of Catholic education for your child.
Have you been considering private school for your child? Have you thought about a private Catholic school for your child? While selecting any private school may seem like a no-brainer, a Catholic school education can offer your child so much more.

A Catholic school, like St. Agnes Academy, allows your child to be challenged academically while developing their mind, body, and spirit, which are critical components to a happy, healthy, and balanced high-school life. Learn more about the importance of Catholic education for your daughter.

Why is Catholic Education the Best Choice?

Catholic schools are known for expanding on their learning experience and educating the whole child. At St. Agnes, students celebrate learning, develop their talents and skills through curiosity and open dialogue, create lifelong bonds, and are given opportunities to recognize and develop potential and leadership beyond the curriculum. 


Catholic school students will generally find that they have access to an incredibly well-rounded curriculum, which includes robust STEM classes and inspiring art classes. At St. Agnes, students are offered several classes for each core subject, so students can choose where to focus their studies and dive into their interests.
Catholic schools encourage critical thinking, practical application, and creative problem-solving. St. Agnes students thrive in a single-gender environment that fosters self-respect and self-confidence and helps students find their voice and strengths to make a difference in this world.


The Catholic faith is focused on building a strong community and lifting up other community members. Students of Catholic schools are no exception and often form lasting friendships.
At St. Agnes Academy, the alumnae network is robust and filled with eager and inspirational women. They remain connected and committed to advancing relationships among alumnae and continuing to live the St. Agnes mission even years after graduation.

Values and Building a Moral Framework

Catholic schools are traditionally rather diverse and more accepting and inclusive than other school environments. Students at St. Agnes are challenged to want to make the world a better place by making Christ-like decisions every day, focusing on moral and ethical values and the value of service to others.

A Catholic school education helps students build a strong moral framework. St. Agnes students are encouraged to live with compassion and joy while championing social justice. Students are also taught to act with honesty and integrity and carry that through into adulthood.

Prayer and Spirituality

At St. Agnes, students incorporate prayer into their daily lives, in and outside of the classroom. St. Agnes students attend Mass as a community often, are given the opportunity to attend prayer service and rosary groups weekly, and are given a strong religious foundation within their theology classes.

You don’t have to be Catholic to attend a Catholic school. A large percentage of students at St. Agnes are not Catholic but are encouraged to develop their own faith through spiritual formation.

Strong religious teaching within a Catholic school doesn’t mean teaching students to be Catholic – it means we deepen the faith life of students through prayer, theological studies, and fostering a sense of community through shared worship and service to educate the whole person.

Ready to Make the Move After Understanding the Importance of Catholic Education?

If you feel inspired to enroll your child in a Catholic school after reading about the importance of Catholic education, consider enrolling your daughter at St. Agnes.

We strive for excellence as one of the top Catholic schools in Houston, and we seek to empower young women with a thorough education, unshakeable confidence, and a joy for learning.

For more information about enrolling your daughter at St. Agnes and what steps to take next, visit our website. Also, feel free to reach out to us at any time to schedule a campus visit for you and your daughter.