Houston Area Scholarships Your Child Should Apply For

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Did you know there are scholarships available to students in the Greater Houston area? Read more about how you can find Houston area scholarships during your college search.
The college application and decision process can be lengthy and difficult. Oftentimes, a big factor in making the decision is driven by finances. Fortunately, scholarships are an option your child’s college counselor should be discussing with them.

There are scholarships for almost anything, including:
  • Special skills or talents, like athletes and artists
  • Intended majors and interests
  • Student race and heritage
  • Your location

For students in the Greater Houston area, the location-based option could be highly beneficial. Take a look at the following information to help you decide whether you should help your child apply for Houston area scholarships.

Houston Area Scholarships: Where You Live Matters

The great thing about living in Houston is that you can apply for a scholarship based simply on where you live. CollegeScholarships.com has outlined more than 20 scholarships for individuals within Houston / Harris County.
- There are Texas scholarships for students living anywhere in the Lone Star State, as well as for those living in specific cities or counties. For example, the Mark Kilroy Foundation Scholarship program only gives out awards to students from Brazoria or Galveston County.
- Some Texas scholarships may be considered merit scholarships and are given to students for general academic success, while others include more specific career or academic requirements. For example, the G.B. Mann Scholarship is given to a student who is majoring in civil engineering and is also from Collin, Cooke, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Kaufman, Navarro, or Rockwall County.
- If you live in Houston, you know that the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ is a huge supporter of education. Each year, more than 800 scholarships are awarded to Texas students by the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

As one of the largest scholarship providers in the U.S., the Rodeo has presented more than 20,000 scholarships valued at $275 million since 1957. Take a look at all of the scholarships available to students for a variety of causes and quantities.
- Other organizations like the Education and Charities Foundation of Houston and the Greater Houston Community Foundation directly fund and administer or direct to scholarships for both graduating seniors and continuing undergraduates.

Scholarships are awarded to qualified students, evaluated for both merit and need, residing or who have graduated from High Schools in the Houston Metropolitan Area. Their website gives students clear instructions on what is required to qualify for the scholarship and the scholarship application process.
- The greater Houston area is home to many first-generation immigrant families. Organizations like FIEL help provide resources for undocumented, first and second-generation American students. This page provides a long list of scholarships and programs to help students in the Houston area.

Everything is Bigger in Texas: Statewide Scholarship Options

While there are fewer scholarships specifically for Harris County residents, the list could really go on and on for residents of any county in Texas. As the second-most populous state in the country, Texas has a wide variety of local scholarships as well as a number of scholarships for those not from Texas, but attending college in the Lone Star State. 

CampusReel, for example, offers a long list of scholarships for students graduating from Texas high schools or those attending a higher education institute in Texas.

Consider the School You Are Applying To

Many colleges and universities have scholarships and resources for scholarships on their website. Take a look at the University of Houston Downtown, for example. Their scholarships and financial aid page is loaded with information on scholarships for incoming students.

What is Your Background?

When looking for scholarships, consider looking for scholarships specific to your heritage or background. Several Houston-based colleges offer scholarships or merit for Hispanic and Latino students.

Check out this page from BestColleges.com for more information on scholarship funds and grants geared specifically toward Hispanic and Latino(a) students.

There is Something for Everyone!

If you live in the greater Houston area or in the great state of Texas, consider applying for a scholarship that supports students graduating from a Texas high school or attending a Texas college or university.

College Counselors at St. Agnes Academy will always help students find the best scholarship opportunities for them. The St. Agnes Academy College Counseling Department helped the Class of 2023 receive over $31,000,000 in scholarship awards this year.

See how St. Agnes Academy can help you find the right Houston area scholarships for your child. Get in touch with us today to support your future college student!