Why Are Catholic Schools Better than Public Schools?

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We believe there are many reasons why you should send your daughter to a private Catholic school. But why are Catholic schools better than public schools? Learn more in this article.
Educators have long understood the reality that no two students are exactly alike. So why do most public schools take a one-size-fits-all approach to education?

Cookie-cutter educational strategies like those experienced by many students attending public schools in Houston have shown time and time again to fall short of ensuring consistently positive student outcomes. The result is producing less well-rounded students.

Catholic high schools like St. Agnes take a more individualized approach to education. We tailor our educational programs to the unique needs and preferred learning styles of diverse student populations.

Furthermore, a faith-based educational community offers added opportunities for personal growth. Students are positioned to achieve high levels of academic success, they are empowered to dig deeper into their faith, and they are given tools to stand firm in their beliefs.

If you are asking questions about your daughter’s education, such as “Are Catholic schools better than public schools?” then let’s dive in. Find out some key reasons why Catholic schools may better suit the ever-evolving needs of today’s young learners. 

Are Catholic Schools Better than Public Schools?

While some students may be capable of thriving in a more traditional public school setting, the reality is that many students benefit significantly from the intensive, individualized curriculum offered at a faith-based private school like St. Agnes.

What the Research Says

There is substantial research that supports the idea that Catholic school students often achieve higher levels of academic success and go on to become respected members of their communities.

Recent research suggests that the average graduation rate for high schoolers enrolled in Catholic schools is approaching 99%, which is a far cry from the average public school graduation rate of 86%.

Furthermore, the percentage of Catholic school students who will go on to attend a four-year college or university is estimated to be as high as 85%.

Similarly, Catholic school students have been shown to consistently achieve improved math scores between their sophomore and senior years. They achieve higher academic achievement overall as compared to their public school counterparts.

These remarkable academic outcomes are a testament to the efficacy of an individualized, faith-based high school education and should be taken heavily into account when making decisions about your child’s educational future.

Strong Members of Society

In addition to achieving higher levels of academic success, there are a number of additional metrics that support the idea that a great deal of Catholic high school students and their families go on to be more engaged and faithful servants within their communities. For example, research shows that

  • In the United States, graduates of Catholic high schools are more likely to vote. 
  • Catholic school graduates go on to achieve higher levels of earning potential than public school students.
  • Inner-city Catholic school parents tend to take a more active role in their student’s education.
  • The presence of a Catholic school within a community has been shown to contribute to a decreased crime rate within that locality.

Furthermore, attending Catholic schools has been shown to contribute to greater success among minority students. Studies suggest that the achievement gap between students of different racial and economic backgrounds is significantly smaller within Catholic school communities.

Over 19% of the roughly 2 million students enrolled in Catholic schools represent minority communities. Reports indicate that an African-American or Latino Catholic school student is 42% more likely to graduate high school than if they attended a public school.

What are the Benefits of a Catholic School Education?

Based on the information provided above, it goes without saying that Catholic schools have consistently outperformed public schools when it comes to student outcomes in Houston and on a national scale.

However, the benefits of Catholic education do not stop there. Let’s take a closer look at some of the contributing factors to Catholic schools’ enhanced success rates: 

Increased Staff Engagement

The average student-to-faculty ratio at St. Agnes is 10:1. Our set-up ensures that students receive more individualized attention throughout the duration of their enrollment compared to a public school. This ratio provides students with personalized support from their role models and offers improved opportunities for both personal and academic growth.

At St. Agnes, we take our staffing a step further in order to provide students with unparalleled access to a number of other professionals that can support them on their academic journeys. 

Our Student Support departments – the Wellness Center, Counseling Department, and Academic Service Center – are all easily accessible resources for students seeking to address specific needs in their personal or academic lives.

The staff within each of those departments has the specialized training and experience necessary to provide effective, individualized support. 

Diversified Curriculum

We equip our students with knowledge across a wide range of fields. In addition to more traditional core subject areas, we provide higher-level curriculum offerings in subjects like theology, world languages, and communication. 

We believe that schooling should be concerned with more than just standardized test scores and one-size-fits-all benchmarks. That’s why we also offer students a number of elective course options so they are empowered to pursue their passions and become more well-rounded members of their communities.

We also require students to complete at least 100 hours of community service as a condition of their graduation. This requirement fosters a deeper understanding of the world and communities around them. 

Faith-Based Foundation

Unlike public schools, Catholic schools focus on providing a faith-centered approach to education and personal development.

Offering students a safe, supported place to explore their belief systems and dig deeper into their faith is one of the most valuable components of the Catholic education experience. We offer our students opportunities to participate in the following:

  • Retreats
  • Prayer experiences
  • Service projects
  • Cultural explorations

Each of these offerings helps build upon their classroom educations and creates a solid foundation for their relationships with God and their neighbors. 

We invite all members of our community to join us for weekly Mass every Thursday, and the priest is available for confession before and after each service. We also host whole-school Liturgical Celebrations on all Holy Days of Obligation, as well as Feasts that celebrate our Dominican Heritage.

Learn More About St. Agnes

So, are Catholic schools better than public schools? We believe the answer is a resounding yes. Now it’s time to take advantage of a great opportunity to send your daughter to our all-girls college prep school.

At St. Agnes, we readily consider for admission any rising or current high-schooler who meets our admissions criteria. We welcome students of all educational and personal backgrounds, regardless of whether students have previously attended private Catholic elementary schools or other private elementary schools and middle schools.

It’s never too late to prioritize your daughter’s education, and the St. Agnes staff is standing by to welcome her with open arms into our supportive, faith-centered community.

If you’re interested in learning more about our mission and values, reach out to schedule a conversation with a member of our admissions team to learn all of the benefits of enrollment

We would be happy to show that Catholic school education is the right choice. We’ll even walk you and your daughter around our campus to share all of the ways St. Agnes can help support your daughter’s educational journey.