Seeking Financial Aid for Catholic High Schools? See How We Help

St. Agnes Academy
We believe that no capable student should be denied admission based on cost concerns. Learn about financial aid for Catholic high schools such as St. Agnes Academy.
Whether your daughter is a rising freshman or a current high school student looking to transfer, finding the right school for your family is a major decision that need not be taken lightly.

Enrolling your child in a private school represents a significant financial investment, and parents deserve to know and understand all of the details surrounding financial aid for Catholic high schools.

At St. Agnes, we understand that the needs of our students and their families vary significantly and should be considered on an individual basis. That’s why we support the realization of dreams for students across Houston by offering need-based aid to students who meet our admissions criteria.

Learn more about available options to finance your daughter’s private school education.

What Kinds of Financial Aid for Catholic High Schools Are Available?

Every Catholic high school is different when it comes to its financial aid offerings. At St. Agnes, our financial aid budget makes funds available for both partial and full tuition assistance programs. Our need-based financial assistance is intended to cover the cost of tuition as well as a first-year laptop purchase.

It is worth noting that grants for full tuition are the exception and not the rule, as the Financial Aid Committee looks for families who are willing to invest in their children’s education and who recognize the importance of being active participants therein.

How are Financial Aid Decisions Made?

Parents who anticipate they may require financial assistance may apply for financial aid on behalf of their child.

All applications for financial aid are considered on an individual basis and aid decisions are made independently of the admissions process. This means that an admissions determination will be made before any financial aid requests are reviewed. 

What are the Financial Aid Requirements?

Students who receive financial aid for their Catholic education at St. Agnes are held to high standards of stewardship and citizenship.

Students and their families must re-apply for financial assistance for each year of a student’s education to validate a continuing need for financial support.

The Financial Aid Committee expects students who receive aid to make a conscientious effort to maintain satisfactory academic progress in addition to demonstrating a positive attitude throughout all aspects of student life.

Find Individualized Financial Support at St. Agnes

Finding the right educational fit for your family is one of the most important decisions you can make for your child’s future. Catholic schools like St. Agnes offer students an individualized, faith-based education that can help them achieve their highest potential both personally and academically.

At St. Agnes, we believe that all students deserve equal access to a quality education, and we pride ourselves on our willingness to consider the specific needs of each and every student who crosses our threshold.

If you’re interested in learning more about financial aid for Catholic high schools and enrolling your daughter at St. Agnes, reach out today to schedule a call with an admissions advisor. We would be happy to talk you through our application, enrollment, and financial assistance processes.