Benefits of Catholic School for Your Freshman Child

St. Agnes Academy
The benefits of Catholic school are too numerous to count! We selected a few of our favorite benefits of attending St. Agnes Academy. Learn how your daughter can flourish.
High school is a formative time when students grow, learn, and prepare for the next stage of life. For these reasons, choosing the right high school for your daughter is crucial.

Private schools that offer a Catholic education are a strong consideration, as they provide a more thorough education and greater developmental opportunities than most public schools.

There are many benefits of Catholic school, and taking these into account can help you choose the right school for your future freshman!

The Benefits of Catholic School for a 9th Grader

There are so many reasons to attend a private Catholic school. We narrowed down our list to three of our favorite reasons to enroll your daughter during her freshman year.

1. Higher Education Standards

Catholic school students are presented with higher educational standards and a well-rounded curriculum. This offering makes Catholic high schools a better alternative to public schools, as students are more thoroughly prepared for testing, gain more knowledge, and are ready for the next steps in life.

Catholic schools also tend to have a higher graduation rate. In addition, because private schools are smaller than public schools, there is usually a lower student-to-teacher ratio, so students receive more individual learning opportunities.

2. Better College Preparedness

Most Catholic school graduates go on to have strong college careers, which lead to successful adult careers.

A Catholic school education often focuses on preparing students for the best colleges and universities by offering college prep support, providing a high standard of education, and giving students the opportunity to engage in various extracurricular activities.

3. Faith-Based Learning

The value of faith-based learning cannot be understated. Not only will students learn about God, but Catholic high schools also often provide opportunities for service programs, worship, and community outreach.

A Catholic school education helps students form healthy relationships with their families, peers, and faith, and these types of schools provide a safe learning environment.

What St. Agnes Academy Offers Students

Specific to St. Agnes Academy, we believe there are many reasons to select our school to support your daughter throughout her high school career.

A Well-Rounded Curriculum

St. Agnes Academy seeks to challenge and excite its students. Our students are asked to answer questions that intrigue them by pursuing their studies to the fullest.

We provide a wide range of class options, including AP and Honors, that enable young women to engage with the subjects that interest them most.

Abundant Art and Sports Options

At St. Agnes, we know that extracurricular activities are just as important as the core curriculum. Art and sports options help students engage their creative, problem-solving, and critical-thinking skills while decompressing and forming bonds with other students. These activities also look great on a college application.

  • St. Agnes offers a range of art choices, including painting, photography, film, dance, creative writing, and music.
  • Students can join the school band, choir, or jazz ensemble.
  • We offer 13 championship-level sports across three seasons.

Thorough College Preparation

St. Agnes Academy helps students prepare for higher education in several ways. During their later years, students can work with the College Counseling department for help with applications, testing preparedness, or essay writing. This department can also help students select the right classes while studying at St. Agnes to prepare them for the courses in college they hope to attend.

A Focus on Faith

St. Agnes Academy strives to help students connect to God and their faith by entwining faith and learning. Students are encouraged to follow traditional Dominican Gospel values through both words and actions.

Young women attending St. Agnes are encouraged to seek truth and incorporate prayer into their daily lives. We also aim to instill a sense of confidence and personal leadership in each student, which helps her take charge of her own life while contributing to her community. 

Overall, students are given the tools to develop a lifelong love of learning and continue to pursue knowledge while growing in their faith.


We place a strong emphasis on community at St. Agnes. Students often form lifelong friendships while attending our school, and many join our alumnae programs after graduation. From the beginning of their high school career, each St. Agnes student automatically becomes part of a supportive network of women.

St. Agnes Academy students also recognize a commitment to their communities, whether those communities are their school, their family and friends, their city, or even the world. Students often engage in social justice endeavors and seek to become champions for the marginalized.

Learn More About the Benefits of Catholic School at St. Agnes

The benefits of Catholic school are too numerous to count! At St. Agnes Academy, students are provided with a well-rounded education that helps them grow both intellectually and spiritually. 

Visit our website to learn more about helping your daughter apply to St. Agnes as an incoming ninth grader. You can also schedule a visit to the school to walk the campus, talk to an admissions advisor, and learn more about the high school experience available to your daughter.